People camp outside DMV offices hoping for walk-in appointments

People camp outside DMV offices hoping for walk-in appointments

LAS VEGAS (FOX5) – – Is this line for a rock concert? New shoes? The latest iPhone? No. Friday, people camped outside a local DMV offices just to be seen Saturday morning during walk-in appointments.

A local mom, one of many people frustrated with the situation documented her sidewalk campout on Facebook and Snapchat.

“This is crazy y’all. I have never done this in my life, but I’ve got to get this done,” Ja’Nelle Johnson said in one social media video. Johnson, a mom of three toddlers, dropped her kids off at the sitter to go to the DMV arriving just before 10:30PM for her overnight campout. There were people already in line camped on the sidewalk with pop-up chairs and tents when Johnson arrived.

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Johnson tried to make an appointment online beforehand looking at all the DMV’s in the Las Vegas area: Decatur, Flamingo, Henderson and Sahara. There were no appointments available on their calendar for the rest of the year (the DMV told Fox5 appointment times are only booked 90 days out).

“I was just like okay I have to do this I need my license. I have to go in. There was no other way around it,” Johnson shared. “The first person got there right at 5 o’clock when the DMV closed,” Johnson added.

Even though Johnson brought a chair and blanket, she was freezing. Johnson stated someone was nice enough to loan her a sleeping bag.

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“I almost couldn’t feel my legs because I’ve been sitting down and my feet are frozen,” Johnson said in one Snapchat video taken once the sun came up with the line wrapped around the building and going to the street.

Johnson did get inside shortly after 8 A.M. and was in an out in about ten minutes. Johnson calls her experience ridiculous and contends something needs to change.

Johnson didn’t get her picture taken for her new license and doesn’t understand why her renewal couldn’t have been done online.

Why is this all happening? FOX5 reached out to the DMV and they report the biggest issue is people not showing up. They say about half of the people who book online just don’t show up. They say if you want to help your neighbors cancel your appointment if you can’t make it.

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The DMV also sent us a statement saying they did have people working overtime at the end of 2020, but can’t in 2021 due to budget constraints.

They also are still dealing with staffing challenges because of the ongoing pandemic, but Friday they started recruitment for new employees.

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