Undertale Papyrus: Appearance, Age, Skills | How To Beat Undertale’s Papyrus Boss Fight?

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Are you looking for a detailed guide on Undertale’s Papyrus? Well, this is the right space for you today! Papyrus of Undertale is the kindest player character in this gaming session who is known for his amazing cooking skills. Move along further to know everything you need to know about Undertale’s Papyrus and How to fight the Papyrus of Undertale on different routes. 

This epic RPG Undertale of Toby Fox is flooded by a bundle of spooky characters throughout the game. We all have drooled upon the antagonist and protagonist characters of Undertale: Chara and Frisk, now this is our time to encounter the sweetest and coolest dude available in the game: Papyrus of Undertale.  

Read along further to encounter the ultimate guide of Undertale’s Papyrus and look at how to fight the Undertale’s Papyrus boss fight using different routes. There are plenty of appearances of Papyrus of Undertale which makes this character one of the quirky ones available on the list of Undertale’s characters. 

Who Is Papyrus In Undertale?

Undertale’s Papyrus: Appearance, Age, Cooking Skills | How To Beat Undertale’s Papyrus Boss Fight?

Wanna meet a blend of charm and kindness? Well, Undertale’s Papyrus it is! Papyrus of Undertale is the brother of Sans and is the least powerful character in the game. He is usually referred to as an antagonist. The main objective of Undertale’s Papyrus is to capture a human to become one of the members of the Royal Guard, and gel along with each other as friends for popularity. 

Papyrus of Undertale tries to be a good friend until he gets killed during the genocide run. Adding more, the main journey of Undertale’s Papyrus depends upon which route you head further to, so this is your sign to make the most of this amazing character in your gameplay. 

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Appearance Of Undertale’s Papyrus

Undertale’s Papyrus is a tall, inaccurate skeleton with a large vertical, geometric skull and a toothy grin. The eyes of the Papyrus of Undertale are similar to the vertical slits where those skeletal pseudo-brows express most of Undeetale’s Papyrus expressions. Papyrus also has eyeballs that are only visible when he is going through strong emotions. 

Papyrus of Undertale wears a wide variety of styles throughout the gaming session. Go along to witness various appearances of Papyrus of Undertale you will encounter as you will move along with the game. 

Undertale’s Papyrus: Appearance, Age, Cooking Skills | How To Beat Undertale’s Papyrus Boss Fight?

1. Battle Body

Battle Body is a casual and the most-usual style of Papyrus of Undertale throughout the game. This Battle body outfit was first created for a costume party that includes a chest plate with gold trim, coquelicot gloves with golden trim, blue briefs with a golden belt, and knee-high coquelicot boots. Undertale’s Papyrus also wears a short, orange-red cape in the gaming session. 

2. Cool Dude

As the Undertale’s Papyrus goes halfway through the date, the style of the Papyrus of Undertale gets updated to secret-style with a baseball cap in the backward direction, a t-shirt that says ‘cool dude’, shorts, gloves with striped trim, knee-high socks, and sneakers. Undertale’s Papyrus moves along with the game wearing basketballs on his shoulders and a savage attitude on his soul. 

Undertale’s Papyrus: Appearance, Age, Cooking Skills | How To Beat Undertale’s Papyrus Boss Fight?

3. Jogboy

While the Undertale’s Papyrus goes on a date with Alphys, he drapes himself with a sweatband, shorts, and a t-shirt reading ‘JOGBOY’ with hearts on the pauldrons. This is one of the eye-catchy appearances of Papyrus of Undertale.  

These three appearances on Undertale’s Papyrus depict the quirky and cheerful personality of his character. 

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Age Of Undertale’s Papyrus

Putting out the exact age of the Papyrus of Undertale in real numbers is a tough grind, however, many fans of Papyrus have imagined it to be between 18-30. This age estimate of Papyrus in Undertale is estimated on the basis of the height of the character, his cooking skills, conversation skills, and a skeleton structure. All of the qualities of Papyrus of Undertale sum up that this player character is in adulthood. 

