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pokemon damage calculator

There is no chance that you haven’t heard about this popular game called Pokemon. This game revolves around the working mechanism where two Pokemons are made to fight and the one that gives more damage to the other wins. This article will tell you all the information you need about Pokemon Damage Calculator.

Every Pokemon gives different amounts of damage, depending on its type and the attacks that you have unlocked. Players need to keep track of the health damage of the opponent, hence Pokemon Damage Calculator is proved to be quite helpful.

In this guide of ours, we will make you aware of the main algorithms of the Pokemon Damage Calculator on which it works. So, without further ado, let’s dive right into this article on Pokemon Damage Calculator.

Pokemon Damage Calculator: A Brief Introduction

Pokemon Damage Calculator is an operating system that helps you calculate the health and overall damage that your Pokemon can give and take from its opponents. Including how hard your Pokemon hits its opponent, there are various factors involved in damage calculation. Other than that, factors like attack and side attack stats, base powers of the move, defense stats, etc. consist of the factors involved in damage calculation.

The equations of Damage Calculators might trouble many of those who don’t wish to put their heads in complex mathematical equations. However, if you manage to break down these equations, it is not that tough! 

Pokemon Damage Calculator: A Brief Introduction

As is consistent in mathematics, the factors inside the brackets, starting with the innermost bracketed information, shall be explained first (with the exception of what Damage means). We have explained all the words and letters in the equation which should help trainers to understand the different factors as well as should grant them the proper view to apply this equation to the particular scenarios. 

How To Use A Pokemon Damage Calculator?

Given below are some easy steps to use a damage calculator. Let’s check them out:

  1. Go to the Pokemon Showdown website.
  2. Search for the Pokemon Damage Calculator
  3. You will find a list of Pokemons from different generations. Select your desired generation.
  4. Put in the information of the Pokemon you want the damage information about. 
  5. Click on ‘Search’.

Once you are done with the above mentioned steps, the Pokemon damage calculators will give you the relevant information as you required. 

Where To Find A Pokemon Damage Calculator?

pokemon damage calculator

There are various Pokemon Damage calculators available online. But, what we would recommend you is to use the Pokemon Showdown website for the most accurate calculatory details about your Pokemons. With all the updated information about various Pokemons, and including all the generations from the main series games like Red & Blue, and Sword & Shield, etc., this Pokemon Damage calculator provides you with more information than any other calculator.

If you are currently just focussing on VGC battles, then we have the apt website for you, which is Trainer Tower damage calculator. This calculator enables you to save and keep your custom scenarios and use them whenever you play again. Moreover, it has an even easier UI.

5 Pokemon Damage Calculators

Below mentioned are some popular Pokemon Damage Calculators which you can easily find online.

  • Pokemon Showdown Damage Calculators
  • Trainer Tower Damage Calculators
  • Serebii.net 
  • Smogon
  • Psypoke


1. Who Is The Creator Of Pokemon? 

Nintendo is the creator of Pokemon.

2. Can I Use The Pokemon Damage Calculator For Free?

Yes, the Pokemon Damage calculator can be used for free.

3. Are The Pokemons From Pokemon Sword and Shield available on Pokemon Showdown?

Yes, the Pokemons from Pokemon Sword and Shield are available on Pokemon Showdown.

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