5 Presents That Are Enough To Make Your Girl Go Numb

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God has blessed us with another year, and after what we saw in 2020, this one was much awaited. Only the second month of the year and we have been surprised with Valentine’s week to celebrate love especially when we lost big time with the year 2020. For those who live far from one another, and some couldn’t see their loved one for months even living in the same block, this is the time to make up for it. Not less than a week and will be struck by Valentine. It is time we put all our precious brains and start planning a wonderful day and a wonderful week for our partners.

Today we have got a list of unique gifts for girlfriend for all those who already have a Valentine in their life and for those who are looking to try their luck and propose the one they admire. And if your girlfriend says you are all she needs, and gifts are absolutely needless, you are in trouble, and it’s time you buckle up and start preparing a bash of presents for she is expecting surprises and why shouldn’t she?

  • Bouquet and cake

The plan is, to begin with, the essential presents for Valentine’s Day, which include a bouquet and a cake. It’s better if you present a bouquet of red roses not because women love that the most but because they represent love like nothing else can. Although if you know your girlfriend’s favourite flowers feel free to give her a bouquet of those. And the cake can preferably be of red velvet or chocolate flavour, but your choices are the ones that matter.

  • A fancy date

After you gift the bouquet and the chocolate cake, sit her in the car and take a long drive to a fancy restaurant or a lavish picnic spot. Dress nicely, so she admires you to the end of the day and keeps your memory till the end of eternity. Be ready to place the order with her favourite things or let her do the same. Order champagne or drinks if you like those along with your food and say some love-filled things to her to make a date more memorable. Don’t hesitate from decorating your car with balloons or flowers to give it the most lovable vibe ever.

  • Teddy Bear

If it’s Valentine’s day or any other day of the year, soft toys for girls are the best way to win hearts. Pick a cute brown little teddy, a big white one based on the space in her house and her love for them. Tie a ribbon around the neck of the teddy if he doesn’t have it already and under the ribbon hide little presents or notes for her to see when she reaches back home. Drop her home and place the teddy nicely where she has thought of keeping it, so she faces no trouble throughout the day and only feels utter love showered on her.

  • Personalised skincare

This option comes in from the materialistic category but still has a touch of personalisation and love. If a girl uses extensive skincare products recommended by the doctors or she has detailed knowledge of what products are suitable for skin and uses them on a regular basis, give her a pack of all the products she likes and save her of some expense that month. She will love the fact that you have remembered her choices and preferences and will be happy with your gesture.

  • Handmade greeting card

A handmade greeting card is an absolute must in Valentine’s week, and there’s no excuse for it. You may think that all these gestures are enough to make your girlfriend feel that you love her, but nothing that speaks as a greeting card does. Draw, write and fold the paper with your own hands, write what comes to your mind, paste little pictures, attach a little chocolate in the centre and give it to her. Note the expression on her face, and you’ll know that it was nothing like you have seen before.


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