7 Nutritional Foods to Add to Diet Today

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Shivangi Gupta
Shivangi Gupta
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Having a fit and healthy body is everyone’s dream. However, it is not as easy as it sounds to have a fit body. Whether you are trying to shed those extra kilograms from your body fat or looking for ways to be in shape, it is essential to follow a proper diet and a healthy lifestyle. Having a good diet also requires time, dedication, patience, and consistency to achieve your body goals.

Now, the question arises: what is a balanced diet? A well-balanced diet comprises all the essential nutrients that are crucial for the growth of your body, health and helps prevent diseases. So, it’s necessary to have various types of foods in your diet so that you get all the vital nutrients that your body requires.

One of the essential components of a well-balanced diet is having protein-rich foods. It helps in losing weight and muscle-building. You can fulfill your protein needs from meat wholesalers Melbourne and get quality meat delivered to your doorstep.

Along with this, we have also listed below the seven best nutritional foods to add to your diet Today. Let us have a look:-

1. Protein

The first and the foremost nutrient that you must surely add to your diet today is none other than protein. If you are a fitness freak and look forward to having a well-balanced diet, protein is one of the essential nutrients. It is usually recommended that one must double the protein intake ( in grams) of their weight. Some of the most common protein sources include eggs, Dal, fish, meat, broccoli, oats, chicken, etc.

2. Fiber

Yet another essential nutritional food that you can add to your diet is the intake of fiber. Weight loss follows good metabolism and good metabolism follows intake of fiber in the required quantity. So, it becomes vital to add fiber to your diet that further helps in promoting metabolism and accelerates weight loss. Some of the best sources include nuts, Dal, and green vegetables, etc.

3. Omega-3 fatty acids

If you think your body requires fat consumption equal to NIL, then you are sadly mistaken. If you are in the process of losing weight or being in shape, you still need the consumption of healthy fats in the required quantity. In such a case, consumption of Omega-3 fatty acids is essential. Best sources include nuts, fish, and leafy vegetables, etc.

4. Vitamin-C

Our body needs antioxidants and rich nutrients to flush out harmful toxins from the body. Vitamin C is one such essential nutritional food that you must undoubtedly add to your diet. It also helps in weight loss since it is a highly antioxidant-rich nutrient. Sources include oranges and various other citrus foods.

5. Potassium

Like protein and fiber are essential nutrients for your body, in the same way, potassium is another important nutritional food to include in your diet. It is recommended that increased potassium intake helps reduce Body Mass Index, which further helps in weight loss. Consumption of potassium in your dietary food may also help you in shedding those extra kilograms. Chana, nuts, and flax seeds are some of the most common sources of potassium.

6. Iron

If there is a deficiency of iron in your diet, it is considered that you still lack proper nutrition and nutritional food. Intake of iron-rich foods in your diet helps you carry oxygen to your body muscles and cells, which further helps burn fat. Beetroot, dry fruits, and prawns are some of the most common and best sources of iron.

7. Zinc

Last but not least, you should make sure that you add zinc nutrients too to your diet. A required quantity of zinc-rich foods has a good effect on your body weight and obesity. So, it is vital to add zinc to your diet to have a healthy and well-balanced diet. Sesame seeds, almonds, paneer, and dal are some of the best sources of zinc.

To Conclude

So, these are some of the most required nutrients/ nutritional foods that you should add to your diet Today. By having such nutrients, you make sure that you have a happy and healthy lifestyle.


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