Project Slayers Discord Server | Verification, Channels & Rules

Detailed Guide On Project Slayers Discord Server | Verification, Channels, & Rules & Regulations

Wanna discover tiny villages, massive cities, or dense forests? Project Slayers Discord Server is where you can find all of it. It is one of the most famous discord servers you may find today that hooks in a lot of users with its sheer excitement and adventure all along. Go along with this article for the detailed information on this Project Slayers Discord Server and see where you can find it and its rule book.

There have been so many known discords expanding lately, like Pokemon: Into the Wild discord or the best Fortnite Discord Servers for Scrims and Customs, but the better one is considered the best when it brings it a full house every now and then. Project Slayers Discord Server is undoubtedly one of them.

Hold on to my finger because the following is everything you wish to know today, in reference to the Project Slayers Discord Server. Whether it is about the steps to get verified on the server, how to grab the major announcements, rule book, game-link of the server, or anything and everything.

Project Slayers Discord Server

Project Slayers Discord Server Link is a widely-own discord server with approximately 500K members overall and contains multiple channels like information, sneaks, update logs, etc.

It is the most looked upon discord server currently with the massive range of channels, and indeed, its full house speaks for its fan following all along.

How To Get Verified In Project Slayers Discord Server?

To get verified in the Project Slayers Discord Server Link:

Go to the Bloxlink > type “/verify” in the verify channel

What Is The Link Of The Project Slayers Discord Server?

Detailed Guide On Project Slayers Discord Server | Verification, Channels, & Rules & Regulations

The official Project Slayers Discord Server link is:

Join in the link, create an account, and have fun with your very Project Slayers Discord Server.

What Is The Game Link For Project Slayers?

The game link for Project Slayers is-

If you wish to play Project Slayers on Roblox, you must have a Roblox account to do so. If you don’t have a Roblox account, click here.

Create your account and search “Project Slayers” in Experiences or visit the above link, the choice is yours!

Most Popular Channels In Project Slayers Discord Server?

The most popular channels on Project Slayers Discord Server are:

  • #Verify
  • #Announcements
  • #Community

Where #Verify is used for getting verified in the server, #Announcements is majorly used for spreading notices and codes, and #Community is used as a common platform by all to chat and chill.

Rules & Regulations Of Project Slayers Discord Server

Project Slayers Discord Server’s rules and regulations are divided into three kinds: Minor Offenses, Moderate Offenses, and Major Offenses. Go on to grab the full rule guide:

Minor Offenses

  • Follow Discord and Roblox TOS
  • Any form of suggestive content
  • Bypassing blacklisted words
  • Spoiling any form of media (outside of our assigned spoiler channel)
  • Refusing to follow staff’s orders
  • Spamming stickers or emojis
  • Misuse of channels

Moderate Offenses

  • Attempting to find loopholes to break rules
  • Unnecessarily pinging or mass pinging members
  • Posting disturbing, unwanted, or shocking media
  • Discussing any overly controversial or politically charged topic
  • Arguing staff’s decisions in public channels
  • Discussing staff’s decisions taken against a member in public
  • Offsite website links, services, or 3rd party content that are not permitted on Roblox with the exceptions of our whitelist.
  • Keep any controversial political remarks out of the discussion. This stands true for names, conversations, and responses, among other factors
Detailed Guide On Project Slayers Discord Server | Verification, Channels, & Rules & Regulations

Major Offenses

  • Distributing members’ personal information without their consent
  • Piracy
  • Impersonating other members
  • Usage of racial/homophobic slurs or exhibits of intolerable behavior
  • Posting any adult content
  • Having a suggestive name, picture, or banner
  • Breaking numerous rules in a short time frame
  • Blackmailing others
  • Attempted account phishing (reposting or uploading URLs with the purpose of IP-phishing)
  • Consistently harassing someone

With a 500K user base, Project Slayers Discord Server is booming day by with its ultimate adventure. It is a user-friendly server with a whole range of channels and a handy rule book.

Watch Project Slayers Discord Server

How To Join/Verify On Project Slayers Discord Server

Wrapping Up

This was all about Project Slayers Discord Server. In my personal opinion, it is one of the most amazing servers ever so if you are having second thoughts about it then this is your sign to just jump in and get verified.

Anyways, I hope all of your questions are answered well. Path of EX is an open space. Come along if you have any doubt, and we will get back to you asap.


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