15 Impeccable Qualities Of A Good Friend And Tips On How To Become One

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A genuine and virtuous friendship is a pious bond that is beautiful beyond all expectations. A bond that has immense love, at times majorly Platonic. It is a bond that teaches you to celebrate the smallest victories and add joy to your life. Most importantly, it helps you to sail effortlessly through your tough times. Here you will find some of the best qualities of a good friend.

Fearless freedom is the crux of this bond. It’s a feeling that grows stronger over the years. Friendship is like planting a seedling, at first two strangers become acquainted with each other. Slowly, their friendship blossoms like a flower.

In most cases, when people start neglecting their friends, their friendships start to fall like a pack of cards. In this new era of technology, we are so engrossed in our work that we tend to forget our friends.  

How do you think your close circle of friends or family will describe you? Are you always there for them when they require any sort of help or guidance? Sometimes, it can be hard to maintain a genuine friendship with people.
It gets overwhelming for an individual to catch up with everyone in his/her circle. With a hectic work schedule, you may not be able to ponder upon the fact that you might be turning into a terrible friend.

Ask Yourself: Are You a Good Friend?

A good friend has the capability of turning ordinary moments into extraordinary ones. No matter what the future beholds for you, they will always hold an exceptional value in your heart and mind. Good friends are like the spinal cord. They support and guide you in successfully walking ahead in your life.

To reclaim or maintain our friendship you need to make small yet effective changes in the regular patterns of your behavior. You need to start introspecting before it gets too late.

So, we bring a list of surprising qualities that are possessed by an individual that makes them a good friend. In case you wish to paint a compelling view of your personality in front of your friends. Read on!

1. Helpful in Nature

Qualities Of A Good Friend
Source: BetterHelp

One of the most important qualities of a good friend is being helpful at all times. You should offer a helping hand to others. Friendship is a bond that assures reliance. Oftentimes, you knowingly or unknowingly rely on your friends for giving you company or guiding you.

You should try to ask your friends if they need help from you in any aspect of their life. Gradually, you will become the friend they will call or remember at the sight of trouble. This in return will make them value your friendship above anything else. Putting in your best efforts plays a vital role in the development of your friendship. You shouldn’t be taking more of your friendship. 

To put it in other words, make sure you are the one who is giving more and taking less from them. Sometimes your friends won’t directly ask for help. However, it’s your responsibility to support them and ensure that they are doing good.

2. Give Them Space

You have to make sure you don’t act bossy and start controlling them or their decisions. You don’t have to give them orders. Friendship is a sort of connection between two humans that evolves with time. So, you have to make sure you don’t deliberately indulge in invading their privacy.

Try not to pester them with your petty questions. Let them communicate their feelings on their own. Don’t ask them similar questions again and again. Giving them space and seeking out ways to create a healthy space is important in equal measures. If you are a good friend, you will definitely understand their situations and give them the time and space they need.

3. Be kind

Your friends are going to remember your words for a long time. As they consider you a close friend, they will always look forward to listening to you. You can admire their acts. Your words can act as a source of upliftment for them to strive for better things in life. 

Kindness is one of the most beautiful virtues in the whole universe. When you speak kind words or enact kind actions with your friends. It shows them the reflection of your soul. 

In case, they are going through any sort of emotional turmoil. Your kind words won’t be able to change their situation. Nonetheless, it will soothe their pain. It will help them gather the courage to go through life’s trials. You have to stand by their side in their difficult time.

4. Accountability of your Actions

Qualities Of A Good Friend
Source: Inspiring Tips

Statistics have shown that people who take accountability for their actions are more impressive than others. It’s disheartening to convey that not many people practice taking accountability. 

Blaming and insulting others for your actions is an easier path to travel on. Indeed, it is a morally indefensible act. What you can do and is considered one of the best options is to accept your fault. 

Your mistakes are an outcome of your poor choices or faulty actions. And they are a part and parcel of your life. However, it becomes important to self-reflect on your own words and actions from time to time. 

Don’t let the guilt of being at fault make your shoulders heavy. Take your time to introspect and evaluate. Afterward, you can always work rigorously upon improving yourself as a person.

At times, we all say hurtful things to our close ones. We don’t intend to say harsh or mean things to them as a result we regret it later. 

Instead of regretting and wasting your time thinking about what you have said to them, what you can do is calmly sit with them and apologize. 

5. Empathetic Listener

You don’t have to hear stories from your friends. You have to switch to attentively listening to their experiences or opinions on any subject. Hearing simply refers to the act of recognizing sounds aided by your ears. 

On the other hand, listening in simple words means involving your ears and your mind in the conversation. Listening is a life-saving skill that can be incorporated into your personality with time.

All you have to do is sit and patiently listen to them without interrupting with your questions. You can ask your questions after they have stopped sharing their experience. 

Most of the time, your friends or a person in distress only require someone to lend them an ear and show them some empathy. You should try to understand and empathize with your friends. Another key thing to remember is that an empathetic listener is significantly different from a normal listener.

 What differs is the empathetic listener’s ability or capacity to understand another person’s background and experience. This will also prove to help know more about your friend’s life experiences.

6. Nonjudgmental

Qualities Of A Good Friend
Source: Teens – LoveToKnow

We all are quick in cooking up judgments about certain people. Even if we try not to do so, we end up failing. We fail to look at other people without constructing any sort of judgment in our heads. 

Our mind is constantly working, it’s our responsibility to move it in a positive direction. Furthermore, not giving your friend unsolicited advice should be on your priority list. 

