Pokemon go TikTok | Meet Real Mons on TikTok

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Pokemon is the favorite character of most of the 90s kids. I am sure everyone adores the character of Pokemon. With time, the character evolved, turning to Pokemon Go, then legend. Pokemon is again in the news as new videos about the character have popped up. You should watch the Pokemon go TikTok soon to understand the video.

The video has won huge accolades, and people are waiting for more. Pokemon fans are dying to watch new videos of the real mon! Go through the article to reveal the latest trend. I am sure TikTokers would look forward to it. For similar news content, you can subscribe to our website.

Pokemon Go Trailer
Pokemon Go Trailer

Pokemon go TikTok

Pokemon go TikTok | Meet Real Mons on TikTok

Pokemon is globally known as the most popular trading game card. It is also a popular name for video games and popular anime series. In 2016 the introduction of Pokemon Go took everyone by surprise. It enables people to visit anywhere and catch their favorite mon.

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Have you ever wondered if mon was real and you could catch him in the wild? There is one TikToker by the username jumpsuitpublo who had brought this very imagination to life. His actions are going viral on TikTok like wildfire. People on TikTok are simply loving it.

Since July 8th this year, the videos of jumpsuitpublo have been going viral. on TikTok. In the video, you can see the trainer holding a Pokemon ball in the first person. He is viewing another person in a Hitminchan cosplay and jumping out of the bush. The trainer throws some Pokeballs. Then the mon hops towards the trainer and punches him down on the ground.

Reactions From TikTok

Pokemon go TikTok | Meet Real Mons on TikTok

Within days of the video being uploaded, it had over two million views on TikTok alone and received many positive remarks. People compared the video with Pokemon go and Pokemon Legend. It was the first video game focused on creatures from the overworld.

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Wrapping Up

The new viral video has taken the internet by storm. People love it and want more of it in the future. They want to see similar videos from the creator again and again. Through their comments, they have requested the creator to bring in more content. Let’s hope we will see similar videos in the future.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Pokemon go TikTok?

Pokemon go TikTok is a video on TikTok which has gone viral where two characters dress like TikTok mons and fight.

Where can I watch the video of Pokemon go TikTok?

You can catch up on the video on TikTok by jumpsuitpublo.


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