Pringles Passport Flavors Fish and Chips Review

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Pringles Passport Flavors to compensate for the void caused by lack of travel!

London Fish and Chips & New York Cheese Burger

London Fish and Chips & New York Cheese Burger

Potato chips are surely one of the most liked snacks around the world. They are go to snacks for parties, gatherings, TV watching and what not. They are comfort food for many and best snacks to munch on, when there’s nothing else you can find to satisfy your hunger. Pringles is an amazingly popular potato chip brand, just like lay’s. Their unique and wide ranges of flavors offer buyers a huge variety to choose from. 

Pringles Passport Flavors are a latest series of the famous American snack, first launched in Japan. The new flavors are designed to compensate with the void caused by the lack of travel in 2020. Harsh corona virus continues disrupting our normal lives since around a year now! So, the travel inspired chips are going to offer snack lovers international flavors without actually travelling. Might sound kinda exaggerated right…

But it is surely interesting to have a light snack like Pringles available in flavors inspired by staple snacks from two of the best holiday destinations in the world. 

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The flavors include London Fish and Chips and New York Cheese burger.

 Food is one way of transporting oneself from one place to another (mentally if not physically). And, this seems to be the concept behind the new flavor varieties. Different traditional foods from around the globe mark the specific culture and histories of the land where they belong. The staple fast food of London, fish and chips is the first flavor in the edition. 

Even the packaging of the handy cylindrical container is inspired by travel and journey. With the background of sky, the top of the container is marked by the words “passport flavors” written in bold capital letters. A cute little airplane emoticon sits on the letter “A” of passport. 

Now Pringles Passport flavors are being sold across different Asian countries, following success in Japan. Hopefully, we might see the new flavors grow more with time.

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With an amazing range of flavors, Pringles are one of the most liked snacks in America and many other countries around the globe. Stacked in a cylindrical container, the light potato chips are perfect as a late night snack or a light takeaway food item. Who doesn’t like chips? You can surely eat the whole can of this super delicious potato snack in minutes without any help off course. And what can be better than a range of different flavors to choose from.

Standard flavors like Original, Cheddar cheese and BBQ fly off the store shelves and are hugely in demand. Also, there are a lot unusual flavors that are not much talked about.

  • Pringles the Original (Regular lightly salted, crispy potato slices)
  • Sour Cream and Onion (Strong onion flavor balanced well with sour cream and perfect amounts of salt)
  • Honey Mustard (Perfect blend of honey and mustard)
  • BBQ Flavored
  • Applewood Smoked Cheddar
  • Original Lightly Salted
  • Sweet and Spicy BBQ
  • Cheddar Cheese
  • Pizza Flavored
  • Jalapeno Flavored
  • Salt and Vinegar Flavored
  • Screamin’ Dill Pickle Flavored
  • Cheddar Cheese
  • Pringles Thai Sweet Chilli
  • Loaded Baked Potato

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(Also check out the following video to know more about “How Pringles Are Made” 

Source: Youtube channel “How Food Is Made”)

Do we have new Lay’s flavors too?

Travel has influenced other food based companies to bring out new flavors too. Since globally people are stuck inside their homes and travel has become a thing of the past, these companies somewhat took advantage of the situation. 

This year Lay’s came out with a limited edition of different flavors based on different countries to help people connect with their favorite destinations through food, if not travel. They know that people can’t travel. So, why not bring the destinations to them!

These flavors include:

  • Lay’s Wavy Tzatziki Greece,
  • Lay’s Thai Basil Chili Thailand,
  • Lay’s Wavy Lime & Sea Salt Mexico, and
  • Lay’s Beer & Brats Germany. 

Their packaging is also inspired by the countries they represent, with pretty outdoor pictures and vibrant colors.


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