PS Plus October 2022 Games Update | PS+ Leaks, Predictions & Changes

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Some intriguing online speculations exist for the PS Plus October 2022 free games, including a leak of a PS1 classic and many more games. In the meantime, PlayStation fans should be aware that three rounds are departing the Extra and Premium, including one of the best “zombie” experiences you can find in PS Plus October 2022.

Sony customers had a successful month in September. The incredible Deathloop and the Sly Cooper collection were added to PS Plus Extra and Premium, respectively. Meanwhile, the magnificent Granblue Fantasy Versus and the exhilarating Need for Speed Heat were featured in the Essential Freebies.

While Sony fans have been treated well in September, we’re optimistic that October will bring even better titles. So let’s explore more for PS Plus October 2022 Free Games, Leak, Predictions, and Leaving Games.

PS Plus October 2022 Predictions & Leaks

Let’s know more about the latest predictions and leaks of PS Plus in October 2022 

PS Plus October 2022 Games

PS Plus October 2022 Upcoming Games leaked

The major leak games of PS Plus October 2022 includes 

  •  Ridge Racer 2 According to PlayStation Lifestyle, Sony leaked, which mistakenly advertised these classics for Italian Premium customers in July but never materialized.
  • Visage is yet another fantastic game leaked that you can play on PS Plus in October 2022 this year, and you can enjoy your Halloween with your friends playing this amazing game.
  • The Devil In Me is scheduled for release on November 18, so perhaps Supermassive leak will include it on Essential or Extra to help create anticipation in October 2022.
  • The latest leaks of PS Plus in October 2022 shows that Sony may “create word-of-mouth” for DLC. The Shadows of Rose DLC is set to be released in October (via Eurogamer).

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PS Plus October 2022 Predicted Games

Games Predicted to be launched in PS Plus October 2022 includes 

PS Plus October 2022 Games
  • Due to a prior Sony leak, Dino Crisis is one of our predictions for the PS Plus October 2022 free games.
  • The PSP SoulCalibur entry, Broken Destiny, and the PS1 classic Dino Crisis are some hot predictions for PS Plus in October 2022 
  • House of Ashes is one of our more optimistic predictions for the essential tier of  PS Plus October 2022.
  • There are predictions that Sackboy A New Adventure will join the Extra tier of PS Plus October 2022. It was released in November 2020 as a PS5 launch title, and it’s one of the few launch games that hasn’t been added to the service yet. 
  • Other predicted games to join  PS Plus October 2022 are Demon’s Souls and Spider-Man Miles Morales.
  • The only Dark Pictures Anthology installment that hasn’t already joined Sony’s subscription service is House of Ashes, which would make for a fantastic movie-like experience for everyone to enjoy this Halloween is the most predicted release of PS Plus October 2022.  
  • Riders Republic will be released in October 2022, a new Ubisoft game may join the lineup; some Reddit users predict Resident Evil Village. 

Now let’s find out the release dates of the games of  PS Plus October 2022.

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PS Plus October 2022 Free Games Reveal Date

PlayStation is turning up the heat with its announcement of the PS Plus free gamer selection for October 2022. The release date for the following round of freebies is confirmed to be October 4th in a post on Sony’s PlayStation Blog from September. The final Wednesday before a launch is traditionally when upcoming freebies are announced, but it rarely occurs on a Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, or even a Friday.

Free Games For PS Plus In October 2022 

The top three free games that are going to be released on PS Plus October 2022 are 

PS Plus October 2022 Games
  • Injustice 2,
  • Superhot, 
  • Hot Wheels Unleashed 

Make sure to download the current essential giveaways while they’re available. Granblue Fantasy Versus is yet another fantastic fighting game from the fighting game kings Arc System Works. Need for Speed Heat is an exhilarating experience inside stunning vehicles, and Tom is a unique adventure with lovely art.

Let’s search out the  PS Plus October 2022 games that will bid adieu to us this year.

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Games Leaving PS Plus In October 2022

Next month, three important games will no longer be available on PS Plus Extra and Premium:

PS Plus October 2022 Games

The games that will not be available on PS Plus October 2022 are the following games mentioned below.

  • 7 Oct: PGA Tour 2K21
  • 17 Oct: Red Dead Redemption
  • 17 Oct: RDR Undead Nightmare

This is provided via the PlayStation Portal channel on YouTube. Undead Nightmare is surprisingly one of the best “zombie” experiences, while Red Dead Redemption is one of the greatest video games of all time.

The two games are moving on since Red Dead Redemption 2 was also canceled in September. But you can take advantage of the John Marston experience while it’s still available. As for PGA Tour 2K21, its discontinuation makes sense, given that 2K23 will be available on October 14.

PS Plus October 2022 Games

Note: There are a few excellent games in September’s PS Plus roster, so be sure to claim them before October 4. This is everything we have to inform you regarding  PS Plus October 2022. Stay connected with Path Of EX for any other latest information on PS Plus October 2022.

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Wrapping Up

So this was everything about  PS Plus October 2022. From the above article, I hope you would have got to know about all the latest updates of  PS Plus in October 2022 games that are leaked predicted and the ones that are leaving another month. Stay tuned with Path of EX to know more about the latest and upcoming games in PS Plus October 2022.

You can also explore other different games and learn about their functions and features from Path of EX to have an amazing gaming experience with your friends.

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