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Rajat Gupta
Rajat Gupta
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When it comes to the Baton flashlight, the one thing that comes to your mind on the first go is Baton 3 Pro. Actually, Baton 3 Pro is related to the Baton 3, S2R Baton II, and S1R Baton from the same range.  

Amazing Performance

In the field of compact EDC light, the Baton Pro Pack is a huge revolution. It has been built with amazing performance improvements. S2R Baton and Baton 3 Pro have the same number of modes, but the overall runtime and the better performance of Baton 3 R set it apart. 

How is Baton 3 Pro different and unique from its predecessors can be summed up under the following headings.

1. Power EDC Torch: Baton 3 Pro has a powerful EDC torch that has the ability to deliver 1500 Lumen Output that can go up to the range of 175-meter beam distance. Owing to these features, it can be inferred that there has been an increase of 30% both in performance categories versus S2R and Baton II.

2. Larger Side Switch: AS compared to its predecessor, the side switches of   Baton 3 Pro are larger. You can now easily use the concave sides, which have the ability to reduce the chances of accidental activation. 

3. More Color Choices: You can get Five color choices that can be used for your different needs and preferences. The availability of multiple colors allows you to choose the color based on your requirement and preference. 

4. Without Proximity Sensor: The  Baton 3 Pro EDC flashlight is available with the proximity sensor. The unavailability of the proximity sensor is one of the drawbacks of Baton 3 Pro. But it is negligible, as this feature is merely of any use, therefore, can be ignored. 

Better Design and Functionality

In addition to the amazing performance improvement, the Baton 3 Pro has also got a design update, which ultimately betters the flashlight’s ergonomics and looks. The changes are not just for aesthetic reasons but also for better function and enhanced performance. 

The improved pocket clip is one of the most important and noteworthy changes. The length of the pocket clip has been extended, which therefore allows it to be carried in deeper pockets. 

In spite of these changes, the full weight and length of the new Baton 3 pro is nearly higher than S2R Baton II. it no doubt is slightly heavier and longer, but these differentiations are merely noticeable. 

The side switch is now pretty recessed. It will restrict the light bag from getting activated accidentally. It has to be kept in mind that Baton 3 Pro no longer possesses an integrated lanyard hold on the end cap. Instead, there is an underside hole on the clip for attaching a lanyard.


The 600-lumen high mode is more than enough, whether you want to walk the pet or you want to check the property at night. Baton 3 Pro is the go-to EDC flashlight that will meet your requirements. Baton 3 Pro has an excellent three-hour run time that provides more than sufficient time to walk the pet for many days in a row without feeling the need to charge it. In case you come across a wild animal while on the walk. You can quite easily activate the strobe mode by pressing the switch to scare or confuse it away. 

In addition, the Low mode is best for general use around the home or at the Campsite, mainly when you need a little light and do not want to disturb other people. Moonlight is the best setting. It gives half a lumen of light for up to 120 days.

If you have to choose one among the series of Baton 3, S2R Baton II, and S1R, you, without any hesitation, must opt for the Baton 3 Pro. Owing to its distinctive and unique features, It is the go-to EDC flashlight. 

Wrapping Up: 

Changing such a famous flashlight is forever a risk. With the innovation of Baton 3 Pro, Oloight has done an excellent job. Baton 3 Pro is deemed the best EDC flashlight which is far better and has set new standards. It is advanced and better in all aspects, be as run time, and beam distance, among others. 

Owing to its upgraded features and amazing g performance improvement, Baton 3 Pro meets the requirement of a viable and trustworthy EDC gear that every person can envy to have. In case you are in a fix and are not in a position to choose one for you, I can recommend you go for Baton 3 Pro.

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