Pokemon Radical Red Walkthrough | Gym Leaders, Storyline & Features

Pokemon Radical Red Walkthrough

Are you feeling bored with the traditional Pokemon game? Then, you must try this super exciting Pokemon ROM Hack of Fire Red called Pokemon Radical Red. Today, in this article, I am going to present the whole Pokemon Radical Red Walkthrough to help you in the game. Come on in!

Originally introduced to the public in 2020 by the developer Supercell, Pokemon Radical Red is one of the best Pokemon ROM Hacks of 2023. This FireRed hack is tailored specifically for the hardcore fanbase in search of a formidable adventure. In the world of Radical Red, assembling a formidable team requires careful consideration and strategic thinking.

Whether you are planning to jump into Pokemon Radical Red or are stuck in the game with some specific issue, this Pokemon Radical Red walkthrough is going to lend you a hand. Without further ado, let’s get started!

What Is Pokemon Radical Red?

Pokemon Radical Red Walkthrough

Pokémon Radical Red, a ROM hack based on Pokémon FireRed, offers a fresh and exhilarating take on the beloved game. This modified version introduces a plethora of changes, ranging from Pokémon stats to gameplay mechanics, providing a truly challenging experience. Unlike the mainline Pokémon games, where victory can often be achieved without meticulous consideration of Pokémon stats or party composition, Radical Red demands strategic thinking and careful planning.

Intended for seasoned Pokémon enthusiasts seeking a renewed thrill, this ROM hack appeals to those who have exhaustively played and replayed the original game to the point of tedium. With Pokémon Radical Red, players can embark on an exciting journey that reinvigorates their passion for the franchise, pushing their skills to the limit.

Pokemon Radical Red Walkthrough | Storyline

Pokemon Radical Red Walkthrough

Pokémon Radical Red is an enhanced version of Fire Red, offering numerous additions and customization while keeping the story intact. Starting in Pallet Town, Prof. Oak assigns you and your rival the task of completing the Pokédex, which records information about Pokémon.

Your ultimate goal is to become the best Pokémon trainer, requiring you to defeat various gyms and collect badges that showcase your skills. However, your journey is not without obstacles, as you must confront Team Rocket, an evil organization led by Giovanni, who seeks to capture the legendary Pokémon Mewtwo. It falls upon you to put an end to their harmful activities that disrupt city life.

Once you’ve thwarted Team Rocket and earned eight badges, you head to the Indigo Plateau to prove your abilities and earn a prestigious title. Throughout Radical Red, you’ll also encounter friends like Brandon and May, fellow Pokémon trainers from the Hoenn Region.

Top 5 Gym Leaders of Pokémon Radical Red

Pokemon Radical Red Walkthrough

Gym leaders of Pokemon Radical Red are going to give you a very tough time dealing with them. I have collected all the data about the gym leaders in this Pokemon Radical Red walkthrough to give you a heads-up! So, just head on!

1. Pewter Gym Leader Brock 

In Viridian City of Pokemon Radical Red, head north to Route 2 where Prof. Oak’s aid will give you the Dex Nav. Proceed further north to Viridian Forest, where you’ll encounter Brendan. Defeat him and receive the EXP Share and Stat Scanner. Near the exit to Pewter City, another trainer will give you the Infinite Repel. Continue to Pewter City and enter the museum. Speak to Falkner, the purple-haired man upstairs, who hails from Johto, and engage in a battle with him. 

He will fight you with:

  • Lv. 13 Rufflet
  • Lv. 14 Corvisquire
  • Lv. 13 Emolga

Use Rock or Ice-type moves to your advantage when battling Brock. After defeating him, head to Pewter Gym to challenge him.

Here is the Pokémon Brock possesses, along with their items, abilities, and moves. Have a look!

PokémonLv. 13 Alolan GeodudeLv. 14 OnixLv. 14 VulpixLv. 12 Archen
ItemCustap BerryBerry JuiceOran BerryBerry Juice
AbilitySturdySturdyFlash FireDefeatist
MovesSparkRock TombIncineratePluck
Rock TombBulldozeOminous WindRock Tomb
Self-DestructSleep TalkHidden PowerBulldoze
Bulldoze Sleep TalkRoost

2. Cerulean Gym Leader Misty

Pokemon Radical Red Walkthrough

Proceed east to Route 3 in Pokemon Radical Red, where you’ll receive the Dynamax Band from someone. Keep advancing through Route 3 until you reach Mt. Moon. Descend the final ladder and defeat the Team Rocket Grunts you encounter. Soon, you’ll come across a nerdy individual who discovered some fossils. Defeat him and choose between the Dome or Helix Fossils.

