5 Most Popular YouTube Channels to Learn Dance for Beginners 2022

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Smriti Razdan
Smriti Razdan
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Dance like no one’s watching you! Whoever said this as-old-as-time line, either would be eccentric or would never have to dance in front of others. Only a few billion from the world don’t know how to dance. I get you! I’ve been there and here I am sharing what helped me to dance better and more confidently. Read this article on Best YouTube Channels to Learn Dance for Beginners.

Ever been to a party and felt shy while dancing, because you don’t know how to? Well, here’s your cue to learn and ace your moves. It will be fun. I Swear it! Not only fun after getting your beats right, but you will also be more open to dance in public. 

Name of the 5 YouTube Channels to Learn Dance for Beginners

  1. 1MILLION Dance Studio 
  2. Kyle Hanagami
  3. Matt Steffanina 
  4. Tim Milgram
  5. Aliya Janell

Here was the list, but what about their views and subscribers. Don’t miss that. Let’s begin with the description of these best YouTube channels for dance. 

5 YouTube Channels to Learn Dance for Beginners

All these people began from the scratch and now they have their whole empire. They are living their dream life. If anything that’s stopping you is you. So go ahead, learn what you want, and have fun. 

5. Aliya Janell

Why is Aliya Janell is one of the best YouTube Channels to learn dance for beginners?

Aliya Janell is a smoking hot choreographer from Los Angeles California. She is a heel dance brand and damn, she is so good at it. 

Her videos on ‘Level Up’  and ‘Twerk’ have over 60M views combined! People love her videos!

If you are a beginner in dance, following her dance videos will make you fall in love with heels. It’s so freaking sexy!

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The style of Aliya Janell is unique, I think that’s why she is so popular on Instagram. 

I don’t know about you but I am going to keep up with her videos. After all, it is surely one of the best YouTube Channels to learn dance for beginners 

Joined On: 5 Nov 2013 
Subscribers: 2.19M 
Videos: 186
Views: 409,629,414
Location: United States

4. Tim Milgram

Why is Tim Milgram is one of the best YouTube channels to learn dance for beginners?

Tim Milgram is a director and cinematographer from Los Angeles, CA. His YouTube Channel has the most rocking videos of dance as he uploads all the videos that are directed by him. 

Tim Milgram Videos’ are Goals! Not only for dance lovers but for directors too. Just search his name on YouTube and you’ll know what I am talking about.

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Some of his videos have over 38M Views. You know why?

Because the dancers in his videos are choreographed by various talented artists in the scene. 

Watch his video ‘Escalate’ to swooned by his skills!

Joined On: 8 Jan 2006
Subscribers: 3.53M
Videos: 369 
Views: 1,065,587,629
Location: United States

3. Matt Steffanina 

Why is Matt Steffanina is one of the best YouTube channels to learn dance for beginners?

Matt Steffanina is the guy who has everything for you! I mean it! 

He is a dancer from LA and he has worked with artists like Taylor Swift, Jason Derulo, and Meghan Trainor. Doesn’t this make him already a celebrity?

On this channel, he uploads all the fun kinds of videos. Most of them are related to dance. But he has a lot to offer. Just Stay Tuned!

Matt Steffanina has another channel named ‘DANCE TUTORIALS’. In this channel, he literally, makes videos on how to dance on viral songs on Instagram.

Guys, You Cannot Miss this! If you want to make all the reels on sexy dances and trends, he will be your GURU.

Joined On: 2 Sept 2011
Subscribers: 12.7M 
Videos: 411
Views: 2,668,549,073 
Location: United States

2. Kyle Hanagami

Why is Kyle Hanagami is one of the best YouTube Channels to learn dance for beginners?

There’s a really good probability you have already seen his dance videos. Kyle Hanagami is a great choreographer. If you are just beginning your dance journey, Kyle’s videos are going to help you a lot with it.

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He has different kinds of choreography videos and music videos on his channel. His choreography on ‘Shape Of You’ has over 221M views on YouTube. Crazy!

Kyle Hanagami has choreographed for a lot of stars, but his description on YouTube says, “My favorite thing to do is make dance videos for you”.

Now you know where to go for some awesome moves.

Joined On: 13 Aug 2009
Subscribers: 4.48 M
Videos: 154
Views: 813,983,100 
Location: United States

1. 1MILLION Dance Studio

Why is 1MILLION Dance Studio is one of the best YouTube Channels to learn dance for beginners?

It should be a sin to ask such a question that why is it on the list! 1MILLION Dance Studio has a whole bunch of power-packed dancers that changed the scene of dance videos on YouTube. 

1MILLION Dance Studio has 2636 videos uploaded till now. WHOA! That’s a big number!  

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This channel gives live classes on YouTube, by various choreographers including Amy Park, Yeji Kim, and Yumeki.

1MILLION Dance Studio even has a website specially made for beginners. You can check that out if you want online videos and step-by-step tutorials.

Joined On: 6 Feb 2015
Subscribers: 24M
Videos: 2636
Views: 6,527,313,803
Location: South Korea, Seoul

Wrapping Up

Dance is language and expression, don’t feel bothered what other people might think of you. Trust the process and you will have whatever you were working for. On this note, this article on, YouTube Channels to learn dance for beginners, ends. Comment down your favorite choreographer and what do you love about them. Have A Nice day! 


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