Oportun Visa Credit Card Review in 2022

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Getting funding to start a small business is a great way to get into the business world without worrying much about investment. But, mainstream banks do not allow requests for a loan or a credit card if you have a poor income or a low credit score. However, in that case, you still have an Oportun visa credit card. So, how will it help you? Want to know how? Here is a post on an Oportun Visa Credit Card Review and how it will help you.

Getting a loan these days has become a matter of headache. You have to verify your details, then wait for the loan approval for months, sometimes even years. What if your loan request gets rejected? This will be sheer wastage of effort. Thankfully we have an Oportun visa credit card for the rescue. 

So, how can you apply for an Oportun Visa Credit card? What about the interest rates? Is it normal or much higher than the other lending companies? So many revolving questions! Do you also want the answers to such questions? Then, read along as below you will find answers to all these What’s. 

Oportun Visa Credit Card Review

Oportun Visa Credit Card Review 2021

Oportun visa credit card is a less hectic money lending platform than others. It doesn’t require a strict income, credit history, or any sort of credit score to get a loan/ credit card. Moreover, Oportun Visa Credit Card allows you to get the money on pre-approval without any prepayment penalty. Also, it doesn’t matter whether you want a secured or unsecured loan. You can get anyone between these, by using an Oportun visa credit card.

It is disheartening to apply for a loan/ credit card because of less income or a low credit score. Even if you are in an emergency, the bank cannot go against its terms and conditions to help you out. 

While most saw this situation as a never-changing problem, it was Oportun who opened its door to help people by lending them money, a few years back. It created a hype soon after a few months as it helps people with poor or no credit scores to get money easily. It offers personal loans, credit cards, and supports programs options.

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Since it gives you a huge amount of money without many formalities, you need to know that the payments operate on a bi-weekly basis (1 time in two weeks). This is in contrast to the normal banks which operate on a monthly basis. Not only this, but you need to have a look at their interest rates. 

Also, the interest rates range between 19.9% to 36%. 

Wait! No need to fuzz as you can return the said amount in a span of 9 months to 49 months, depending upon the loans. 

So, no Income Threshold!

No, extra follow-ups! 

Just a few steps to follow and that’s it. 

Do you know, what is the good news? 

After piloting the Oportun visa credit card among 54000 customers, it has been declared that the Oportun visa credit cards will be accepted worldwide.

However, there is an Oportun visa credit card Eligibility Criteria that you must fulfill to get the required credit card.

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What is the Oportun Visa Credit Card Eligibility Criteria?

Oportun Visa Credit Card review 2021

Before going ahead and opting for a credit card, you should know what is the eligibility criteria for a particular card. Whether you even stand a chance to acquire that card or not.

So, if you are thinking about getting the Oportun credit card, we can help you to get one for yourself. 

Just like every other platform that offers credits, Oportun does the same. Here are the eligibility criteria for the Oportun Visa credit card:

Make sure you thoroughly read it so that your credit application doesn’t get rejected!

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Well, you need not worry about rejection. 

Why? It is because there is hardly any checkbox that you wouldn’t check.

  • The very first criteria that you must check is that you should be over 18 years of age.
  • To get a credit card/loan from Oportun, you should be a US resident. 

What if you are not a resident of the US? Will you be able to apply for a loan/ credit card?

Hold on! There is no need to worry as in such cases where you are not a US resident, there is still a chance for you!

Oportun is one of the few companies that offer to work with non-US residents. 

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So, how to do this? 

The residents who do not belong to the US can apply for the Oportun visa credit card through an entity that is separately incorporated in the US. 

  • You might also need some essential documents. You might need a valid ID card. (It could be your passport, a driver’s license). If you’re a non US resident, you will need proof for that as well. 
  • You will also need income proof and up to 4 referrals.

How to Apply for A Credit Card or Personal Loan With Oportun? 

Oportun Visa Credit Card review 2021

If you have checked with all the checkboxes above, and you fulfill all the criteria, then congratulations, you are eligible for the credit card. 

Now, if you want to apply for a card, here is how you can apply for it with Oportun.

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The process might seem a bit of a struggle to you, but the good thing is that it is not indeed the case. Applying for a personal loan with Oportun takes you through a number of steps mentioned below.

After you visit the official website of Oportun, you’ll have to click on the “Personal Loans” option.

