Offspring Drummer Says He’s Been Booted From Band For Not Getting Vaccinated

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This ongoing pandemic made many people lose their jobs, and now this wave hit the most famous rock band, “The Offspring.” Peter Parada, who is the Offspring Drummer, says he’s been booted from the band. But why? Here is the post that will reveal the whole truth.

It’s been three decades, and still, the band is spreading its spark in the rock world. It would not be untrue if the band will be regarded as ageless because of their incredible teamwork that resulted in great songs. The band has Frontman Dexter Holland, guitarist Kevin ​’Noodles’ Wasserman, bassist Todd Morse and an incredible drummer Pete Parada. But, not anymore! And, this sad news led to a heavy toll on the family.

On Tuesday, Offspring Drummer Peter claimed that he was booted from the band, even after playing the best drum beats for so long. He said that he was told not to show up at the studio or the tours for not getting vaccinated as it can harm other people if he comes back without vaccination. 

But why didn’t he go for the vaccination and join the band once again? Why is he also willing to give up on this career like this? Isn’t there any other alternative? Ufff! So much drama? Why? Well, it is sure that he must be having some severe reason behind this. So, Let’s see about this matter in detail below.

Why Didn’t The Offspring Drummer Get Vaccinated?

The offspring has been the home of talented people who have given many big hits from time to time. From The Kids Aren’t Alright (Americana, 1998) to Want You Bad (Conspiracy Of One, 2000), most of their songs have been people’s favorite for the last three decades, and this craze is not over yet.

However, you will not see this fantastic band together anymore as one of the iconic Offspring drummers, Peter, has to leave as the band has decided to drop him for not getting a vaccination.

Do you know why is he not getting himself vaccinated?

No, it’s not because he is not willing to take the vaccination. Instead, he is going through a series of medical conditions because of which doctors have advised him not to get the vaccination.

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He also revealed that he already had a case of COVID a few months back. So, he believes that he must have developed antibodies against the virus. However, this is not the real reason. Instead, he had a lifelong history with Guillain-Barre Syndrome.

This syndrome puts him at greater risk for side effects from the vaccination. But, none of the teammates are willing to consider this a valid reason and are holding this against him.

Not only this, but they have decided to go on tours and have concerts without him till the time they find an alternative.

So cruel!

Parada used his Instagram handle to speak up about this incident. He posted,

Since I am unable to comply with what is increasingly becoming an industry mandate, it has recently been decided that I am unsafe to be around, in the studio, and on tour,” Parada wrote in a multi-part Instagram post. “I mention this because you won’t be seeing me at these upcoming shows. I also want to share my story so that anyone else experiencing the agony and isolation of getting left behind right now knows they’re not entirely alone.

Offspring Drummer Says He's Been Booted From Band For Not Getting Vaccinated
Source: The Washington Newsday

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In addition to this emotional message, he also mentioned that he is not posting this message out of anger and I quote,

I have no negative feelings towards my band, They’re doing what they believe is best for them, while I am doing the same. Wishing the entire Offspring family all the best as they get back at it! I’m heartbroken not to be seeing my road community, and I will miss connecting with the fans more than I can express in words.

Wrap Up:

That’s all for the hyped news, “Offspring Drummer Says He’s Been Booted From Band For Not Getting Vaccinated.”

It is not clear if Offspring Drummer is permanently kicked out of the band or continues to work after a while. But, one thing is sure that this incident made him clear about what to do next, and that is why Parada said he intends to launch a new project. However, he didn’t reveal much about it. Yet, he hinted at the new doors opening in front of him where he will be launching a big project soon in collaboration with his daughter.

Now, the turn is yours. Share your thoughts about this incident and what he should do next in the comment section below.


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