Hence, there is no final verdict on the age of Undertale’s Papyrus yet but the players of Undertale have guessed it to be no less than adulthood.  

Undertale’s Papyrus: Appearance, Age, Cooking Skills | How To Beat Undertale’s Papyrus Boss Fight?

How To Beat Undertale’s Papyrus Boss Fight?

The whole gameplay of Papyrus of Undertale goes along with which route a player decides to take, in order to move forward with its gaming session. This means that to beat the Undertale’s Papyrus Boss fight, one must decide his following route. The route can be neutral, pacifist, or genocide, and the overall result of the game wholly depends upon the route taken so. Go along to crack how to beat Undertale’s Papyrus boss fight in different routes:

1. Papyrus Neutral Route

Opening up to the Neutral route, one must keep in mind the decision of yours to either kill or not kill Papyrus doesn’t make much difference here. As the game moves ahead, the dialogues somehow change in the end, depending upon the monsters killed or not killed. And the Papyrus becomes a king. This also means that the mood of Sans majorly depends upon the alive status of his brother, so one must make sure that the Undertale’s Papyrus is saved during the fight. 

Neutral Route is all about saving the Papyrus of Undertale from all of the rivals revolving around it. 

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Undertale’s Papyrus: Appearance, Age, Cooking Skills | How To Beat Undertale’s Papyrus Boss Fight?

2. Papyrus Pacifist Route

Pacifist Route is all about dating and gelling along with the skeletons in the world of Undertale. Well, this may sound weird but if the player chooses to go with the Pacifist route, he must go out on a date with him in addition to an act of sparing the Papyrus of Undertale. After the Undertale’s Papyrus is saved, a player can take a U-turn to the house and finish a special friendship event. This will help him to be on good terms with the Papyrus of Undertale, and eventually win over Undyne to go along further with the Pacifist route. 

Pacifist Route allows players to be the trustworthy contenders in the eye of Undertale’s Papyrus if they wish to go ahead on the Pacifist route in the game. 

3. Papyrus Genocide Route

The Genocide Route is probably the easiest route for players that allows them to slay Undertale’s Papyrus before moving further with the adventure. This Genocide Route doesn’t cause any threat to the players and frees them to continue with their attacks until the battle is finished. 

Hence, Genocide Route is all about attacking and battling till the fight is finished. 

Neutral Route, Pacifist Route, and Genocide Route are three different routes present for Papyrus of Undertale where the outcome of the game fully lies in the hands of the player. 

Why Does Undertale’s Papyrus Cook Spaghetti?

Despite the common fact that Undertale’s Papyrus loves to cook Spaghetti, the other reason for Papyrus of Undertale cooking this Italian Spaghetti is just to feed the cravings of others. This skeleton-shaped Papyrus of Undertale clearly knows the fact that everyone loves Spaghetti, and this is why their continuous actions decode them as the sweetest character in the world of Undertale. 

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Papyrus of Undertale is the least powerful, yet charming character available in the game who believes in building multiple friendships around him. Players have three different routes for Undertale’s Papyrus and it all depends upon them in regard to which route they wish to take further today. 

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Wrapping Up

Undertale’s Papyrus is an adult skeletal character available in the game who loves to spoil his mates with delicious spaghetti throughout their gaming session. He wears three different appearances in Undertale which is also found to be an exciting element available for players. I just love the zaniness of Papyrus of Undertale, and you must give this cool character one shot. 

I hope all of your questions regarding Papyrus of Undertale are answered well. Path of EX welcomes any kind of opinions or suggestions with pen arms, Do write one to us underneath. 


Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is Papyrus older or Sans?

Papyrus is younger and Sand is the older one.

2. Does Sans care about Papyrus?

Sans deeply cares for and admires his brother.

3. How did Underfell Papyrus get his scar?

When Papyrus accepted the offer to become a member of the Royal Guard, Asgore declared that an act of defiance would not go unpunished and scraped his fingers across Papyrus’s right eye socket, giving him his scar.


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