11 Best Pride Party Ideas for 2022 | Throw an Unforgettable Party!

Paint the world rainbow with these Pride party ideas!

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Daksha Gupta
Daksha Gupta
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June is almost here and that means Pride Month is here!! June brings with it the extremely hot weather but it also brings along the excitement of having all the pride month celebrations. It is the month you show your solidarity with the LGBTQ community. This year, I bring to you the best Pride party ideas that will make your party unforgettable.

Love is love! Let us take this June to preach love. Throwing a pride party is a great way to enjoy and show your support. While party ideas for Christmas can be found very easily, it gets difficult to find Pride party ideas. While everyone knows the basic theme of the rainbow color, what else can be added?


Let me give you some great Pride month party ideas so that you can throw an amazing party. Trust me, your guests will love all these elements at the party. These will add a personal touch and excitement to your party!

11 Amazing Pride Party Ideas for an Unforgettable Party!

Hey, my lovelies! Let us celebrate love this June. Scroll down to find the best Pride party ideas. Trust me, your guests will love the extra effort and love with which you have thrown the party.

1. Send Out Themed Invites

What says Partyyy more than a personal invite? Trust me, nothing!

This year, skip calling or giving an invitation over text. Try out something new! One of the best Pride party ideas is to send a personal invite to your loved ones.

Pride party ideas

Take your time to design a Pride-themed invite. Adress it to your friends and family. You can do handmade invites or get customized invitations made for your guests. This adds a personal touch to your party.

2. Rainbow Themed Decoration

Talking about Pride party ideas we have to consider a Pride-themed party. It is a must for celebrating Pride month. Everyone likes a themed party. However, throwing a successful themed party is quite difficult. Let me share the secret to a perfect party- the decorations!

Your party’s decorations decide if it is going to be a hit or a miss. Yes! You read that right. The food and the drinks are important but the decorations create the vibe for the party. Here is some rainbow-themed decor that you can use.

Rainbow Balloons

Who doesn’t like balloons? I consider balloons to be the perfect way to decorate a themed party. You can have so much fun and show your creativity. Use balloons to create an arch or any artistic designs you want.

Pride party ideas

For the Pride-themed party, you can use rainbow-colored balloons and banners. You can either use different balloons of different colors or single balloons with rainbow colors. This will definitely add colors and vibe to your party.

Rainbow Tassles

Pride party ideas

Balloons are the star of your party decor but the tassels add creativity. Adding colorful tassels to your party decor is the best thing you can do. It will brighten up your party. Rainbow tassels will add extra pizzazz to your party!

Rainbow Table Decor

Pride party ideas

Covering your tables with simple white clothes is boring, to say the least. Add color to your party by throwing a rainbow-colored cloth on your tables. This will be one of the best Pride party ideas you can use.

3. Rainbow Welcome Drinks

June is Pride month but it is also a summer month. Throwing a party in summer is a nightmare. Let us turn this nightmare into a heavenly dream by offering your guests chilled welcome drinks.

You can make it even better if your welcome drinks are also pride-themed. Think how cute it will look. To top it off you can serve the welcome drinks in rainbow-colored glasses.

4. Pride Pins

Next up on the list of Pride party ideas is to distribute Pride pins. You can do it as you welcome your guests. This looks cute and can be your way of showing solidarity with the LGBTQ community.

Pride party ideas

5. Costume Contest

Everyone likes to dress up. And dressing up for a themed party is too exciting. This year lighten up your party with one of the best party ideas of having a costume contest. Your guests can come dressed as any of the LGBTQ icons. This will add colors and excitement to your party!

6. Rainbow Themed Makeup

Pride party ideas

Another way to lighten up a Pride party is to do rainbow-themed makeup. You can ask your guests to show their creativity on spot by having a makeup contest. You can also ask your guests to put their best foot forward by applying extravagant makeup. This can be a chance to actually express yourself through the art of makeup!

7. Pride Themed Tattoo 

Pride party ideas

Remember how we used to have tattoo stations on birthdays when we were young? Why not bring that back! Next up on the list of Pride party ideas is to set up a tattoo station. Here your guests can get pride-themed tattoos. Offer a variety of tattoo ideas and paint the party in rainbow colors.

8. Blast Out LGBTQ Classic Tracks

Music is the best way to express yourself. Tune in the classic tracks for your guests to enjoy. Get up and dance! Flow with the music and forget about yourself. This has to be one of the best pride party ideas. Once you play the music nobody would be able to resist going on the dance floor.

9. Rainbow Themed Menu

One thing without which any party is incomplete is food. Creating a rainbow-themed menu is one of the best Pride party ideas. Show your creativity through food. Here are some options you can use for your Pride-themed party.

Fruit Skewers

June is Pride month but June is also a summer month. To save your guests from the dreading heat serve them fruit skewers. These are fairly easy to make and will keep your guests energized even in the summers.

Pride party ideas

To make fruit skewers cut or dice different fruits in different shapes. Then add these fruits to a stick to create a rainbow. These will look beautiful and taste yum!

Veggie Rolls

Another thing you can serve to your guests is veggie rolls. These are tasty yet healthy. Another added benefit, veggie rolls won’t make your guests uneasy in the scorching June heat.

Pride party ideas

To make veggie rolls dice different colorful vegetables. Add salt and pepper to the vegetables. Then wrap this mixture in rice paper. Voila! You have the tasty and amazing veggie rolls for your Pride Party!

Pride Party Ideas With Other Food Items

10. Serve in Rainbow Plates

This year we are taking the Pride theme very seriously. Let us paint everything in a rainbow! If the food is rainbow-colored, why not the plates? You can use plates that have rainbow elements in them. You can either buy rainbow-colored plates or you can decorate the plates yourself by adding rainbow dots on the edge of the plates.

11. Rainbow Cake

Pride party ideas

If you have to name one thing without which a party is incomplete, what would it be? For me, it has to be cake! Oh, what joy is it to cut a cake! It gets better if the cake is based on a theme.

Rainbow cakes are the best addition you can do for your Pride party. First of all, it looks beautiful. Second of all, it tastes heavenly. What else do you want!? This year celebrate Pride Month by including a Pride-themed cake in your party.

Wrapping Up

Love is love! Let’s celebrate this pride month with amazing pride party ideas. In this article, I have given you 11 ways you can make your party amazing and unforgettable. These ideas will add a personal touch to your party and your guests will love it!

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