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Pokemon Go Cheats

Are you excited to know the best Pokemon Go cheats for 2023? Well, these Pokemon cheat codes are an excellent way to boost your gameplay. Especially these codes will make Pokemon searching very easy for you. In this article, I have gathered the top 10 Pokemon Go cheats for 2023. So, just head on!

Pokémon Go is a free phone game and a beautiful blend of gaming with real-life experiences. Here, you will experience an ‘augmented reality’ environment, location tracking, and mapping technologies. The main goal of this game is to catch Pokemons and train them to level up your gaming. 

There are different kinds of hacks and cheats available to ease your Pokemon experience, such as ROM hacks, Pokemon leaf green cheats, Nintendo DS hacks, etc. Another such hack is Pokemon go cheats. Without further ado, let’s jump into the top 10 Pokemon go cheats of 2023.

Top 10 Pokemon Go Cheats For 2023

Pokemon Go Cheats

Pokemon Go is a highly popular game where you get to meet numerous beautiful Pokemons, however, the journey might feel tiring sometimes. Our Pokemon go cheats will help you to boost your gameplay to a great extent.

Read further to find the top 10 Pokemon Go cheats for 2023 –

1. Location Spoofing

In Pokemon Go, you need to travel through roads or across rivers to catch a Pokemon. They have multiple hiding places like the house’s front gate, the school’s backyard, etc. So, it’s impossible to grab a Pokemon without hard work.

Pokemon Go Cheats

But what if I tell you that you can skip this whole traveling part in search of Pokemons? Well, you can’t deny that sometimes we just feel tired of such a lengthy process of Pokemon searching. Each one of us has thought about location faking instead of dipping our toes in the water at some point in the game. And this is where location spoofing Pokemon Go cheats comes in handy. Thus, you can just relax on your couch and watch the trainer catching a Dragonite.

2. Check the Weather Forecast

Pokemon Go Cheats

Checking the weather forecast is a great Pokemon Go cheats on our list. Are you aware of the conditions that enhance the chances of getting Pokemons near the forest area? Weather is a significant factor among other conditions. You will find a specific type of Pokemons according to the weather of that day.

If you can grab those Pokemons, you might also receive bonus Stardust. For instance, grabbing Chimecho in windy weather can get you 1250 stardust instead of the base 1000. So, make sure to check the weather forecast before Pokemon hunting.

3. Deselect AR

Pokemon Go Cheats

AR-enabled games are extremely entertaining. Every Pokemon lover enjoys the sudden pop-up of cute Pokemons from unexpected places like the top of a wall. But it is a little uncomfortable for others when you point your phone camera toward them while walking along the street.

If you deselect AR, the visuals will turn into a grassy field with the Pokemon sitting in the middle. They may move everywhere, making it difficult to capture them, but you don’t have to move your phone around and risk being hit by cars. You must try these Pokemon Go cheats and let us know your experience.

4. Choose Pickachu for Your First Pokémon

Pokemon Go Cheats

Are you trying Pokemon Go for the first time? If you are looking for cheats to make your gameplay easy, this cheat is for you. Don’t catch any other Pokemon until Pikachu arrives on the screen. Pikachu’s history with Pokémon and Nintendo indicates a natural selection for the Pokémon and the player.

5. Choose Your Defender Carefully

Pokemon Go Cheats

The fifth position of our list of Pokemon Go cheats is occupied with Choosing your defender carefully. Have you seen the vacant gym yet? Great! Now leave your Pokemon there and be the gym’s defender. But make sure to select a Pokemon with the second-highest CP, as you need to leave the warrior permanently. 

6. Find Out Hidden Stats

Pokemon Go Cheats

Pokemon Go is all about catching different Pokemons. Yeah!! And you have to catch them all!! But sometimes, you need to let go of some of them, especially those with high HP, CP, and low IV. The IV numbers affect how quickly a Pokémon evolves. This is where our Pokemon Go cheats come in handy. In Pokemon go, the most important thing is the hidden statistics. 

There are also IV calculator apps available on the Internet. However, you must be cautious while selecting one because Pokémon GO prohibits apps that perform bot-like behavior.

