New Nothing Stick Actually Looks Like A Lipstick, Only it’s Not

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Smriti Razdan
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Nothing has started the marketing of wireless earbuds with an amazing case. You must be thinking, what I meant by new Nothing? Actually, I am talking about the case of the trending earbuds, which are about to launch and the brand name of it is Nothing. Can you believe you can store your earbuds in a lipstick case? Well, I found this new earbud really cool enough. Let me explain more about Nothing earbuds.

Nothing has launched their earbuds Nothing Ear – 1 in July 2021, and now they are ready to launch a most stylish earbud case in a lipstick shape. A model has walked in a lipstick case to promote the earbuds at a London fashion event. When you look at the case design of these new earbuds, you can directly guess it is especially targeted at female customers.

I will give you some more updates below for this upcoming Nothing earbud and the stylish case. So, let us talk more about Nothing stick.

New Nothing Stick Actually Looks Like A Lipstick

Click here to get all the details for what is Ear stick. Know more about Nothing latest earbuds.

If we talk about the case design of the earbuds, it is transparent from the upside. People imagined the latest earbuds in simple packaging like previous earbuds models. These latest earbuds are also called ear sticks. According to the latest news, Nothing has given a feather-light design to these new earbuds.

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As soon as you see the picture of this earbud, you might feel it is a classic cosmetic. Earlier Huawei’s Free Buds were also launched with the same lipstick case design, but there is one difference between Huawei and Nothing. Huawei Free buds case was more compact than this one. You will notice the Nothing earbud case is quite big in their marketing teaser.  After reading all the information, you might have gotten the idea of Nothing stick.

Nothing Stick Release Date

Click here to get all the details for what is Ear stick. Know more about Nothing latest earbuds.

Nothing has launched their phone recently, and now they are about to launch the wireless earbuds. These earbuds are unique though classy. The release date of Nothing earbuds has not been revealed yet but, we can expect them this year only. 

There are rumors that the upcoming Nothing earbuds have noise cancellation technology just like Air Pods pro. If this news is right then the users of Nothing will be delighted to know that. We will give you all the micro updates of Nothing ear stick. Stay connected to know the release date and all the features and pricing of it. 

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Wrapping Up

In this article, we have seen all the latest updates of the new Nothing stick actually looks like lipstick. You must be excited about the launch of these earbuds. We will connect with you soon with you regarding these Nothing earbuds. Follow Path of Ex for more tech articles and step-by-step guides. Have a great day!!!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an Ear stick?

Ear stick is the earbuds from the Nothing brand which is about to launch.

Are these Earbuds have a lipstick shape?

No, these earbuds look like other earbuds only but it has a beautiful case that looks exactly like lipstick.

Nothing is launching the lipstick case earbuds for the first time?

Yes, Nothing is launching their earbuds in a lipstick case for the very first time.


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