At times, while showing admiration towards our friends, we act like critics.

For an instance, we all have a tendency to give health advice to our friends who are gaining weight. Instead, we should try to make amendments in our approach and encourage our friends to adopt healthy lifestyle changes along with us. 

You have to show your concern towards their health without making them feel bad about themselves with your judgmental remarks. You should always avoid pointing out their flaws or insecurities. It can severely affect their mental health. It can damage your relationship with them. 

Be open to conversations you don’t have any clue about. Without judging your friends, be open to listening to their opinion on various matters. That is to say that everyone yearns for a nonjudgmental friend. 

7. Rejoice in their Accomplishments

This is the most satisfying part of a healthy friendship. These are the most underrated qualities of a good buddy. You shouldn’t shy away from expressing how much you adore your friends. 

Always remember, conveying what you feel about your friend’s disposition shouldn’t be delayed. You should openly talk about how much you admire them.

Try to express your admiration towards them with the help of your creative skills. You should motivate them to hustle as your encouraging words will leave a lasting impact on their minds. It will add great value to your role in their life. 

8. Cogent Communication Skills

You have to be passionate about working upon yourself. In simple words, You have to work towards ingraining good communication skills for a fruitful friendship.

 Communication is a misunderstood aspect. Talking and communication, the difference between both of them are very subtle as a result you have to carry it out carefully. Communication is concerned with two people actively participating in sharing their feelings. 

After all, a candid conversation with your close confidant is all that your hearts wish for. Furthermore, you should always keep in mind to put forward your stance on various debatable subjects politely and respectfully.

There’s is no point in arguing with your friends on petty issues. 

9. They Never Fail to Set Boundaries

Qualities of a good friend
Source: Psychology Today

To be truly a great companion, you need to be aware of setting up decent and healthy boundaries. 

This brings up the question, How does setting up boundaries classified you as a good fellow? 

In the new era, people have started indulging in making changes for the betterment of their mental health. Setting up boundaries with your friends is the paramount need of the hour as you spend most of your time with them. 

At times, hanging out with friends, sharing your experiences of your day with them, listening to their everyday stories can be a daunting series of tasks. It’s vital for you to recharge yourself. You should refrain from investing your energy for some time. You have to narrate how tiring it is for you without hurting your friends.

 You should be considerate when your friends want to take a break from your regular meetups. Boundaries are efficient in significantly enhancing the quality of your bond with your friends.

10. Comparatively Patient

Practical patience will be helpful for you to build a good friendship with your friends. It will make you stand out among your other friends. Most importantly, you don’t have to rush in your friendship as it involves a varied range of emotions.

Practicing deep breathing or other breathing exercises and meditation will help you in imbibing patience in your character. 

For an instance, you should always try to be patient in dealing with your friends when they share their state of affairs with you. It makes surely makes them feel that you value their existence and time. 

11. Extremely Reliable/Loyal

The most crucial part of building a great bond is being faithful to each other. That is to say, a good friend is the one on whom you can rely without any hesitance. 

  • Good friends make sure they keep your secrets safe and sound. They refrain gossip about you with other people. 
  • They become furious on hearing bad about you or your close ones. They can’t tolerate anyone speaking ill of you.
  •  They always come up with a befitting reply to people who spew hatred. 
  • They defend you behind your back in circumstances where people misunderstand you or your decisions. 
  • You can always rely on them when it comes to sharing your sorrows or anything bothering you.

It’s easier to gain your friend’s trust whereas it requires effort and time to maintain it. 

In case, you have gossiped or talked bad about people in the past. Remind yourself, your bad habits won’t vanish away instantly. You have to work day and night in improving them. Eventually, you will get better at it.

12. Sense of Humour

Not to mention how our friends have always made us giggle at serious moments in a meeting or a classroom. Laughing therapy is considered one of the best therapies to make someone feel better at the moment. Who doesn’t like to laugh out loud at funny situations? 

If you possess the quality of making others roll on the floor laughing, you are going to fetch so many friends. Watching comedy videos online can turn out to be beneficial for you. You will learn how to add comic situations to your day-to-day conversations with friends. 

13. Grateful in Life

Qualities of a good friend
Source: Birds On A Wire Mom

This is one of the rarest qualities found in a friend circle. People these days are so busy complaining about their past mistakes as well as their present situation that they tend to overlook the blessings in their life. 

If your circle consists of good friends they will surely teach you the mantra of complaining less in life and living more. They will create an atmosphere of hope and gratefulness when they are around. Therefore, everyone craves for their company. 

14. Stick to your Commitments

If you live a disciplined life, you are more likely to attract a huge number of friends. Most people don’t like to be friends with a person who is careless in nature. If you cancel out plans and don’t adhere to what you say. It can potentially be a big turn-off for your pals. To resolve this issue, you can try reading self-help books.

15. Socially Proficient

To maintain social relationships in an efficient manner, we all need to gel with people from different backgrounds. Socially inept people tend to feel left lost. So, what good friends do in this situation is they effortlessly create a sense of belonging in their minds. 

Wrapping Up: 

From being a toddler to a grown-up adult, the friends you have in your life will keep on changing. In addition to that, your perception of friendships will be entirely demolished and re-constructed with time. There are some valuable attributes in a friend that you must look for. A good friend will wait for the harsh winds and bright summers to pass. Indubitably, it’s hard to search for a friend who will stick around. Nonetheless, we hope the above-mentioned qualities will help you become one of them. 

Share this list with your friends and let us know in the comments section what are the essential qualities of a good friend in your opinion. 


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