As you descend further, Rocket Admin Archer will appear and engage in a battle with you.

Weapon of Rocket Admin Archer –

  • Lv. 18 Impidimp
  • Lv. 19 Houndour
  • Lv. 21 Mightyena

Defeat Archer, then ascend the ladder to reach Route 4. Proceed eastward to Cerulean City, where you’ll find the Cerulean Gym. Challenge Misty, the Water-type specialist, inside the gym and won the Cascade Badge.

Here is the Pokémon Misty possesses, along with their items, abilities, and moves. Have a look!

PokémonLv. 25 FrogadierLv. 25 FloatzelLv. 27 StarmieLv. 25 Lanturn
ItemEvioliteMystic WaterSitrus BerryIapapa Berry
AbilityProteanTechnicianRandomVolt Absorb
MovesIce PunchWater PulseScaldParabolic Charge
Rock TombFlip TurnRecoverScald
Flip TurnIcy WindPsychockIcy Wind
Grass KnotHP GrassAurora BeamHP Grass

3. S.S. Anne in Radical Red

Pokemon Radical Red Walkthrough

Defeating S.S. Anne in Pokemon Radical Red will get your hands on the Poké Rider. 

Here is what he has –

  • Lv. 18 Kirlia
  • Lv. 19 Staravia
  • Lv. 20 Rockruff
  • Lv. 21 Ivysaur

Cross the bridge, battling NPCs along the way. At the bridge’s end, encounter a Team Rocket Grunt who tries to recruit you. Defeat him and proceed to Route 25. Enter the house at the route’s end and interact with the Clefairy inside. Use the computer, and Bill will appear. Speak to him to obtain an SS Ticket. 

Return to Cerulean City and enter the house guarded by a policeman. Go through the tunnel in Pokemon Radical Red. In the yard, defeat a Team Rocket Grunt to proceed. Head south through a narrow passage of fences to reach Route 5. Finally, enter the small hut to the right labeled “Underground Path; Cerulean City – Vermilion City.”

4. Vermilion Gym Leader Lt. Surge in Radical Red

Pokemon Radical Red Walkthrough

Head left and use Cut to remove the small tree blocking the Vermilion Gym in the Pokemon Radical Red. Inside, you’ll face Lt. Surge, a skilled Electric-type specialist. However, two lasers obstruct the room where he awaits. 

Search through the trash cans to find the switches, but be aware that their positions are randomized. Once you locate a switch, the second one is adjacent to it. Deactivate the lasers and initiate the battle by speaking to Lt. Surge. 

Earn the Thunder Badge Once you defeat Lt. Surge.

Here is the Pokémon Lt. Surge possesses, along with their items, abilities, and moves. Have a look!

PokémonLv. 32 PincurchinLv. 33 Alolan RaichuLv. 33 VikavoltLv. 33 BoltundLv. 34 Manectric
ItemElectric SeedsTwisted SpoonOcca BerryExpert BeltManectite
AbilityElectric SurgeSurge SurferLevitateStrong JawIntimidate
MovesVolt SwitchPsyshockVolt SwitchThunder FangCharge Beam
ScaldVolt SwitchBug BuzzFire FangFlame Burst
DischargeNasty PlotEnergy BallIce FangVolt Switch
HP GrassGrass KnotRoostPsychic FangHP Grass

Before departing Vermilion City, visit the Pokémon Fan Club President (located north of the gym) to obtain a Bike Voucher. Proceed east and traverse Diglett’s Cave until you exit onto Route 2 in Pokemon Radical Red. 

Cut down the obstructing tree to the south. Enter the nearby building and speak to Prof. Oak’s aid to receive HM05 Flash. 

5. Celadon Gym Leader Erika in Radical Red

Pokemon Radical Red Walkthrough

To access the Celadon Gym in the Pokemon Radical Red, head south until you encounter a row of trees. Cut down the small tree within. Follow the path and enter the gym to challenge Erika’s beauties on your way to her. Erika, the Grass-type specialist, awaits as the gym leader. Speak to her to initiate the battle. 

Upon victory, she awards you the Rainbow Badge. 

Here is the Pokémon Erika possesses, along with their items, abilities, and moves. Have a look!

