Reader’s View: Stauber’s support was for a power grab | Duluth News Tribune

Reader’s View: Stauber’s support was for a power grab | Duluth News Tribune

Stauber supported President Donald Trump instead of his own constituents. Throughout his term, Stauber has aligned himself with Trump. Stauber voted no on the infrastructure bill on July 1. Following this, the Iron Range Steelworkers union didn’t endorse him. This bill would have provided great benefit to our region’s economy. Stauber has also voted against expanding the Affordable Care Act, and he voted no to allowing the federal government to negotiate lower prescription drug prices. Both of these would have supported the health of elderly constituents. Stauber voted to repeal net neutrality, which allows large corporations to dominate and hurts small businesses. Stauber has voted in alignment with Trump 88% of the time, even when it ran counter to this region’s interests.

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Stauber needs to lead in more positively. A majority of voters in Northeastern Minnesota supported Joe Biden for president, yet Stauber ignores them.

Stauber joined Trump at political rallies this fall. Trump and Vice President Mike Pence acted in defiance of safety measures regarding masks and social distancing. This lack of regard for others led to an increase in COVID19 in Northeastern Minnesota. Now, our schools are closed; tourism, restaurants, and businesses are suffering; and our economy is in a downward spiral.

Stauber’s decision to support Trump’s baseless claims was an attack on democracy. Where was Stauber when evidence indicated Russians interfered in the 2016 election? Seeking to throw out millions of votes signaled Stauber supports a power grab.

I call on Stauber to represent his district. If he chooses not to, he should resign.

Sheila Packa


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