Noam Chomsky ChatGPT – Problem and Possible Solution


Since the debut of ChatGPT in November 2022 and then the news of so many other AI-powered chatbots on the internet has left people divided. The features of ChatGPT are countless, and the way it has eased things for us cannot be summarized. The AI-powered Chatbot has people praising it, but a huge number of people are criticizing it, too, for various reasons. Recently, Noam Chomsky ChatGPT remarks have taken the internet by storm.

Noam Chomsky, a renowned linguist and cognitive scientist, expressed his views about ChatGPT, and the whole internet seemed to be blown away by it. The main point of view articulated by Chomsky was about the rise of ChatGPT and its effect on education. Noam Chomsky has called ChatGPT “high-tech plagiarism” and “a way of avoiding learning.”

Chomsky has said that there might be benefits of AI-powered chatbots in some fields of life, but education is definitely one of them. The linguist also said that instead of being helpful to students, ChatGPT is taking students away from learning and making them disinterested in education. He also added that the current education system is failing and leading students towards technology like ChatGPT.

Noam Chomsky ChatGPT

ChatGPT and OpenAI; Noam Chomsky ChatGPT

Sometimes referred to as “the father of modern linguistics,” Chomsky recently, in an interview with a YouTube Channel, EduKitchen, shared some deep thoughts on the subject. While discussing about the future of academic essays keeping in view the rise of ChatGPT, Chomsky highlighted the downside of ChatGPT in education.

He also underlined the flaws in our education system that are causing the students to lose interest in education and adopt things like ChatGPT.

Noam Chomsky also accentuated that apart from being a source of Plagiarism, there is no significant advantage of ChatGPT when it comes to education. He also pointed out the fact that detecting plagiarism has become more difficult for teachers and other educationists after ChatGPT.

Chomsky foregrounded that with ChatGPT, the value of understanding and cognition has no value. The easier to Plagiarise, the more difficult it to figure it out has been in education due to AI, said the critic.

Noam Chomsky ChatGPT Plagiarism Solution

After the Noam Chomsky interview went viral on the internet, users were compelled to think about the thoughts and points he expressed. The views made people critically analyze the effects of ChatGPT on education.

While almost everyone agreed with this point of view of Chomsky, they also wondered what the solution to the issue could be.

STUDENT reading a book in presence of a robot; Noam Chomsky ChatGPT

The solution to the ill effect of ChatGPT on education is somehow given by Chomsky in the same interview. Chomsky insisted that education be made interesting for students. He also emphasized making learning appealing to students, something that challenges them to learn rather than to find ways out of it.

Chomsky said rather than banning the AI bots like ChatGPT; we should make learning interesting so that students are compelled to learn.

Wrapping Up

The never-ending debate regarding ChatGPT since its launch, especially in academic circles, has led to thinking about ways to protect our education system. In a way, it seems like a threat to the whole learning process. If not used correctly, and if not found, some tools to help detect plagiarism, ChatGPT instead of boon, can turn into a bane.

The AI tools, including ChatGPT, have been banned by a number of schools and universities to protect their education system. It is becoming a cause of concern every single day.

Hope you got an overview of Noam Chomsky ChatGPT views through this article. If you enjoyed this, you should read can teachers detect ChatGPT also.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Noam Chomsky a Nobel Prize winner?

No, Noam Chomsky has not been awarded Nobel Prize yet.s

Can ChatGPT-generated text be detected?

Yes, there are tools that can tell if a text has been generated by ChatGPT or any other AI bot. To know more about this, click.

Can ChatGPT help me with my Math homework?

Yes, ChatGPT can help with Math homework.

Can ChatGPT write an episode of a TV show?

When asked the bot about it, ChatGPT wrote an episode of a fictional TV show very elaborately.

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