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Vasordhara Aggarwal
Vasordhara Aggarwal
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Horror game enthusiasts love Phasmophobia, and for good reason. Its ghost hunting with clue-based gameplay makes it a thrilling adventure. And now that you can play Phasmophobia on Steam, PS4, and Xbox, there’s no stopping us! Want to improve your gameplay by knowing what’s ahead? We’ve got the Phasmophobia roadmap Trello link to help you.

If you’re as big a fan as I am, you’d hate to miss out on what you can expect next in the game. Interested to know what plans the game developers have for Phasmophobia? The Phasmophobia roadmap Trello link will help you get there.

So read on to know all about Phasmophobia updates from the makers with the help of the Phasmophobia roadmap Trello link provided in this article. Comment if you have any doubts!

Phasmophobia Roadmap Trello Link 2023

The Roadmap contains the Phasmophobia content development plans that are intended to be included in future game updates. Here’s the Phasmophobia Roadmap Trello Link:

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How to Use The Phasmophobia Roadmap Trello Link?

Phasmophobia roadmap Trello link

If you want to know how to use the Phasmophobia roadmap Trello to know contains to use it for your benefit, I’ve got you covered. By now, I’m sure you know that the roadmap provides information about what content you can expect in future updates. But it might get a little technical as you read it, so I’m here to help you understand.

The Phasmophobia roadmap Trello link will give you four sections:

BacklogChanges that are being worked on at the moment.
In ProgressDevelopment is in progress.
TestingBeing debugged by testing.
ReleasedContent already developed, tested and released.

Note: As features get released after being developed, tested, and debugged, they move right on the Trello board.

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Wrapping Up

Got everything you wanted to know with the Phasmophobia roadmap Trello link? Now that you have access to this amazing website, you can know all about the development plans of Phasmophobia before actual updates are released. Hope this helped!

Happy Gaming!


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