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Pokemon Scarlet And Violet Maps |

I’m sure by now, the Pokemon talk has reached you, and you’re thinking of giving the game a harder try. But getting lost in the big wide Paldea is really easy, especially if you don’t know where to start. I know just what you need to get through, a complete collection and guide of Pokemon Scarlet And Violet Maps. 

While Pokemon Discord Servers can be pretty helpful, one needs a comprehensive and complete guide to pave the way correctly. With the complete collection of everything from level maps to path maps to Pokemon Scarlet and Violet maps icons, you don’t need to go anywhere else. 

So read about all Pokemon Scarlet and Violet maps to find your way through the wild and treacherous Paldea and catch the best Pokemon. Let us know which part seems the hardest and which is your favorite!

LEVEL MAP | Pokemon Scarlet And Violet Map

Pokemon Scarlet And Violet map

There are many level maps in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet maps. From mission maps to Path maps to help you find your way and advance, I’ve listed them all in order to complete them.


Below is the complete list of all Pokemon Scarlet and Violet mission maps, and in what order you should complete them. There are three types of missions: Path of Legends, Starfall Street, and Victory Road. You can find what level they’re at from the list below.

Path of Legends

  1. Flying Titan Bombirdier (Level 19)
  2. Rock Titan Klawf (Level 16)
  3. Ground Titan Great Tusk/Iron Treads (Lv 44)
  4. Steel Titan Orthworm (Level 28)
  5. Dragon Titan Tatsugiri (Level 55)
  6. Arven

Starfall Street

  1. Team Star Dark (Level 21)
  2. Team Star Fire (Level 27)
  3. Team Star Poison (Level 33)
  4. Team Star Fairy (Level 51)
  5. Team Star Fighting (Level 56)
  6. Clive / Professor Clavell
  7. Team Star Leader

Victory Road

  1. Bug Gym (Level 15)
  2. Grass Gym (Level 17)
  3. Electric Gym (Level 24)
  4. Water Gym (Level 30)
  5. Normal Gym (Level 36)
  6. Ghost Gym (Level 42)
  7. Psychic Gym (Level 45)
  8. Ice Gym (Level 48)
  9. Elite Four: Rika (Level 58)
  10. Elite Four: Poppy (Level 59)
  11. Elite Four: Larry (Level 60)
  12. Elite Four: Hassel (Level 61)
  13. La Primera: Geeta (Level 62)


Pokemon Scarlet And Violet maps

As a part of your journey, you have to take part in battles and beat your opponent. These include 18 gym leaders (in detail later) team star boss, and the trailer.

  1. Gym Leader
  2. Team Star Boss
  3. Trainer


During your journey, you will come across a number of special items that can effectively boost your gameplay. Here’s a complete list of all items in the game as a Pokemon Scarlet And Violet map.

Battle Items

  1. Stat Booster
  2. Special

Poke Balls 

  1. Standard Poke Ball
  2. Special Poke Ball


  1. HP Recovery
  2. Status Condition Recovery
  3. PP Recovery

Other Items

  1. Evolution
  2. Pokemon Stat Booster
  3. Move Stat Booster
  4. Tera Shard


Pinning locations for sites can be hard, but I’ve compiled a complete list of all locations in the game in the form of a Pokemon Scarlet And Violet map.


Icerend ShrineYellowWest Paldea Coast, South of Asado DesertChien-Pao (Dark/Ice)
Groundblight ShrineGreenNorth of Casseroya LakeTing-Lu (Dark/Ground)
Grasswither ShrinePurpleSouth Paldea Coast, East of Poco Path LighthouseWo-Chien (Dark/Grass)
Firescourge ShrineBlueThe peak of Fury Falls in North Province (Area two)Chi-Yu (Dark/Fire)


  1. Clothing Stores
  2. Food and Drink
  3. Battle Items and Picnics
  4. Salon
  5. Sandwich Shop
  6. Chansey Supply Shop

Other Locations

  1. Cave Entrance
  2. Fast Travel
  3. Picnic Area
  4. Watchtower
  5. Delibird Presents
  6. Hairdresser
  7. Pokecenter
  8. Area Zero


Who doesn’t love owning rare and all collectibles? I’ve compiled a complete list of all possible collectibles in the game in the Pokemon Scarlet And Violet map. These include all Pokemon Scarlet And Violet shrines, Gimmighoul, and treasures.


  1. Blue Stake
  2. Green Stake
  3. Orange Stake
  4. Purple Stake


  1. Gimmighoul Chest
  2. Gimmighoul Roaming


Here’s a full list of all Legendary and Tera pokemon in Pokemon Scarlet And Violet, along with their locations as a Pokemon Scarlet And Violet map.

Legendary Pokemon

Pokemon Scarlet And Violet map
Legendary PokemonLocation
MiraidonThe Great Crater of Paldea in Pokemon Violet
KoraidonPokemon Scarlet
Chi-YuFirescourge Shrine: Northeast Paldea
Ting-LuGroundblight Shrine: Northwest Paldea
Chien-PaoIcerend Shrine: Southwest Paldea
Wo-ChienGrasswither Shrine: Southeast Paldea


Pokemon Scarlet & Violet includes 171 Technical Machines in total. These TMs must be collected in order to complete the Pokedex. You can find all 171 Pokemon Scarlet and Violet TM locations with moves and resources needed to collect them. Find the TM Pokemon Scarlet And Violet map below.

