RAM vs SSD What is the Difference | Upgrade Your PC Now (Updated 2023)

RAM vs SSD; Click here to know more about RAM and SSD. Find out how much is sufficient for better gaming.

A common misconception is that RAM and SSD are the same things. However, RAM and SSD are both different things and work differently for your computer, it is crucial to understand the difference. RAM is one type of memory, and SSD is storage. RAM works really faster than SSD, and SSD basically works for permanent storage. Now, moving on to which provides better performance or creates a good impact on your PC. In order to serve you better, I have created a detailed guide on RAM vs SSD.

In the world of computers, especially among PC gamers and enthusiasts, the best upgrade is one of the most common questions. You might want to add more memory or a higher-quality SSD. If we talk about the main difference, RAM serves as temporary memory so once you turn off your computer, the data disappears. On the other hand, an SSD is a high-speed hard drive that is far better than your traditional hard- drives. 

In this article, we will be reviewing RAM vs SSD and its upgrades, giving you an overview of the pros and cons of each and discussing which one is better for your PC based on your needs and budget.


RAM vs SSD; Click here to know more about RAM and SSD. Find out how much is sufficient for better gaming.

People often compare RAM and SSD, but I would like to tell you in most cases, RAM and SSD perform really differently so, so they can not be compared with each other. But nowadays, people love gaming, so they always look for RAM and SSD upgrading for better gaming performance.

When it comes to RAM or SSD, we think about speed and price first. So, what is more important, and what benefits you more? For that, keep on reading about RAM vs SSD.

RAM vs SSD Which One is Best For You?

RAM vs SSD; Click here to know more about RAM and SSD. Find out how much is sufficient for better gaming.

Generally, people find high RAM and SSD for their computer’s speed, and of course, both are good options and give enough results too. If we think about the right RAM and SSD for the PC then let me remind you the specifications of your PC really matter.

RAM is always a good option because, if you are using heavy RAM for your PC, then, of course, your PC running speed will be amazing.

First, you need to check that if your computer already has huge RAM, then there is no meaning to upgrade. For example, if you are already using 8GB RAM for your PC then I think it is more than enough, whether it is for games or work. Many people want to use more than 16GB RAM, which is absolutely unwanted.

Replacing your RAM is not only the solution to speed up your PC because sometimes there is a problem with your hard drive. So, in this case, you should move to the SSD option. To learn the difference between RAM and SSD, read more.

How Does Added RAM Improve PC Performance?

Add RAM ; Click here to know more about RAM and SSD. Find out how much is sufficient for better gaming.

You can improve your PC performance easily by adding RAM to it. There are two other things that can be beneficial by adding more RAM to the PC are mentioned below.

1. Run Multiple Programs Faster

When you try to run several programs simultaneously on your PC, you’ll notice the problem if you don’t have enough RAM. There are specific RAM requirements for each application, and in this case, there is simply not enough RAM. So having good RAM and SSD is very crucial.

If the situation is severe, all programs can crash or run slowly. If you add RAM to your computer, this will not happen, and you can run as many programs as you wish without compromising performance.

2. Run Large Programs Faster 

Using RAM for resource-intensive programs is very important. Because Videos and photo editing software are included in this category.

Gaming requires a high level of RAM. A lack of RAM can prevent some games from running at all. As we know, your game runs extremely smoothly with the help of higher RAM. So, hope you got a basic idea of why RAM and SSD are very important for a PC.

How Does an SSD Improve PC Performance?

RAM vs SSD; Click here to know more about RAM and SSD. Find out how much is sufficient for better gaming.

If you add an SSD to your PC, then it will give you the benefit of playing multiple tasks at the same time on your PC. There are two things that help you to increase your PC performance with SSD are mentioned below.

1. Improve Boot Times

You will notice a significant increase in boot time if you replace an HDD with an SSD. It is necessary to load the operating system and the various system files before a computer can be turned on. It is possible to boot up a computer in less than ten seconds by storing these files on an SSD. This is how boot time plays differently with RAM and SSD.

2. Load Games Faster

The addition of an SSD won’t make your PC run games properly if it has insufficient RAM. Gaming, however, benefits from an SSD. Maps and cutscenes will load faster due to faster reading speeds. So, learn the difference between RAM and SSD and play games faster.

SSD vs. RAM: Which is good For Your PC

SSD; Click here to know more about RAM and SSD. Find out how much is sufficient for better gaming.

After understanding that the RAM and SSD both can take your PC performance to the next level now, it is time to figure out which is the right option according to your PC. Your best option depends on what your current PC lacks and how you’d like to improve its performance.

RAM is the most wanted option from users because you can run multiple programs at the same time using it. But this option is favorable for you only when you are running low on RAM and want to upgrade. 

There’s no point in adding more if you already have so much. In this scenario, an SSD would be helpful since it offers additional benefits, such as speedier boot-up times.

How much RAM and SSD Do I Need?

RAM vs SSD; Click here to know more about RAM and SSD. Find out how much is sufficient for better gaming.

Now, the question is, how much RAM and SSD do you actually need for your PC? Generally, 16GB of RAM is the ideal amount of memory for a computer. 16GB RAM is sufficient to play all the tasks on your computer whether you want to play a heavy load of games or any kind of work. If we talk about the cost of the RAM, then 16GB of RAM will not cost the same as 32GB and 64GB RAM costs. 

If you’re planning to build a PC then make sure there are multiple RAM slots on your PC. For beginners, 8GB RAM is a good option, and then you can increase the RAM as per your requirement. 8GB of RAM will also be suitable for your budget, and a slow upgrade will give you the exact result.

If you are worried about the upgradation process, then, take it easy. Because increasing RAM on your PC is very simple, even for those who have not built a PC earlier.

RAM vs SSD | Who Wins?

Ram vs SSD - Which Should You Upgrade First?

Wrapping Up

In this article, we have learned the real difference between RAM vs SSD. As we discussed above, RAM is temporary memory but helps your PC to work faster, whereas SSD is permanent memory and it is faster than your traditional hard drives. Hope you got all your answers for RAM and SSD. Follow Path of EX for more tech articles and step-by-step guides.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is 8GB RAM with an SSD enough?

8GB RAM is absolutely perfect for playing multiple tasks on your computer.

Do I need more RAM if I have an SSD?

SSD is a different thing, so SSD does not fulfill the need for RAM on your computer.

Is a 256GB SSD enough?

All Apps and data can easily fit on a 256GB SSD.

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