On your screen, you will find the “Get Started” button. Find your ZIP code and click on “GO”.

After that, there will be a choice for you. It will be about whether you want to apply for the loan over the phone or you want to do it online.

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In case you are going to apply for the loan with Oportun online, just confirm your ZIP code and move on to the preapproval for your credit step.

And here it goes, you will have to provide your basic information (name, DoB, and E-mail address) for the application.

Now you will have to wait for a few moments for your pre-qualification check before you can continue with your application. When it’s qualified, cross-check whether the details you filled in were correct or not.

Now before you can proceed further, you will need some documents handy. And provide some more important information including your identification, your income proof, address proof, references, marital status, etc.

And it is done.

But before that, here are a few things you should know about Oportun Loans. 

  • The loan amount ranges from 300 USD to 10,000 USD.
  • Before you file for the loan, make sure you read all the terms and conditions, policies, and disclosures for future references.
  • Oportun will then process your loan within 1 business day, so you’ll not have to wait for a long time.
  • Oportune only serves it’s loan services only in a few states of the US, the states include the state of Arizona, Florida, Illinois, Idaho, Missouri, New Jersey, New Mexico, Nevada, Texas, Wisconsin and Utah. So, Oportun is a go for you if you belong to these states.

How long does it take to get the Oportun Visa Credit Card?


It is not a hard process that takes months. Instead, in contrast to the other platforms, you can have your Oportun Visa Credit Card in 7-10 business days. Oportun will send you a mail of card approval, then it takes the said time to ship your Credit card. 

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What is the Starting Credit Limit for the Oportun Credit Card?

Oportun visa credit cards can give you loans/ money according to your credit card limit. First, you need to approve your card. 

However, it is unsure if you will be eligible to get a higher amount. 

Well, the credit limit for an Oportun visa credit card starts from $300. So, this means that if you are able to have one for yourself, you can have a minimum amount of $300 for your Small business or for other usages. It is not necessary that you cannot get a large amount than this. If you have 

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Oportun Visa Credit Card Review (With Pros & Cons)

Oportun Visa Credit Card Review (With Pros & Cons)

Oportun is a great AI-driven technology that is making people’s lives better, but before concluding for a yes or not, let’s see the final pros and cons. 


  • Not restricted to the U.S audience. 
  • Accepted worldwide. 
  • No credit score, strict income, or credit history requirements. 
  • You can apply for loans as well. With Oportun, you can get a small loan anywhere from $300 to $600. Not only this, you can get a loan upto $6000. 
  • No fraud at all. 
  • Has 24*7 management that works online to guide its customers. 
  • You can pay back through any medium, be it cash, phone, online or even mail.

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  • There is no option if you want to change your payment dates. 
  • It offers a higher APR in comparison to the other such financial services. 
  • It checks the reports of only 2 out of 3 credit bureaus if you apply for a loan/credit card. 

Wrapping Up

So, it is a good platform to have money if you are unable to get a loan/credit card from mainstream banks. Though it offers significant help, you need to see its cons as well. These above-mentioned drawbacks make it a less effective way to have money. After all, it has such a high-interest rate. 

This was our opinion. Now, the turn is yours. Tell us your thoughts about this newly launched Oportun visa credit card. Also, don’t forget to comment if you find this post helpful or not. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What bank does Oportun use?

Oportun gets its support from the two major world banks. These are WebBank and Member FDIC. Both of these banks keep a check on your accounts and send the reports to the nationwide credit bureaus.

Is Oportun a real loan company?

Oportun is a California-based lender company that can be an alternative to expensive title loans and payday loans. If you are fed up with rejections from mainstream banks, then Oportun is the ultimate lending company to you. It can help you in grabbing secured and unsecured personal loans/credit cards from $300 up to $1000. 

However, if you want a $1000 credit card, you need to have completely established credit and a stable income.

Does Oportun affect credit score?

NO, Not at all. Oportun is a funding hub that allows you to get your potential rates and doesn’t affect your credit score. 

How to contact Oportun?

Oportun is ready to help its customers all the time. If you want to contact Oportun, you can contact them on call: 8664886090 or use mail: [email protected].


  1. I was denied bc I was denied a different credit card. I have Excellent credit with capital one doc any years.
    It’s disheartening as I am still building my credit up. I heard this card is the best.


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