PokémonLv. 43 RillaboomLv. 44 MeganiumLv. 43 SerperiorLv. 44 Hisuian ElectrodeLv. 44 Venusaur
ItemTerrain ExtenderGrassy SeedFocus SashLife OrbVenusaurite
AbilityGrassy SurgeTriageContraryRecklessThick Fat
MovesU-turnGiga DrainLeaf StormThunderboltGiga Drain
High HorsepowerDazzling GleamGiga DrainChloroblastSludge Bomb
Drain PunchAncient PowerDragon PulseHP IceSleep Powder
Grassy GlideHP FireHP FireExplosionEarth Power

Erika’s mega-evolved Venusaur poses a challenge in Pokemon Radical Red. Fire, Ice, Flying, and Bug-type moves are effective but beware of her Pokémon countering these types. Exit the gym and make your way to the Rocket Game Corner, an orange building with an arched entrance. Engage in a battle with the Team Rocket Grunt who is examining the poster near the counter.

Key Features Of Pokemon Radical Red

Pokemon Radical Red Walkthrough

Pokemon Radical Red introduces several notable features and enhancements that set it apart from its predecessor, Pokemon FireRed. Here are some of the prominent additions and modifications you can expect in the game:

  • Physical and Special Split: Attack moves now adhere to the Physical and Special split, providing a more nuanced combat system.
  • Fairy Type Inclusion: Similar to Generations VI and above, Radical Red incorporates the Fairy type, expanding the range of strategic possibilities.
  • Expanded Pokemon Roster: The game features a comprehensive collection of Pokemon from Generation I to VIII, including the newly introduced Hisui Region Pokemon.
  • Mega Evolution System: The beloved Mega Evolution mechanic makes its appearance, accompanied by new and original Mega Evolutions like Mega Centiskorch.
  • Customization Options: Radical Red offers abundant customization options, allowing players to tailor their experience. These options include difficulty settings, choice of starter Pokemon generation, and more.
  • Familiar Storyline: While introducing exciting additions, Radical Red retains a storyline akin to Pokemon FireRed, ensuring experienced players can easily immerse themselves in the game’s flow.
  • Reusable TMs: TMs can now be used repeatedly, allowing players to teach moves to their Pokemon multiple times without any limitations.
  • Removal of HM System: The traditional HM system has been eliminated, granting players the ability to directly use HM moves without the need to teach them to their Pokemon.
  • Hidden Abilities: Pokemon Radical Red introduces hidden abilities, unlocking new strategies and possibilities during battles.
  • Day and Night Cycles: The game incorporates dynamic day and night cycles, providing a realistic and immersive gameplay experience.
  • New Systems: Radical Red introduces innovative systems like the Skills Menu, offering players additional ways to enhance their Pokemon’s abilities and optimize their gameplay.

With these remarkable additions and improvements, Pokemon Radical Red promises an engaging and fresh experience for Pokemon enthusiasts seeking a challenging and customized adventure.

Wrapping Up

That is pretty much everything about Pokemon Radical Red. This  Pokemon Radical Red walkthrough is going to be a great help to defeat the gym leaders and earns exciting rewards. 

Don’t forget to share this article with your pals who are facing issues with the game. See you in the next article. Happy Gaming!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Where can I download Pokemon Radical Red?

As an unofficial ROM hack, Pokemon Radical Red can be downloaded from various online sources. It is recommended to search for reliable ROM hack websites or communities to find the latest version of the game.

Q2. Can I play Pokemon Radical Red on my mobile device?

Yes, Pokemon Radical Red can be played on mobile devices using Game Boy Advance (GBA) emulators. You will need to download a compatible GBA emulator, such as My Boy! or John GBA, and then obtain the Radical Red ROM to play on the emulator.

Q3. Are all Pokemon available in Pokemon Radical Red?

Pokemon Radical Red includes Pokemon from Generation 1 to Generation 8, allowing you to catch, train, and battle with a wide variety of Pokemon. However, not all Pokemon are available in the wild, and some may require specific methods or events to obtain.

Q4. Are there any new features or mechanics in Pokemon Radical Red?

Pokemon Radical Red introduces several new features and mechanics. These include the Physical/Special split, which separates moves into physical or special categories based on their properties, the Fairy type, Mega Evolution, Galarian forms, and much more.

Q5. Can I trade or battle with other players in Pokemon Radical Red?

You can trade and battle with other players in Pokemon Radical Red. The game supports link battles and trades using the emulator’s built-in connectivity features or through third-party tools like My Boy! Link or VBA Link.

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