11 Best Periscope Alternatives For Live Streamers [Updated 2022]

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Daksha Gupta
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It was one of the most disheartening news for Periscope users when it stopped its services last year on March 31st, 2021. It is pointless to discuss its pros and cons. If you were one of the loyal users of Periscope and are searching for Periscope alternatives, you have landed on the right page. I will share with you the 11 apps like Periscope alternatives options available.

Live video streaming is one of the most liked features of travelers, TV and news broadcasters, and games and sports. Because of the rising users of live streaming, social media platforms have integrated the features into their apps. It has emerged as a hit feature on them. Most of the viral videos these days are a result of live streaming. People love to share real-time happenings around their neighborhoods. Youth are often seen engaged with their friends, groups, and family over live streaming. 

Best Streaming Platforms Available
Best Streaming Platforms Available

Here is my pick of the 11 best Periscope alternatives. I will walk you through all of these apps one by one. Explore and enjoy!

Top 11 Periscope Alternatives You Should Try Today

Top 11  Periscope Alternatives

Browse the options below for Periscope alternatives. The highlight feature of these apps is live streaming. I have mentioned some social media apps with built-in live streaming options. Select the one which meets your requirement. Wait, explore every option first.

01. Twitch

Rating: 4 out of 5.
Twitch : Periscope Alternatives

Twitch is the top match for Periscope and one of the most famous Periscope alternatives. It works exactly the same way Periscope used to. Twitch is the top app among gamers to stream their live gaming videos. It supports many of the world’s major languages. It has more than 45 million active gamer users alone who use this app to broadcast their games, chat, and watch other players. This service is available on both web and smartphones.

Visit: Twitch

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02. Facebook Live

Rating: 4 out of 5.
Facebook Live : Periscope Alternatives

Facebook is the largest social media app used across the globe. The app has a Facebook Live feature which is one of the best Periscope alternatives. Apart from live streaming, you can watch other streamers. You can chat with people during a while stream by replying to their comments in words or text. Facebook Live is simple, convenient, and free. You can even post the video for your audience and records.

Visit: Facebook Live

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03. Instagram Live

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.
Instagram Live : Periscope Alternatives

Similar to Facebook Live, Instagram Live has all features and is one of the famous Periscope alternatives. You can share your videos with both friends and strangers at a time. Instagram Live is free and simple. It is available on iOS and Android. The Live feature is inbuilt into the Instagram App. So, launch your Instagram app and click on ‘Live.’ It’s that simple!

Visit: Instagram Live

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04. YouTube Live

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.
YouTube Live : Periscope Alternatives

YouTube is among the strongest Periscope alternatives. Apart from browsing the largest online video library, you can also live stream. The ‘Live’ feature is disabled by default. You have to activate it, and it takes almost 24 hours. The only limitation is you should have at least 1000 YouTube subscribers to go live on your smartphone.

Visit: YouTube Live

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05. Vimeo Livestream

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.
Vimeo Livestream : Periscope Alternatives

Vimeo is an online video streaming platform, and it is one of the trustworthy Periscope alternatives. It offers its customers live streaming of their content in real-time. The service is free. You can go online through your computer and smartphone. Vimeo Livestream can be used to stream almost everything like music, art, cooking, and games. 

Visit: Vimeo Livestream

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06. Tango

Rating: 5 out of 5.
Tango : Periscope Alternatives

Tango is one of the fairest Periscope alternatives for live streaming and watching live videos. You can earn money by going live on Tango. You can post anything online, be it your singing talent, dancing, or engaging with the world. Not only this, you can use it as an alternative to your social media accounts like Facebook and Instagram. On Tango, you can share your photos and text posts.

Visit: Tango

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07. YouNow

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.
YouNow : Periscope Alternatives

Live streaming of your art, dance, and gaming talent can also be done on YouNow. YouNow is more popular among artists than others. YouNow is more into live streaming, and it is one of the solid Periscope alternatives. Whether you are an iPhone or an Android phone user, it is available for both operating systems. You can share your live streams on all prominent social networks like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr, et cetera effortlessly.

Visit: YouNow

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08. Twitter Live

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.
Twitter Live : Periscope Alternatives

Twitter Live is another well-known app on the list of Periscope alternatives. Twitter is more famous among celebrities and world leaders than other social media apps. Like Facebook and Instagram, Twitter also has an inbuilt live streaming feature. You can use this feature to create content, build a follower base and showcase your feelings, emotions, talent, and even anger (which is genuine in some of the rarest cases) beyond the Tweet limit of 280 characters. 

Visit: Twitter

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09. LinkedIn Live

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.
Linkedin Live : Periscope Alternatives

If you are professional and have a sufficient follower base on LinkedIn, then LinkedIn Live is one of the best Periscope alternatives. You can go live and communicate with your audience. You can widen the reach of your company using the LinkedIn Live feature. You can also host webinars, conferences and meetings, and interviews with this feature. Like YouTube live, LinkedIn Live also has some standards to make the ‘Live’ feature available.

Visit: LinkedIn

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10. Bigo Live

Rating: 4 out of 5.
 Bogo Live : Periscope Alternatives

Bigo Live is one of the best Periscope alternatives used by young people. You can go live and engage with your audience. You can invite another streamer and start the hottest feature of Bigo Live called PK. Once two streamers go online, their audiences give them gifts and diamonds. The one who receives more is declared the winner. Bigo Live is equally famous among professionals and regular users.

Visit: Bigo Live

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11. BuzzCast

Rating: 5 out of 5.
BuzzCast  : Periscope Alternatives

Buzzcast, previously known as FaceCast, is a convenient and one of the best Android Periscope alternatives. Buzzcast allows you to engage with your audience in real-time. You can also upload short videos on the app. Its live feature is open to all users without any limitations. Your videos can earn you some cash as well. You can receive money by collaborating with brands or receiving donations and gifts from your audience. If you are an iOS user. I am sorry this app is not for you. Presently, BuzzCast is available only on Android. Yet, it is one of the best Periscope alternatives.

Visit: Buzzcast

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Wrapping Up

Live streaming is becoming popular. I personally like Facebook and Instagram Live more than others. But if you are a gamer, I suggest you go for Twitch or YouNow. However, all apps on the list are the best Periscope alternatives. I hope it will help you the best.


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