Opportunity Attack With Spiritual Weapon 5e DnD Spell | Terms and Conditions To Use The Spell

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Reaction or Bonus Action? What do you choose? Or, Do You Have Any Choice? We would say…shhh, it’s a secret. We all know how much good it will be to have an opportunity attack with Spiritual Weapon 5e DnD spell, but is it there? It is a mystery that will be solved on this page. You are going to know much about Spiritual Weapon 5e DnD spell, its attributes, its minute details, and much more. 

The defined rules, in order to cast a spell, are also stated below. Trust me, these are a must to know if you want to play this spell well. (I wish I knew it before but anyways, time passed). 

An imaginary situation stating What If…?? Well, for that you need to go through this full article. I am sure you will not miss this if you want to make the most of this Spiritual Weapon 5e DnD spell. 3..2..1..Let’s Go!! 

Can The Spiritual Weapon From The Spell Conduct an Opportunity Attack in DnD?

To start with, this was a random query that struck into our minds last night. It all started when our cleric moved the Spiritual Weapon in pursuit of an enemy, which said that “ Can the cleric make an opportunity attack with the spiritual weapon as the wight moves out of reach?” 

Opportunity Attack With Spiritual Weapon 5e DnD Spell

The answer concluded was: 

Sadly, No opportunity attacks can be made using a Spiritual Weapon in DnD Spell. As the rulebook says, “ As a bonus action on your turn, you can move the weapon up to 20 feet and repeat the attack against a creature within 5 feet of it”.  This clears out that a Spiritual Weapon spell cast is considered as a Bonus Action. With that time, it permits you to make additional attacks in your subsequent turns as a Bonus Action. Opportunity Attacks are referred to as impulsive reactions and there is no such rule in the spell regarding this context.   

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What are the Defines Attributes of DnD Spiritual Weapon/Spirit Guardians 5e?

Opportunity Attack With Spiritual Weapon 5e DnD Spell | Terms and Conditions To Use The Spell

Spiritual Weapon Spell in DnD 5e works on the second level. The casting time of the spell is 1 bonus action, within the range of 60 ft. The school of the spell is Evocation and the components are V and S. The duration so allowed is one minute for a melee attack. 

Spiritual Weapons 5eAttributes
CASTING TIMEOne Bonus Action

What are the Required Deeds in Reference to Cast a DnD Spiritual Weapon 5e Spell?  

The Spiritual Weapon spell works for a full 1 minute and the defined range limit is sixty ft, to make a melee attack. To cast a Spiritual Weapon Spell 5e DnD efficiently, you need to heed the following terms thoroughly:

Opportunity Attack With Spiritual Weapon 5e DnD Spell
  • Create a floating, spectral weapon in your range.
  • Make sure your spell cast last for the entire duration, or until you cast this spell again.
  • A creature, on whom you are making a melee spell attack should be within 5 feet of the weapon.
  • The target damage made by this spell is equal to 1d8+ your spellcasting ability modifier. 

The good news is, you are not restricted to any form of a weapon while making an attack. The effect of the spell is parallel to the weapon, which is connected to the Clerics of Deities. 

Higher Level DnD Spells: The usual damage increases by 1d8 for every two level slot level above the second level.  

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Other Details Regarding Spiritual Weapon Spell 5e DnD

There is much more to add, regarding the Spiritual Weapon Spell 5e DnD that you need to know before putting up yourself on the range with this spell. Let’s find out what?

Opportunity Attack With Spiritual Weapon 5e DnD Spell

Important Highlights about Spell Spiritual Weapon 5e DnD

  • Spiritual Weapon 5e DnD is a second level spell that effects the target as if like a weapon. 
  • Creating a diety’s favored weapon kind of effect, the Spiritual Weapon 5e DnD spell is ought to use a crit range and multiplier. 
  • A Spiritual Weapon is a melee attack that gives the required flanking, needed to give an advantage on melee attacks. To add on, players are also served with the same. However, it is only confined to those who apply DM fiat, as per 5e. 
  • Considering the fact that this spell is not a concentration spell, it keeps on floating near you, doing nothing, in case you fell unconscious or get hit or ever, die. But it requires a bonus action from you to do anything. 
  • Spiritual Weapon 5e DnD spell cannot pass through walls so it neither occupies space nor a square. 
  • This spell cannot be a twinned spell, in any case. 
  • There is no refined limit in regard to how many Spiritual Weapon spells you can have, However, the duration and the frequency to use them is restricted. 

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How Much Difference Can an Opportunity Attack Make to this Spell, If It Is Allowed? | Opportunity Attack Effects

As we read above that the Spiritual Weapon DnD spell can not make an opportunity attack but is only restricted for the bonus actions. Let’s wonder how much of a difference the reaction/opportunity attack can make to the spell if it is allowed in the coming future:

Opportunity Attack With Spiritual Weapon 5e DnD Spell

Opportunity Attack With DnD Spiritual Weapon 5e Spell

1. Action Economy

  • This will increase its utility as the caster will get a freedom to attack outside his turn.
  • With a leverage to make a reaction, a character can save the bonus actions for other class abilities. 

2. Area Control

  • The attacking area of the caster will nearly be doubled. Hence, he will be open to new opportunities to threaten and provoke OAs.
  • The weapon will be free to move into melee territory and lock down enemies without any risk. This will happen because the weapon will be more effective at threatening OAs rather than attacking. 
Opportunity Attack With Spiritual Weapon 5e DnD Spell

Wrapping Up

Opportunity Attacks with DnD Spiritual Weapon 5e DnD will surely be a hit. But, on the other side, this powerful side of the spell will challenge the purity and Rawness of the spell. 

Although, Bonus Actions will dare our smartness to the max and force us to bring out the best from this spell. 

Anyways, as we end this, I would like to thank each one of you for sticking around and I hope that it cleared the air in your head. Do drop your queries, experiences, and suggestions. PathofEx is here 24/7 for you. 

Good Luck!


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