Pokemon GO Hidden Gems: Season 11 Events, Timeline & Leaks

Pokemon GO Hidden Gems

Pokemon just released news of a spicy new season- Season 11, Pokemon GO Hidden Gems and fans are excited! All that we got from Pokemon makers is a teaser trailer explaining basically nothing, so what to expect from the Pokemon GO New Season?

After the recent Pokemon GO Events in April 2023, you might not expect much from Hidden Gems. The thing to remember is every Pokemon GO season brings changes, new features, bonuses, and more. So that’s the least you’ll be getting, right?

So let’s read on and find out what Pokemon GO Hidden Gems has in store for us and what the Pokemon GO new season 11 could mean for the franchise!

Pokemon GO Hidden Gems | Who to Expect in the New Pokemon GO Season 11?

Pokemon GO Hidden Gems | Who to Expect in the New Pokemon GO Season

With a shiny new Pokemon GO trailer dropping unexpectedly, fans are trying to “decode” what the hidden gems in the teaser mean. We’re wondering if it’s finally Diancie in the spotlight. So is it?

If you look closely, the shiny pink gems in the sand in the video look very much like those on Diancie’s body. In fact, the “hidden gem” that you can see in the logo of the new season looks like the one resting on Diancie’s head. I think the hidden gem in the Pokemon GO new season logo is proof enough about Pokemon GO Hidden Gems: Season 11 being Diancie’s debut.

 Pokemon GO Hidden Gems

But that’s not all, of course. If you “uncover what lies beneath the surface,” as Pokemon suggested in their latest tweet, you’ll come across another surprise. A little red sand shovel can be seen in plain sight, referring to another awesome Pokemon making its debut: Sandygast.

So you can expect at least 2 Pokemon debuts in the Pokemon GO Hidden Gems Season 11 on June 1, 2023: Diancie and Sandygast. Besides that, expect to see Carbink, Axew, Squirlte CDC, Poliwag, and Froakie during season 11!

What to Expect From the Pokemon GO New Season 11- Hidden Gems?

The Pokemon GO Season 11: Hidden Gems will start on June 1, 2023, and go on for three whole months. As for the events, here’s the event list of Pokemon GO Hidden Gems:

Event list of Pokemon GO Hidden Gems:

  • Sandygast Debut
  • Pokemon GO Solstice Event
  • Fire and Dark-type Pokemon Event
  • Pokemon GO Anniversary Event
  • Go Battle Day Event
  • Mega Tyranitar Release
  • Pokemon GO Riolu Egg Event
  • Adventure Week
  • Turtonator Release
  • Go Fest 2023
  • Diancie and Carbink debut

Now that we know who’s coming to us in Pokemon GO season 11, let’s find out more about the season’s timeline, events, outline, and releases!

Pokemon GO Hidden Gems Event Timeline

Here’s the detailed Pokemon Go Hidden Gems Event Timeline for the latest season 11.

Timeline1 June to 1 September 2023
Duration3 Months
SandygastJune Start
Solstice EventMid-June
Fire & Dark eventJune End
Go Battle Day1st July
PoliwagJuly Cday
CD Classic Squirtle10th July
Mega TyranitarMid-July
Anniversary EventMid-July
TurtonatorJuly End
Riolu Egg EventJuly End
Adventure WeekJuly End
WCSEarly to Mid-August
FroakieAugust Cday

Wondering about the Community Days dates in Pokemon GO? Here’s something to help you out. Pokemon GO Community Days dates are June 10, July 9 CDC, July 20, and August 13, 2023.

Pokemon GO Hidden Gems Teaser Trailer

Haven’t seen the teaser trailer for the Pokemon GO new season 11 yet? You can watch the official Pokemon GO Hidden Gems trailer here and see what little easter eggs you can find. Comment to let me know if you see something interesting that I missed!

What Fans Think About Pokemon GO Hidden Gems | Pokemon Go Season 11 Memes

I looked around to see what Pokemon fans think of this exciting new release and event, and let’s just say they’re skeptical. But what do fans really say on Twitter?

Wrapping Up

Excited to start the new Pokemon GO Hidden Gems season? So am I! I can’t wait for the events to start and because I know what’s coming when I’ll be ready. Hope you got all you needed to know about the Pokemon GO new season and that you’re happy about Diancie, Sandygast, and Carbink’s debut. Stay tuned because U’ll be updating this article soon as I get a whiff of more details!

Happy Gaming!

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