Prime-Coin Review: All About Prime-Coin

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If you are looking for a point of entry into the financial trading, our recommendation is Prime-Coin, a trading platform operating as a global brokerage house world over. 

 Before we get into the specifics of this broker, there are certain guidelines that anyone must take into account before embarking on your journey to select a broker:

  1. Trading platform
  2. Trading Products
  3. Customer service
  4. Ease of withdrawals
  5. Fees and commissions

So, are you ready to embark on this journey with us as we critically analyse Prime-Coin? Read on!

Prime-Coin Attempts To Offer Empowerment To Users

As you would already know as a beginner or even as an experienced trading professional, trading financial securities and assets is a risky endeavour. So, does this mean it is impossible to profit from trades? Quite the contrary, with Prime-Coin you receive a toolkit full of educational and informational content ranging from market news, analyst updates and educational videos. All these tools enable the investor to make the right decisions for themselves regardless of what the most obvious strategy might seem to be.

Lets learn more with regards to the indicators we identified earlier.

How Good Is the Prime-Coin Trading Platform?

The Prime-Coin trading platform is backed by powerful processes, and it is capable of processing complex transactions within seconds. 

The interface is simplified and is dependent on the user to customize it as per their wish and need. 

The basic platform is accessed from the website and utilizes a web browser whereas the mobile platform is accessed via an application available for download on both iOS and Android. 

How Wide Is the Trading Product Range?

With Prime-Coin, the financial assets availability is numerous. You can choose between a diverse portfolio or choose to restrict your assets to one or two based on your personal preference.

The asset range is as follows:

  • Shares and share options
  • Futures and forwards
  • Share indices
  • Forex pairs
  • Cryptocurrencies
  • Commodities
  • Metals
  • Energies
  • CFDs

As you can see, the asset offering is impressive. 

Prime-Coin Review: All About Prime-Coin

How Is Prime-Coin’s Customer Service?

The next consideration on our critical analysis involves the customer service provisions. 

Any brokerage platform can only be as good if they are good to their customers.

Prime-Coin prides itself on not only facilitating customers to the best of their abilities but also actively seeks and encourages feedback with regards to their operations so they can attempt to improve their features.

Most of the new features rolled out on the platform are suggestions from clients. This points at how good their client support provisions are. Clients benefit from 24/5 support provisions.

How Is Prime-Coin’s Withdrawals Process?

Once a client has selected a trading platform and are ready to build their portfolio, a key question comes up in their mind: how easy it is to transfer earnings from platform to their personal bank account?

Prime-Coin has set up its withdrawals via a third party software that ensure that transactions are encrypted and smooth. 

Similarly, funding your trading account is also simple. Prime-Coin provides debit or credit cards and bank transfers for account funding. 

What About Prime-Coin’s Fees & Commissions?

Naturally, when deciding on a broker, the eventual take home winning matters the most. Most brokers seem to offer the world but when the traders calculate their earnings, it has fallen prey to high commissions and trading fees.

Prime-Coin aims to be competitive in this regard, they have zero commissions and low trade fees. Their trade fees only varies between stock options, futures and cryptocurrencies since these are the more exclusive trading assets.

We Rest Our Case

As you assisted us through this article in viewing Prime-Coin through our lens of 5 critical judgement factors, we invite you to consider Prime-Coin for your platform of choice. 

In our analysis, it is apparent that Prime-Coin is reliable and a good choice for a broker. With a customer service team dedicate to continuously improving customer experience, it tops our list for a trading platform. 

Contact Prime-Coin today via their website and begin your journey with them.

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored marketing content.


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