Pokemon Scarlet And Violet map
  1. Bug TM8
  2. Dark TM11
  3. Dragon TM10
  4. Electric TM6
  5. Fairy TM7
  6. Fighting TM14
  7. Fire TM18
  8. Flying TM7
  9. Ghost TM8
  10. Grass TM12
  11. Ground TM8
  12. Ice TM10
  13. Normal TM24
  14. Poison TM12
  15. Psychic TM25
  16. Rock TM10
  17. Steel TM8
  18. Water TM

PATH LEVEL | Pokemon Scarlet And Violet Map

Pokemon Scarlet And Violet Map

Here is the path you should follow if you want to become the Pokemon Champion of Paldea. Along with the detailed information about all the gyms in the order you should visit them, I have included who the gym leader is and what Pokemon they have. You can refer to this Path level Pokemon Scarlet And Violet map for an easier representation of your path.

1. Bug Gym Leader Katy – Cortondo

15CortondoTeddiursaBug (Tera-type)

2.  Klawf Titan – South Province (Area Three)

16South Province
(Area Three)

3. Grass Gym Leader Brassius – Artazon

16ArtazonSmolivGrass / Normal
17ArtazonSudowoodoGrass (Tera-type)

4. Bombirdier Titan – West Province (Area One)

19West Province (Area One)PetililGrass

5. Team Star leader Giacomo – West Province (Area One)

21West Province (Area One)RevavaroomDark
22West Province (Area One)PawniardDark

6. Electric Gym Leader Iono – Levincia

23LevinciaWattrelElectric / Flying
24LevinciaMismagiusElectric (Tera-type)

7. Team Star leader Mela – East Province (Area One)

26East Province (Area One)RevavaroomFire
27East Province (Area One)TorkoalFire

8. Orthworm Titan – East Province (Area Three)

28East Province (Area Three)OrthwormSteel

9. Water Gym Leader Kofu – Cascarrafa

29CascarrafaVeluzaWater / Psychic
30CascarrafaCrabominableWater (Tera-type)

10. Team Star Leader Atticus – Tagtree Thicket

32Tagtree ThicketSkuntankPoison / Dark
32Tagtree ThicketMukPoison
32Tagtree ThicketRevavroomPoison
33Tagtree ThicketRevavroomSteel/Poison

11. Normal Gym Leader Larry – Medali

36MedaliStaraptorNormal (Tera-type)

12. Ghost Gym Leader Ryme – Montenevera

41MonteneveraMimikyuGhost / Fairy
42MonteneveraToxtricity (Low Key Form)Ghost (Tera-type)

13. Future/Past Donphan Titan – Asado Dessert

32Asado DessertIron TreadsGround / Steel
32Asado DessertGreat TuskGround / Fighting

14. Psychic Gym Leader Tulip – Alfornada

44GlaseadoFarigiragNormal / Psychic
44GlaseadoGardevoirPsychic / Fairy
45GlaseadoFlorgesPsychic (Tera-type)

15. Ice Gym Leader Grush – Glaseado

48GlaseadoAltariaIce (Tera-type)

16. Team Star Leader Ortega – North Province (Area Three)

50North Province (Area Three)AzumarillWater/Fairy
50North Province (Area Three)WigglytuffNormal/Fairy
50North Province (Area Three)RevavaroomFairy
51North Province (Area Three)DachsbunFairy

17. Dondozo & Tatsugiri Titans – Casseroya Lake

55Casseroya LakeDondozoWater
55Casseroya LakeTatsugiriDragon / Water

18. Team Star Leader Eri – North Province (Area One)

55North Province (Area One)ToxicroakPoison / Fighting
55North Province (Area One)PassimianFighting
55North Province (Area One)LucarioFighting / Steel
55North Province (Area One)AnnihilapeFighting / Ghost
56North Province (Area One)AnnihilapeFighting

ICONS | Pokemon Scarlet And Violet Map Icons

Here are the Pokemon Scarlet And Violet map icons explained so you don’t get confused while exploring Paldea. Feel free to comment if I miss anything.

1. Pokemon Center

Pokemon Scarlet And Violet Map Icon

The icon shows the location of a Pokemon Center. The wing icon indicates that you’ve visited this place, and the Flying Taxi will take you there again.

2. Destination

Pokemon Scarlet And Violet Map Icon

You can mark a location on your map as a destination using this icon.

3. Flying Taxi Service

Pokemon Scarlet And Violet Map Icon

It indicates that Flying Taxis can be used to travel to this area.

4. Gym Leader

Pokemon Scarlet And Violet Map Icon

The icon indicates where the Gym Leader is, who you already know you must defeat to progress through Victory Road in the game.

5. Titan Pokemon

Pokemon Scarlet And Violet Map Icon

The icon shows the location of a Titan Pokemon, who you must defeat to progress through Path of Legends.

6. Team Star Squad Boss

Pokemon Scarlet And Violet Map Icon

This icon indicates the location of a Team Star Squad Boss. You need to defeat them to progress through Starfall Street.

7. Mass Outbreak 

Pokemon Scarlet And Violet Map Icon

This icon of a Pokemon with a red symbol represents a Mass Outbreak of that Pokemon. This means there’s a great possibility you’ll find this Pokemon and its shiny version. 

8. Wild Pokemon

Pokemon Scarlet And Violet Map Icon

A Pokemon without the red symbol means that you can find this wild Pokemon in the area, but it isn’t guaranteed. 


This was a comprehensive guide to all Pokemon Scarlet And Violet Maps and locations that anyone else has not written about in detail. I hope this helps you explore Paldea like a pro. Although exploring everything can be hard, with the right guide, you’ll get the help you need. I’d love to hear your thoughts on the game and the article. Let us at Path of EX know your views!

Happy Gaming!

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