7. Find the Right Egg to Hatch

Pokemon Go Cheats

Are you looking for more Pokemon Go cheats? Here is the next one for you. Always make sure to find the right Pokemon egg to hatch in Pokemon.

After purchasing some Pokémon eggs at PokéStop, you must purchase an incubator for them. You have to trek a long distance with these eggs before they hatch. This distance varies for different eggs. Depending on the distance, you will get different features in Pokemons. Such as for a 5k KM walk, you will receive a Cubone-like companion. A 2k KM walk will get you a low-level fighter. So, choose the egg wisely.

8. Use Some Poké Ball Tricks

Pokemon Go Cheats

Capturing a Pokemon is throwing the Poke Ball towards them. And using PokeBall can be your Pokemon Go cheats. To capture a Pokemon, you need to throw a curveball. Curveball spins and takes a curve route before catching the Pokemon. And here, you will also receive XP bonuses, which will help you level up your game. It also increases the chance of getting Pokemon with higher CP levels

Tap and hold the Poké Ball before spinning it. The ball can be spun clockwise or anticlockwise. You have to make the ball shine before tossing it. For their efforts, the player will get a curveball.

9. Transfer the Pokemon

Pokemon Go Cheats

Another significant Pokemon Go cheats is Transferring the Pokemon. You must keep checking all the Pokemons you have caught to date and find out the Pokemons with low stats. Pokestorage is limited space, and you must not keep those Pokemons there because Pokemons with low stats are of no use. If your storage is full, it will also stop you from capturing high-stat Pokemons. That’s why you should transfer the low-stat Pokemons.

To transfer Pokemons, click on them, check the stats, and click the transfer button. Also, you will receive one candy for this process which you can use later to power up the remaining Pokemons. But, make up your mind before transferring because you will not get it back again.

10. Inspect the Moves

Pokemon Go Cheats

A player could have two or three of the same Pokémon. You should eliminate any that aren’t advantageous to the game in the long run. 

There are two criteria -CP (Combat Power) or the moves. CP points can be acquired, but the Pokemon’s moves are unique. There will be pokemon with higher CP and lower moves and vice versa. Here comes our Pokemon go cheats of preferring the moves of the Pokemons and keeping them.

Three-Strikes of Pokemon Go | Punishment Policy

Pokemon Go Cheats

After the 10 Pokémon GO cheats, you must know Niantic’s three-strike punishment policy. It was set by the corporation in charge of the game’s AR mechanism. The game does not allow cheating, so they will take a series of actions if they identify any suspicious behavior in your gameplay. It mostly takes three strikes one by one.

Read further to know the rules and policies –

1. First Strike

You will receive a warning that cheating behaviors have been detected in the Pokémon GO app. You will not be allowed to meet Ex Raid pass and rare Pokemons for seven days. Your gameplay will be normal if you stop using Pokemon Go cheats.

2. Second Strike

If you get a second strike when you try to log in, you’ll see a notification saying you’ve been suspended. For the next 30 days, you will be unable to access your account. After that, your account will return to normal. This is the time to either cease using Pokémon GO cheats or improve your cheating technique, for the third strike will not be kind.

3. Third Strike

Pokemon Go Cheats

The third strike means you have been permanently banned from the game. If you believe there was an error, you can still send a ban appeal, but your odds of reinstating your account are low.

Wrapping Up

So, that was all about the top ten Pokemon Go cheats. There are multiple articles available on Path of EX about Pokemon that can help you to boost your gameplay. Don’t forget to check them out! See you soon in the next post! Happy gaming!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How Do You Cheat On Walking In Pokemon Go?

Look for any location on the search bar, adjust the pin, and click on the “Move Here” feature. Just enter the number of times you wish to move and click on the “March” button to start the simulation. This will make Pokemon Go believe that you are walking between the two specific spots without actually moving.

2. How Do You Walk In Pokemon Go Without Moving?

If you are not interested in walking physically, then you can spoof in Pokemon Go. It’s an easy escape from playing this game by walking in reality, and you can progress faster than normal in this game. All you need to go it just install the spoofing tool, set your desired location, and start playing.

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