Peyton Manning trolls Tom Brady twice on ‘Detail’ show

Former Tennessee Vols football quarterback Peyton Manning takes shots at his old rival.

Five years into retirement, Peyton Manning can’t stop trolling his former nemesis. The Tennessee football legend hinted at the New England Patriots cheating while on a Monday Night Football broadcast last month with Charles Barkley.

Now, in the most recent episode of his show, “Detail,” he decided to take a few shots at Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady. While Brady is no longer with the Pats, the feud clearly isn’t going away.

Anyway, Peyton Manning decided to provide his in-depth knowledge on two plays made by Brady. One was a touchdown pass on a play that he said Brady had been running his whole career but hadn’t been running early in the season. In his analysis, he made a joke about the story of Brady accidentally entering the wrong house in Tampa back in April.

The other story, though, was a bigger one. Manning suggested that an impressive completion by Brady to Rob Gronkowski was actually by accident, and that he was instead intending to throw the ball to Mike Evans.

Manning and Brady met five times in the NFL Playoffs during their careers, with the winner of their meetings capturing the Super Bowl championship four times. While Brady has the six rings, Manning does have the five regular season MVPs and all the single-season records, which were set in 2013. Brady did break the career records he set, though.

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Simply put, the rivalry between Peyton Manning and Tom Brady hasn’t gone anywhere five years after Manning’s retirement. Manning seems to have rivalries with Michigan Wolverines players, as he lost the Heisman Trophy to Charles Woodson in 1997 while with the Vols.

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However, in the Manning-Brady rivalry, Brady proving himself right now in Tampa without Bill Belichick, and the Patriots struggling without Brady, is eliminating a major talking point Manning fans had in the rivalry for a long time. Perhaps that’s why he had to take these shots.


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