Pride Month Instagram Quiz Questions | LGBTQ Trivia for Your Insta Stories (2023) 

Pride Month is soon to arrive, and I know you are finding ways to make an interactive session with your audience on Instagram, right? If so, you are on the right page. Here, I have brought some very relevant and interesting collections of Pride Month Instagram Quiz Questions.

Its the time to spread love, and you can do that by using creative captions for your Pride Month posts. You can use Pride Month hashtags to get more traction on your posts. Another great way to interact with and educate your audience is the Instagram quiz feature. You can use these amazing hand-picked Pride Month trivia questions for your Instagram stories. It is a great idea to increase your engagement with your audience. 

In this blog, you will find all the interesting Pride Month Instagram Quiz Questions that you can use on your Instagram stories.

Pride Month Instagram Quiz Questions 

Pride Month Instagram Quiz Questions

To make this occasion of Pride Month more colorful on Instagram, here are some Pride Month Instagram Quiz Questions. You can easily use these Pride Month Trivia questions on your Instagram stories. 

Question 1: The United States’ first Pride parade took place in what year?
Answer: 1970

Question 2: Which country was the first to recognize same-sex marriage in 2001?
Answers: The Netherlands

Question 3: Why is the rainbow flag a symbol of LGBTQ pride? 
Answer: Rainbows are a symbol of hope.

Question 4: Which country holds the record for hosting the largest Pride parade in the world?
Answer: Brazil 

Pride Month Instagram Quiz Questions

Question 5: Which three U.S. Presidents have officially acknowledged Pride Month?
Answer: Bill Clinton, Barack Obama, and Joe Biden

Question 6: How many colors did the original pride flag have?
Answer: 8

Question 7: In what year was “Queer Eye for the Straight Guy” first aired?
Answers: 2003

Question 8: Where does the word ‘lesbian’ come from?
Answers: The poet Sappho and the Island of Lesbos

Question 9: The military policy Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell was issued in 1994. When was it finally repealed?
Answers: 2011

Question 10:  Laura Jane Grace fronts which rock band?
Answer: Against Me

Question 11: In which city did the Stonewall Riots break out in 1969?
Answers: New York

Pride Month Instagram Quiz Questions

Question 12: What are the respective experts from Queer Eye known as?
Answers: The Fab Five

Question 13: Which leading transgender actress stars as Jules in HBO’s Euphoria?
Answers: Hunter Schafer

Question 14: Why is Pride Month celebrated in June in the United States? 
Answers: In memory of the Stonewall riots. 

Question 15: What TV show has the largest transgender cast?
Answers: Pose

Question 16: Which Disney show featured its first main gay character?
Answers: Andi Mack

Question 17: What sexual orientation does pansexual refer to?
Answers: Attraction regardless of gender. 

Question 18: What does having an ‘androgynous’ style refer to?
Answers: Both masculine and feminine traits. 

Question 19: How many Gen Z adults identify as LGBTQ?
Answers: 1 in 6 Gen Z adults

Question 20: When was the first protest for gay and lesbian rights?
Answers: July 1965 in Philadelphia, PA. 

Question 21: What does the color Hot Pink signify in LGBTQ Flag? 
Answers: Sex

Question 22: What does the color Red signify in LGBTQ Flag? 
Answers: Life

Question 23: What does the color Green signifies in LGBTQ Flag? 
Answers: Nature

Question 24: What does the color Indigo signify in LGBTQ Flag? 
Answers: Serenity

Pride Month Instagram Quiz Questions

Question 25: What does the color Orange signify in LGBTQ Flag? 
Answers: Healing

Question 26: What does the color Blue signify in LGBTQ Flag? 
Answers: Harmony

Question 27: What does the color Turquoise signify in LGBTQ Flag? 
Answers: Magic

Question 28: What does the color Yellow signify in LGBTQ Flag? 
Answers: Sunlight

Question 29: What does the color Violet signify in LGBTQ Flag?
Answers: Spirit 

Question 30: What 2018 film was the first major Hollywood movie to focus on a gay teen romance?
Answers: Love, Simon

Question 31: Who is David Rose’s love interest in the hit TV Show Schitt’s Creek? 
Answers: Patrick Brewer

Question 32: Global superstar Jojo Siwa came out in 2021. Which child reality TV show made her famous?
Answers: Dance Moms

Question 33: Which popular sitcom portrayed the first lesbian wedding on primetime television?
Answers: Friends

Question 34: Will and Grace are often regarded as the first major successful show with leading gay characters. Where was the show set?
Answers: New York 

Question 35:  Billy Ray Cyrus featured alongside which openly gay rapper in 2019 hit Old Town Road?
Answers: Lil Nas X

Wrapping Up

In this blog, I have mentioned all the relevant Pride Month Instagram quiz questions. I hope they serve you in the best way possible. If you have any queries or suggestions, comment in the box below. To read more informative blogs, keep visiting our website, Path of EX.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. How do you get quiz stickers on Instagram?

The quiz stickers can be added to Instagram Stories by tapping the sticker icon after you’ve started a new story. Select the quiz sticker option from the sticker tray. Decide on your multiple-choice question and customize the answers. You can choose up to four answers and as few as two.

2. Can you see who voted on your Instagram quiz?

To see the results of your quiz, simply tap “Your Story” again on the homepage, and when you get to the story with your quiz, swipe up. You’ll be able to see who’s viewed it, who’s answered, what they said, and what the most popular answers are.

3. What is the difference between a quiz and a poll on Instagram?

Running a quiz with multiple choices on an Instagram story is technically a poll. The only difference is, you can add up to four possible answers instead of just two.

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