How to do Professor Garlick’s Assignment 2 in Hogwarts Legacy | Complete Walkthrough

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Aside from all the interesting quests, Hogwarts Legacy is really stepping it up with assignments from Professors. After completing Madam Kogawa’s Assignments, here’s the fourth one in line: Professor Garlick’s Assignment 2.

Not sure how to complete this assignment? Just like our guide with the complete walkthrough of Professor Garlick’s Assignment 1, I’m here with the second assignment and its big rewards in our Hogwarts Legacy Guide.

So read on to get the complete walkthrough of Professor Garlick’s Assignment 2 and the step-by-step instructions to finish it like a pro. Remember that in previous assignments, you will learn a new spell at the end of this Herbology assignment!

Professor Garlick’s Assignment 2 in Hogwarts Legacy | Complete Walkthrough

Professor Garlick’s Assignment 2 gives you the objective to grow and harvest certain combat plants in Herbology and get rewarded with the Flipendo spell and 150 XP. After this assignment, for the next assignment in line, you will be led to Professor Hecat’s Assignment 1.

Professor Garlick’s Assignment 2
  1. Location: Greenhouses in the Library Annex
  2. Quest by: Professor Mirabel Garlick, Professor of Herbology
  3. Quest Level: 16
  4. Requirements: Finish Professor Garlick’s Assignment 1
  5. Rewards: 150 XP, Flipendo
  6. Mission Info: Your objective is to grow and harvest Fluxweed and field test Chinese Chomping Cabbages, a Mandrake, and a Venomous Tentacula simultaneously. 

Objectives: This assignment has 3 objectives:

  • Grow And Harvest Fluxweed
  • Acquire & Use All Three Combat Plants Simultaneously
  • Return to Professor Garlick

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How to Do Professor Garlick’s Assignment 2 in Hogwarts Legacy?

The starting location for Professor Garlick’s Assignment 2 in Hogwarts Legacy is in the greenhouses in the library annex. From here, you can start your assignment and follow the steps below:

1. Grow And Harvest Fluxweed

professor garlick's assignment 2

The first objective given to you is to grow and harvest Fluxweed, an important ingredient used to brew potions like the Focus potion and Felix Felicis.

For this step, go to the south side of Hogsmeade and enter the shop named Tomes and Scrolls. Here, you will buy a potting table with a large pot for 1000 galleons if you don’t already have one.

Now head to The Magic Neep in Hogsmeade to purchase Fluxweed seeds for 350 Gold. Now that you have everything, head to the room of requirement to grow the Fluxweed on the potting table.

Note: The Fluxweed will take 15 real-time minutes to grow.

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2. Acquire & Use All Three Combat Plants Simultaneously

Professor Garlick’s Assignment 2

Now you need to acquire all three combat plants–Chinese Chomping Cabbages, Mandrakes, and Venomous Tentacula. The one place you can buy all three from is Dogweed and Deathcap, located just after North Hogsmeade.

It will cost you a total of 1400 Galleons to purchase all three.

Note: Purchasing the seeds is way more expensive and takes time to grow.

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3. Return to Professor Garlick

Professor Garlick’s Assignment 2

Return to talk with Professor Garlick at the greenhouses to learn the Flipendo spell and its movement. This will complete Professor Garlick’s Assignment 2.

What Is The Flipendo Spell?

Professor Garlick’s Assignment 2

Flipendo, also known as the knockback jinx, is a basic force spell that can be used to push the target backward or “knock it back.” This can be very useful in combat and puzzles.

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Wrapping Up

Excited about the new spell? If you haven’t started Professor Garlick’s Assignment 2, head to the greenhouses now! Comment to let us know which of the three combat plats you liked best and why.

Happy Gaming!


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