Philo vs Spectrum TV: A 6-Step Guide for Better Understanding

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Have you ever come across a situation when your entire TV plan goes waste as you failed to watch the content, but you paid a hefty amount in the lure of the extensive channel lineup? Well, nothing new; such situations are typical. You get lured by an exhaustive channel list an internet TV service offers in the disguise of add-ons and different bundles. This time it is Philo vs Spectrum TV.

Now, the reason for choosing these two services is that both are affordable and have simple basic packages. One or two packages with a simple channel list for those who stay out in the office and have fewer family members at home. So, there is no use in purchasing a plan or a service with 150+ or 200+ channels when there is no one to watch them. 

In today’s fast-moving life, who has the time to sit and watch so many channels? You have limited hours due to your priorities with the office or kids, you can not watch much television except for the weekend or only the prime time during weekdays. So, here we have the competition between Philo and Spectrum TV.

Philo vs Spectrum TV

Both Philo and Spectrum TV are drafted to suit the pockets of people from different walks of life. They are affordable; it depends on you as a subscriber to choose what and when you want to watch a series or a show. Here is a complete analysis of Philo vs Spectrum TV.

Spectrum TV is a live streaming service available if you are a Spectrum Internet TV subscriber. There is a simple trimmed-down channel package with local channels and 15 viewer-preferred channels. Similarly, Philo is known for its affordable pricing

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Price Comparison Between Philo and Spectrum TV

Philo vs Spectrum TV: A 6-Step Guide for Better Understanding

As we all know, Philo is a renowned name for the economic Internet TV service. There is only one package and a list of channels, and you are sorted. So, the package starts at $25 for 30 days if you want Philo. More than 60 channels are there in this package, and a free seven-day trial is also available to test how it goes. 

Spectrum TV’s subscription commences at $4.16 per month. There are 125 channels under this umbrella. Spectrum TV has two bundles or packages titled Spectrum Choice and Spectrum Essentials.

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Availability Comparison Philo and Spectrum TV 

Philo vs Spectrum TV: A 6-Step Guide for Better Understanding

Both Philo and Spectrum TV are geo-blocked and can be accessed within the US periphery. Though VPN settings can be changed to access international content, this is yet another process. 

So, there is no availability comparison between both services.

Channel Comparison Philo and Spectrum TV

Coming to the channel lineup, Philo has various channels under a single package. There are no bundles or add-on issues. Simply purchase the package and enjoy streaming. However, the only drawback here is that the channels do not include eminent or even local sports channels, and it is a drawback. 

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Philo Channel List

  1. A&E
  2. American Heroes Channel
  3. AMC
  4. Animal Planet
  5. BBC America
  6. BET
  7. Comedy Central
  8. Cooking Channel
  9. Destination America
  10. Discovery Channel 
  11. Discovery Family
  12. Discovery Life
  13. DIY Network
  14. Food Network
  15. fyi
  16. Game Show Network
  17. Hallmark Channel
  18. HGTV
  19. History Channel
  20. IFC
  21. Investigation Discovery
  22. Lifetime
  23. Motor Trend
  24. MTV
  25. Nickelodeon
  26. OWN
  27. Paramount Network
  28. Science Channel
  29. Sundance 
  30. TLC
  31. Travel Channel
  32. VH1
  33. Viceland
  34. WETV

The Spectrum TV channel lineup includes all the broad categories like news, live sports, family entertainment, and some other must-have channels. These include CNN, CNBC, MSNBC, and Fox News Channel under the news category. Next, we have ESPN, ESPN 2, CNBC Sports, and Fox Sports1, under the Sports category. Some other channels include Hallmark Channel, Nickelodeon, TLC, History Channel, CW, and the USA Network. 

So, here Spectrum TV wins as it has sports channels.

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Device Compatibility Comparison Philo and Spectrum TV 

Philo vs Spectrum TV: A 6-Step Guide for Better Understanding

Device compatibility is a very crucial factor if we are cutting the cable wire and switching over to Internet TV. If your preferred streaming platform is available on multiple devices, it is a boon. 

Spectrum Supported Devices:
  • Apple Devises
  • Amazon Devices
  • Android Devices
  • Xbox One
  • Roku
  • Google Chromecast
  • Samsung Smart TV

Remember if you Spectrum TV App on Xbox One, and Samsung TV, are meant for home networks only. A spectrum modem is connected to the account. 

Philo Supported Devices

  • All current models of Roku.
  • All current models of Fire TV. 
  • 4th generation and above models of Apple TV. 
  • Android TV- 5.0 and above. 
  • PC- Chrome, Safari, Edge, and Firefox. 
  • Android- Chrome or 5.0 and above.
  • Mac- Safari, Chrome, Firefox, and Edge.
  • iOS- 14.0 and above or Safari, Firefox, or Chrome.

Here, I believe both are win-win situations.  

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User Interface Comparison Philo and Spectrum TV

Now, let us examine how easy and comfortable both services are. If an application or an Internet service on any device is not comfortable to choose, a viewer can switch over to others. Philo is easy and comfortable to use. They have a top-screen menu with major categories, making it easy and comfortable for the viewer to surf. Easy and comfortable to use. A top-screen menu shows the options to navigate and browse.

Spectrum TV is also easy and comfortable to navigate. The best part with Spectrum is that the viewer can use their cell phone as their spectrum remote control. You can easily search for programs; plus, there is a guide that displays the list of programs. You can also access their on-demand library with thousands of TV shows and movies, including Spectrum Originals, Premium Subscriptions, and titles available to rent. 

Cloud DVR Comparison Philo and Spectrum TV 

Philo vs Spectrum TV: A 6-Step Guide for Better Understanding

Yet another important aspect is the Cloud DVR. How much space the cloud can afford is crucial. Philo offers unlimited cloud DVR storage to its subscribers, and this is the point where it is a self-acclaimed winner.  

On the Spectrum TV app, one can enjoy live TV as well.  Spectrum TV also offers cloud DVR, but its services are not that extensive

So, we have Philo as a winner here.

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Overall Performance: Philo and Spectrum TV 

It is difficult to claim a winner as both services perform well under different aspects. On one hand, we have better channels under the Spectrum TV head, while on the other, we have Philo’s unlimited cloud storage. 

Who Wins: Philo or Spectrum TV?

Philo vs Spectrum TV: A 6-Step Guide for Better Understanding

For me, it is Spectrum TV. the major reason is the sports channels. Philo lacks this category besides standing out tall in all other segments like user interface, device compatibility,  cloud DVR, etc. Though Spectrum does not have good cloud storage, it is equally affordable and has sports channels in its bouquet.

Wrapping Up

So, I hope this analysis might have helped you to choose one between Philo and Spectrum TV. There are numerous Internet TV services available for an unprecedented number of viewers. Every service and every streaming app has its own set of channels, navigation control, availability, and so on.

It completely depends upon the viewers and their preferences, what shall or might suit their pockets. Plus, some services offer free one-week trials, and one can have a clear idea from the trial service.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Special about Spectrum TV?

Spectrum TV is affordable, and its premium channel add-on service is also economic.

What’s the drawback of Philo TV?

Philo TV has a major drawback of not including many sports channels in its lineup. There are no add-on packages also, in case a viewer is keen to watch sports.

Can I watch Spectrum TV without a Spectrum modem or network?

No, Spectrum TV cannot be watched without Spectrum Internet. 


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