What Do Purple Pumpkins Mean On Halloween? Say Yes to Trick-&-Treats!

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Smriti Razdan
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Halloween is almost here and if you are a lover of cold weather then there are chances you are getting too excited for the festive season of the year. Apple cider, gourds, and pumpkins are going to be everywhere. Literally! Among all this excitement, somebody might have suggested you paint your pumpkin patches purple or you might have seen the purple pumpkin on a porch. Do you know its meaning? If not, then you must know “What Do Purple Pumpkins Mean On Halloween?”

You can include the Purple Pumpkin in your home decor. Keep it at your doors or even windows to give a message along with having vibrant Halloween home decor. But what exactly is this message? Well, let me give you a hint, it is about the “Trick or Treat.”

You already know the Teal Pumpkin symbolizes a home that has non-food treats that are safe for kids with food allergies. Just like that, the Purple Pumpkin Project was initiated by the Epilepsy Foundation. But who started the purple pumpkin project? Is it related to health somehow? Let’s find out. 

Meaning Of The Purple Pumpkin On Halloween

What Do Purple Pumpkins Mean On Halloween? Say Yes to Trick-&-Treats!

Last year, when the COVID-19 pandemic was at its height, people in the US still wanted to celebrate Halloween with kids along with keeping all the necessary safety measures. In such a time, Purple Pumpkins appeared as a ray of hope that symbolized a home that follows all the safety guidelines by WHO. But it’s not the first time we used Purple Pumpkins on our porches. 

Back in 2012, the Epilepsy Foundation started the Pumpkin Project to raise awareness about Epilepsy. People from all the 50 states soon began to keep purple pumpkin on their porches and made conversations about epilepsy with their neighbors. The foundation not only raised massive awareness but also raised more than $75,000 in fundraising. However, now in 2022, its meaning has changed. 

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If you see Purple Pumpkin on a porch in America then it means the house follows all the local safety guidelines to make the trick-or-treating as safe as possible. You can be sure that the families who have kept the Purple Pumpkin outside their homes will wear masks while greeting your kids. Also, WFXT Fox25 confirmed that these houses have individually wrapped all the candies so that there’s no human touch while celebrating Halloween. 

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With the fact that the homes will follow COVID-19 guidelines, the Purple Pumpkin also indicates that there is no COVID-19 patient in the home. But if you still are worried then you can go with your kids on trick-or-treating and ask people to leave the candy outside. That can also be helpful in celebrating Halloween with kids. 

Nassau County Legislator Bill Gaylor said, “Kids need to be kids and it’s important that they get out there and do the things that are fun.” Talking about the Purple Pumpkin practice he continued, “This will bring just a small sense of normalcy back to what’s been an otherwise difficult and trying time”. 

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How Did The Purple Pumpkin Idea Originate?

Ron Lamontagne, the founder of Epilepsy Foundation and the Pumpkin Purple Project, came up with the idea when he was on a drive through Connecticut. He was brainstorming on ways to spread more awareness of epilepsy and the local pumpkin patch gave him the perfect solution. 

What Do Purple Pumpkins Mean On Halloween? Say Yes to Trick-&-Treats!

Since kids love to decorate and play with pumpkins around Halloween, he thought why not make the Pumpkin purple which will make everyone ask “why is it purple?” And just like that, there will be a conversation about Epilepsy. But now, the idea has evolved into something bigger. Today, Purple Pumpkins represent a safe house for trick and treating practice.  

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Wrapping Up

I hope now you know “What Do Purple Pumpkins Mean On Halloween?”. The meaning is simple yet spreads awareness on epilepsy. You should definitely try this whether you live in America or not. It will be good practice and you’ll help so many people in spreading the word about the merciless disease. 

If this article was informative for you, then do let us know about it. If you have more information about the Purple Pumpkin then share it with us. Comment below for all your views and Happy Halloween in advance! 

Frequently Asked Questions

Do purple pumpkins exist?

No, pumpkins can be red, yellow, green, and even blue but they aren’t purple naturally. 

Do they have purple pumpkins?

Purple Pumpkins (artificial) have been available in many local stores since last year. They symbolize a safe home that follows all the COVID-19 guidelines.

What does a pink pumpkin mean?

Pink Pumpkin symbolizes breast cancer awareness. It was created by the Pink Pumpkin Patch Foundation to fundraise money for people with breast cancer. 

Why are pumpkins purple?

Pumpkins are painted purple to spread awareness for epilepsy and symbolize that a home is COVID-19 safe. 


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