OnePlus Buds Z: Review

OnePlus Buds Z

OnePlus Buds Z was launched by the company with its OnePlus 8T. OnePlus Buds Z is the second true wireless of the year by the company. We know that OnePlus is mastering the technology market with new and better devices every year. The new earphones by the company fall under an affordable segment. The company launched the previous device of the series, OnePlus Bud, at an affordable price with all the sound signature features.

As for the functioning of the OnePlus Buds Z, we are not really sure about the worth of the product in consideration of the price.

OnePlus Z: Price and Availability

OnePlus Buds Z
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The earphones were launch in India alongside the OnePlus 8T on October 14, 2020. The OnePlus Buds Z are available at the price of Rs. 3,190.

You can buy the earphones from Amazon, Flipkart and the company offers you two different color options for the OnePlus Buds Z: White and Grey.

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OnePlus Buds Z: Design and Fit


OnePlus Buds Z
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The first thing that you will see before the earphones itself, is the case of the earbuds. The case is made up of plastic and that is of very good quality. The case has the brand name on the top. On the back, there is a Type-C port for charging. With the charging port, there is a pairing button as well.

In case you are wondering, there is no wireless charging on the Buds Z. The looks of the case are very classy and glossy which can be a bad part as well. The shiny and glossy finish of the case will obviously make the scratches look more prominent.

The case is pretty light weight. The case weighs around 40 grams.

Ear Buds

OnePlus Buds Z
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The OnePlus Buds Z has in ear style design. The earbuds also come with two extra ear tips in addition to the one provided in the box. We can see a lot of similarities between the design of the Buds Z and the OnePlus Bullet Wireless 2. The stem of the earbud acts as a mic, an IC chip for wear detection. All this comes in a compact form that weighs around 4.3 grams.

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The earbud also supports touch control. Two touch controls work on the OnePlus Buds Z: double tap and long press.

Talking about the price of the device. Paying such a small amount for a device with so many latest features is unbelievable. The budget-friendly ear buds offer you good looks, the latest technology, great build, and very comfortable to wear.

You can wear these earbuds in the gym while working out and you can even wear them on the move if it’s raining. The OnePlus Buds Z has a hydrophobic nano coating that repels water and provides protection from water.

Battery Life

The company claims to have 5 hours of continuous music playback and 20 hours of battery life, this includes the case as well.

The case has a 450 mAh battery unit. For charging purposes, the case has a Type – C port and the box comes with a type-C cable as well. the case will take around 1 hour to charge fully.

Why you should buy it?

You should buy the OnePlus Buds Z if you are looking for a device that is budget-friendly. This earbud falls under the category of good battery life and a comfortable fit. This ear bud will give you a good sound signature. If you feel comfortable wearing the in ear design earbuds, then the OnePlus Buds Z is a must have device for you.

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You can easily wear these earphones outdoors as well. The water resistant feature will allow you to wear them anywhere, anytime.

 Why You Should Not Buy it?

If you are a gamer and looking for earphones that would connect to every phone, then this might not be the best option for you. If you are hoping to use these earbuds with a non OnePlus phone, that might not work for you.

Along with this, the earbuds lack the punchy bass. Better to look for other alternatives, if you want a punchy bass. With the lacking of bass, the earbuds also offer very little control. The OnePlus gives you only two touch control: double touch and long press. There is no way to control the volume with your buds.

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