Top 5 Free PDF to Word Converter Online

Top 5 Free PDF to Word Converter Online

Can I convert my PDF to Word for free? The PDF to Word website uses the platform algorithm server to convert the PDF documents uploaded by users online. It can convert PDF files to DOC format without registering or occupying computer storage space. Many of them The website is even free for users to use.

Many online converters are available to make your conversion much easier with just a few clicks. Your converted word document will remain secure and private. You just need to open the online converter in your desired browser on any operating system. Just open the converter, choose the file to be converted, and you are ready to go with your result.

This article will give you the top 5 free online PDF to Word converters in a brief manner. Let’s go through them one by one.

Top 5 Free PDF to Word Converter Online


ABCD PDF is a platform dedicated to solving PDF problems for the world. The PDF to Word tool in the tool aggregation page can substantially solve the problems encountered by users when converting PDF to DOC format. It can complete the conversion in a few seconds when dealing with normal files.

If the file is slightly larger, its processing speed will also decrease, but it is also within the range that users can accept. If you want to use Convert PDF to Word, you don’t even need to log in and pay; just visit the page and open the conversion tool.

Top 5 Free PDF to Word Converter Online

2. iLovePDF

iLovePDF is an easy-to-use free online PDF processing tool that supports multiple languages, including English. It is not only feature-rich but also easy to use, including PDF conversion, merging, compression, watermarking, and more. While the conversion is good, the file sizes supported by each product feature vary.

The maximum free support is 100M, but PDF to Excel, PDF to Word, and PDF to PPT only support 15M, and free users are limited to 5 tasks per day. The advantage is that the processing effect is better, and the disadvantage is that some functions have a limited number of times, which is also the reason for the number one.

PDF to Word Converter Online Free Top 5

3. PDF Candy

PDF Candy can convert PDF to files in more than 20 formats. In addition to that, PDF Candy provides 47 online tools to work with PDFs, including editing, splitting, merging, compressing, and more.

PDF Candy PDF to Word function is not only fast but also very effective and supports setting it as a Google plug-in, which is convenient for users to open in the future. The only fly in the ointment is that although the website is free to use, it can only provide visitors with the opportunity to download once an hour, which is not completely free, but for most users, the download limit of one download per hour is also Not too much.

Top 5 Free PDF to Word Converter Online

4. HiPDF

HiPDF is a foreign website and does not support any language. If you can accept it, please continue understanding some websites. The first function of the website is PDF to Word, which is quite satisfactory in terms of processing speed and relatively good in terms of stability and processing effect. After some tests, the accuracy rate after converting it to a Word file is satisfactory as long as it is not a very dense PDF file. In addition, HIPDF, like the AbcdPDF website, is free forever.

5. SmallPdf

PDF to Word is a native English website that supports 21 free tools to convert, compress and edit PDF, including PDF to Word, Merge, JPG to PDF, Electronic Signature, Edit PDF, and Compress PDF. In terms of conversion speed and effect, it can be satisfactory, but the user can only use it once a day.

Top 5 Free PDF to Word Converter Online

How to Convert PDF to Word?

Wrapping Up

Can I convert my PDF to Word for free? This article introduces 5 PDF to Word editable free for you. You will find these online converters useful in your daily working needs. I hope you will find the content handy and useful. Comment down below to share your feedback using the top 5 PDF to Word converter tools.

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