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Queerdle lovers, let’s tease your brain to find our Queerdle answer of 21 June 2022. Today’s Queerdle word of 21 June, 2022, will increase your vocabulary. Begin your 21 June 2022, Queerdle answer journey from this article with the help of the hints given below in the article.

To begin your journey on today’s Queerdle answer of 21 June 2022, let’s start connecting the alphabets. Each alphabet is a ray of hope in formulating your word. I hope you enjoy each chance present at the game to formulate today’s Queerdle answer of 21 June 2022. Still feeling stuck on today Queerdle answer? Want help? Continue reading till the end and find your solution.

Today, Queerdle answer of 21 June 2022 is very easy to guess, with the information provided by your problem-solving friend Path of EX. We have listed all the related hints below to solve today’s Queerdle answers. Today’s Queerdle Answer of 21 June is SHAFT

Hints for Today’s Queerdle Answer of 21 June 2022

1. Word Ends With FT

The first hint on today Queerdle word – word ends with FT. Also, you must be wondering many seven letters words ending with FT. But keep in mind you are looking for words related to the LBGTQ committee. Let me help you by sharing a list of words ending with FT. 

  1. Aleft
  2. Aloft
  3. Chaft
  4. Cleft
  5. Clift
  6. Craft
  7. Croft
  8. Delft
  9. Draft
  10. Drift
  11. Glift
  12. Graft
  13. Grift
  14. Gruft
  15. Kraft
  16. Scuft
  17. Shaft
  18. Shift
  19. Skift
  20. Snift

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2. Queerdle Word Contains HA

Another hint on Queerdle answer – it has HA in it. There are many words with seven letters with HA in them. We have to find and search words related to the LBGTQ committee. Let me share a list of words with you, which will help.

  1. Share
  2. Shave
  3. Shown
  4. Shabo
  5. Shabu
  6. Shack
  7. Shade
  8. Shads
  9. Shady
  10. Shaft
  11. Shags
  12. Shahi
  13. Shahs
  14. Shaik
  15. Shail
  16. Shaka
  17. Shake
  18. Shako
  19. Shakt
  20. Shaky

Queerdle Answer of 21 June 2022 | Queerdle Word

Today Queerdle’s answer of 21 June 2022 is not a simple word. But I can bet, you still can get your answer in 4 to 5 attempts. Do share in the comments how many attempts you have taken today to solve today’s Queerdle. Also, do share the time duration of solving Queerdle word. 

Today’s Queerdle Answer of 21 June is SHAFT

queerdle answer of 21 june
Queerdle Answer of 21 June is SHAFT


Queerdle Answer of 21 June is SHAFT

Wrapping Up

Queerdle players, how much todays Queerdle word stormed your brains? Today’s Queerdle Answer of 21 June is SHAFT Do not hesitate to share the number of attempts you took to guess the word. We all know today Queerdle answer of 21 June 2022, is not a cake slice. In case you were not able to solve it, feel free to refer to the above-mentioned hints. 


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