Pokemon Walking Wake | Get New Pokemon Scarlet And Violet Walking Wake!

Pokemon Walking Wake

Pokemon Scarlet And Violet has been going strong ever since it was received by enthusiastic Pokemon fans on November 18, 2022. With new Pokemon being added regularly, what’s causing this excitement? Well, it’s a new Paradox Pokemon Walking Wake!

So if exploring the same old Pokemon Scarlet And Violet Maps is getting boring for you, this new addition is just the thing you need.

Want to know all about this newly announced Pokemon Scarlet And Violet Walking Wake? Read on to find all the inside goop!

Pokemon Walking Wake | The Latest Scarlet And Violet Pokemon!

Pokemon Walking Wake Pokemon Walking Wake

The new Pokemon Walking Wake is a Generation IX Pokemon that has the unique ability to literally walk on water. It is also the only Pokemon known to be capable of learning the move “Hydro Steam.”

CategoryParadox Pokemon
Weight617.3 lbs.

Note: Pokemon Walking Wake can be found only in Pokemon Scarlet.

Pokemon Walking Wake Stats

Now that you know the basic information about Walking Wake, you need to know the the stats to judge the Pokemon yourself. Here are Walking Wake’s Stats:


What Are The Pokemon Walking Wake Attacks/Moves?

Pokemon Walking Wake

What is so special about this new Pokemon? It is a Paradox Pokemon but are its moves that impressive? Well, so far, Walking Wake is known to have the following attacks and moves during the Tera Raid Battle:

  • Sunny Day,
  • Hydro Steam (exclusive)
  • Noble Roar, and
  • Flamethrower

What is Hydro Steam in Pokemon Scarlet And Violet?

In Pokemon Scarlet And Violet, Hydro Steam is a special water-type attack that only the new Pokemon Walking Wake can use. The Pokemon blasts the opponent with insanely hot water.

Hydro Steam Power80
Hydro Steam Accuracy100

Tip: Hydro Steam is boosted by 50% in harsh sunlight!

How to get The New Pokemon Walking Wake | Catch Walking Wake!

If you want your own Walking Wake in Pokemon Scarlet And Violet, you need to know a few things. Pokemon Walking Wake is only available for a limited time between February 27 and March 12th, 2023. This however, does not mean that you won’t get future opportunities to catch it.

Currently you can get Walking Wake as a part of the 5-Star Tera Raid Battles only in Pokemon Scarlet (as a Water-type Tera Raid.) Note that you can catch Walking Wake only after completing the story and unlocking 5-star Tera Raids. Here’s how you can participate:

Pokemon Walking Wake

How to find Pokemon Walking Wake in Pokemon Scarlet And Violet:

  1. Open the Poke Portal and connect to the internet.
  2. Now, on the map, look for the icon in image below.


Connect to the internet and look for a Tera Raid Battle to win Walking Wake.

Pokemon Walking Wake

What Do Fans Think?

Fans are really excited to encounter this unique Pokemon. Here’s what one enthusiast has to say about Pokemon Walking Wake:

Wrapping Up

Are you excited to encounter Pokemon Walking Wake? Comment to let us know what you discover about this awesome Pokemon and if you think you can catch it!

Happy Gaming!

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