No Omaha-area property compares to $2.8 million ‘castle,’ real estate agent says

“It’s the second-best way to build a house,’’ Hunt said. “I couldn’t afford to build it out of concrete, which is what I wanted to do.’’

The Pointe also has a sprinkler system and a backup power generator that can run the entire home. It tests itself every Tuesday.

There’s a well for water if that system would ever fail. And an elevator that goes to all three floors.

“The nerve center is located in the mechanical room in the basement. It looks like it comes straight out of an ocean liner,” Coover says. “Lights are blinking, you can hear the hum of electricity.’’

Although it sits on the banks of the river, the house has never had problems because of flooding, something that Hunt is very proud of, Maley said.

The tower, reached by spiral steps, offers a 360-degree view. There’s farmland all around, and Iowa’s Loess Hills across the river in the distance.

“It really is a rarity,’’ Maley said. “There’s nothing out there. It’s so peaceful.’’

The castle is one of three homes owned by the 86-year-old Hunt, who lives in Blair. It’s currently unoccupied.

Maley and Coover acknowledge it’s a unique property that will take a unique buyer. Most obvious is someone who loves the outdoors, but there are lots of business opportunities, too. Although it’s in a remote location, two airports and a major metro area are within easy reach.

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