Polk Audio Buckle Headphones Review: Is it Worth Buying in 2023?

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The Buckle, the newest over-ear headphone from Polk Audio, might seem like something of a return to the times of our ancestors with its pilgrim concept. However, it is actually part of the firm’s Legacy Collection. The collection of simplistic objects demonstrates Polk’s deliberate emphasis on natural design with a minimalistic touch. The Buckle has a worn leather sheath over the headband, a subdued color palette, and hefty slices of matte-finished metal, all of which appear to be living up to their namesake visually. In this article, I will discuss the Polk Audio Buckle Headphones Review in an all-inclusive manner.

The Buckle is displayed alongside a whisky flask, a passport, as well as a compass on something like a leather string on Polk’s website, appearing prepared to travel with you on some TinTin-style steamship voyage. However, the $200 phones still feature several cutting-edge modern features, like an inventive iOS monitoring system and a built-in microphone. In case you love the Polk Headphones, then you will also love these 7 Over-the-Ear headphones.

Consequently, I set out on my own expedition with the Buckle, seeing firsthand how they fared outside the realm of aesthetics and into the practical realm of contemporary music.

Polk Audio Buckle Headphones Review

Polk Audio Buckle Headphones Review

A pair of headphones designed by the company Polk Audio is called the buckle. The reality that now the headphone mimics a belt buckle is how it got its name. The business set out to design a comfy, fashionable headset. They triumphed, too! Probably one of the best headphones available right now is this one. You should check at the Polk audio buckle whether you’re shopping for new headphones. You won’t be let down.

Before getting into the detailed review of the Polk Audio Buckle Headphones Review, let’s look at the pros and cons of these Over-The-Ear Headphones.

Exceptional Build qualityStruggle to differentiate sounds when multiple things are happening
Attractive design, irrespective of BulkinessIt gets heavier after prolonged usage
Bass centric headphonesBit Expensive

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In The Box

Polk Audio Buckle Headphones Review

The following are some of the items you get along with the Polk Audio Buckle Headphones.

  • Polk Audio Buckle headphones
  • Audio cable
  • Carrying pouch
  • 1/8″ to 1/4″ adapter
  • Manual

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1. Design and Features

Polk Audio Buckle Headphones Review

While the Buckle is available in a more conventional color combination of black on silver, we think the brown and white version offers a bit more character and is perhaps further reminiscent of a pair of Doc Martins. Regardless of whether that’s a positive thing is a question of preference, but we tend to favor a more conventional appearance.

Generally, the design feels rather sturdy, especially with those substantial pieces of metal. However, the plastic surface of the earcups’ luxury feel is a little marred by its cheaply made impression. Therefore, the ear cushions can rotate 360 degrees across their inclined position since they are attached to the metal frames of the headband across the spinning vertex.

A thick coat of cushioning surrounds the black panels that hide the Buckle’s 40mm aggressive drivers within each cup. The drivers’ declared frequency band is an amazing 10Hz to 21.5kHz, and they have a 24 Ohm resistance level. When it comes time for the performing section, bear that lower limit in mind.

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2. Sound Quality

Polk Audio Buckle Headphones Review

Every side of the Buckle headphones has a 40mm full-range driver. Regardless of its ability to generate a sound of mid-to high-quality, our hearing tests revealed a wide range of results. We discovered that Buckle not just to generates a diverse range of precision and audio segregation all over different kinds of music but also between similar styles.

We matched the gadget with both a following generation iPod Nano and a Samsung Galaxy S4 trying to run the Mog streaming service for music. Overall, the sound quality seems to be impressive, and worth hearing the music using these Polk Audio Buckle Headphones.

The Buckle’s integrated iOS control dial and microphone are perhaps the most distinctive features. When you quit wanting to locate it on the real ear cushions, that really is, the mechanism, which is integrated into the metal arm holding the right earpiece, functions rather well.

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The dial can be clicked to play/pause music, take calls, and switch between both songs in the usual iOS ways. The dial moves up and down with a subtle opposition for an accumulative audio system. At the base of the arm, close to a 2.5mm headphone wire input, is the precision microphone.

3. Comfort

Polk Audio Buckle Headphones Review

Because of the velvety cushioning all along the ear cups, The Buckle withstands prolonged use fairly well. Having said that, we thought the gripping pressure was a little too intense. Throughout the prolonged hearing periods, I often found myself wanting a little extra cushioning up top.

The lack of padding for prolonged listening was the only drawback I discovered with all these headphones. Within a week of employing them for about an hour, it gave the crown of my skull a small soreness. Additional cushioning would have made the customer appreciate these headphones even more, as the support places more stress on the base of your skull than that on your ears.

Overall, the comfort seems to be impressive and worth buying for hearing music using the Polk Audio Buckle Headphones.

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4. Cord and Jack Review

Polk Audio Buckle Headphones Review

The cable is comprised of unique, tangle-resistant material. Therefore, there is no need to be concerned about your headphone cord becoming tangled up in itself.

Although the jack is 2.5mm (1/8″), it is regrettably not a 3.5mm (1/8″) jack.

When you do not have an extension lead or adaptor on board, this indicates. After that, you’ll either be required to buy one. Alternatively, try one of the tiny wires with buttons on both ends. Nearly undetectable, the built-in microphone is a tiny pinhole adjacent to the connector jack. When I used it, the sound was coming through loud and clear, and it was extremely responsive.

The headphone side jack, unfortunately, is weak. It became loose following my two months of excessive use. And since I have to swap around for another Polk Audio model. The headphone cord was also too small to use on a computer, I observed.

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Due to the obvious problem with the cord length, my desktop could only cater a space of around an inch and a half between both itself and where my headsets are placed. Users view, my desktop does have an extendable stance that allows me to move closer to or farther away from my computer’s surface using.

Therefore, this wire connection issue will become a real problem for anyone if you are using any type of desk configuration in which you want the computer to be far enough out from your skull than it seems.

5. Connectivity Review

Polk Audio Buckle Headphones Review

The Buckle Headphones by Polk Audio are excellent. However, you must make certain that you purchase them for an Apple device. Consider trying something different if you’re seeking nice headphones for Android devices. Polk promotes the universality of its headphones.

However, I don’t believe that is the case. They perform best when used with Apple gadgets, particularly iPhones and iPads. Additionally, there will be some technical difficulties if you seek to utilize them with other devices. The headphones quickly establish a connection.

Whether attached to an iPhone or iPad, they also have command and react swiftly. I found that several of the functions on the headphones don’t work correctly with Android cellphones; the buttons either don’t react at all or do not even respond at all.

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6. Portability

Polk Audio Buckle Headphones Review

Despite not folding, the Polk Audio Buckle is quite awkward to bring anywhere because they are small and compact compared to an over-ear style. It probably won’t be among the most useful headphones that you can carry around with you at all times if you don’t have a backpack because the ear cushions do not even lay straight either. If you are interested in the 7 Over-the-Ear headphones, then you can also look at some of these.

Polk Audio Buckle Headphones Review


For mixed usage, the Polk Audio Buckle is already at best than the average. They are well-made, elegant-looking headphones with a good level of convenience and very little leaking. They are, therefore, a respectable option for workplace use, and their sound quality is respectable enough to be used for active listening. Sadly, these won’t be the finest headphones for traveling or athletics because they do not really block out much sound and aren’t portable.


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