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The popular anime series – ‘No Game No Life’ from Madhouse Studio had a pretty great run in 2020. Since its arrival on Netflix last year, the popularity of this 2014 anime has doubled down. And so, fans have been demanding for its sequel with a No Game No Life Season 2. 

The highly acclaimed anime series is an adaptation of a light novel and manga of the same name by Yuu Kamiya. The series even ranks among the best Isekai anime since its debut over half a decade ago in 2014.

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Though there has been no confirmation from the production house of Madhouse Studio, it is highly likely for a second installment to make it up to the surface given its significantly high rating in the associated genre. In this article, you’ll find out exactly why we believe a sequel will be announced for NGNL.

Follow through with the article as we analyze if and when a No Game No Life Season 2 will make it in on the streaming platforms.

No Game No Life Season 2 | Everything You Need to Know

From backstory to speculated release date of the sequel of NGNL, read along the following subsections to get a better idea.

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No Game No Life Backstory

No Game No Life Season 2
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As mentioned above, No Game No Life is based on a light novel (or LN) series which was published under the label of MF Bunko J. There are a total of 10 volumes published by the collective publishing houses of MF Bunko J and Yen Press under their respective imprints between April 2012 and January 2018.

The plot of the series follows Sora along with his step-sister Shiro, who make up an undefeated team of gamers known as Blank (in the online gaming world). Their adventures start off when, one day, the duo is approached by a magical entity, Tet. Claiming to be a God from another reality, Tet challenges Blank to a game of chess. 

Eventually, the duo comes out victorious and is offered to live in an alternate reality known as Disboard where the world centers around games. The duo accepts the offer and sets out on a journey to conquer all 16 species of the Disboard in a bid to become Gods themselves. 

Is there any official news regarding No Game No Life Season 2?

As one of the highest-rated Isekai anime, the No Game No Life anime has garnered unbelievable popularity over the years, which has left its fans quite anxious about a second installment of the show.

Though Madhouse Studio has not yet planned for the NGNL season 2, it is also true that the animation house has not scrapped and canceled the idea of a second installment that instills some hope for its fanbase.  

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However, in the first season of the ‘A Place Further Than The Universe’ anime series, produced by the same Madhouse animation studio, several fans noticed and pointed out the same poster of the 2014 legendary NGNL anime. Though Madhouse later clarified that it was a special collaboration between the two universes for the celebration of the Blu-ray and DVD release of the NGNL movie adaptation, it still hints towards the fact that the studio is very much dedicated to this anime’s future.

No Game No Life Season 2

Why do we think there will be a No Game No Life Season 2?

Honestly, with a show as popular and hit as the NGNL, studios like Madhouse won’t let the opportunity to use a hot anime commodity slip away. Since the availability of the first NGNL season on Netflix, its reach has almost grown two times. And looking at Madhouse’s decision to renew Overlord with Season 3, even though its previous sales were lesser than NGNL, we can be sure that a No Game No Life Season 2 installment will hit the screen sooner or later. 

No Game No Life Season 2 Release Date

Considering the release of No Game No Life: Zero (the movie adaptation) back in 2017, it is likely that either Madhouse or Netflix will pick up the sequel project sometime this year or in the early phase of next year in 2022. 

According to speculations, after production works on the sequel are completed (which itself will take about a year), we can expect the No Game No Life Season 2 to hit screens in late-2022 or early-2023.

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What will be the Plot for No Game No Life Season 2?

No Game No Life Season 2
Source: spoilerguy

The story of the sequel will likely pick up from the events leading up to Sora and Shiro becoming humans’ representatives in Disboard and setting on a journey to conquer the 16 species of an alternate reality as depicted in the first season of the show.

Since the first installment was adapted from only three novels of the LN series, and the NGNL movie was adapted from the sixth volume of the LN series; the NGNL sequel will use volumes 4,5,7 as source material for its plotline. No Game No Life Season 2 might even include bits from the eighth volume to complete Horou’s game story arc and set up a promising beginning for a plausible NGNL Season 3.

No Game No Life Season 2 Cast

Considering the fact that the original voice cast of the Season 1 returned to play their respective characters in the No Game No Life: Zero movie adaptation, it is expected that the same cast will be reprised for their particular roles in NGNL season 2.

Though no official announcement regarding a new NGNL season or cast has been made yet, the main voice cast will likely stay the same. This list includes:

CharacterJapanese Voice CastEnglish Voice Cast
SoraYoshitsugu MatsuokaScott Gibbs
ShiroAi KayanoCaitlynn French
Stephanie DolaYōko HikasaSara Ornelas
JibrilYukari TamuraAmelia Fischer
Kurami ZellYuka IguchiBrittney Karbowski
Think NirvalenMamiko NotoJessica Boone
Izuna HatsuseMiyuki SawashiroKira Vincent-Davis
TetRie KugimiyaShannon Emerick

Where to Stream No Game No Life?

No Game No Life: Zero
Source: animesolution

As the first season of the NGNL series only consists of 12 episodes, it stands out as a perfect candidate for binge-watching. Now, to watch this legendary anime series, there are quite a few streaming services you can opt for.

With both sub and dub versions available, you can enjoy NGNL over OTT platforms such as  Netflix, Hulu, or Crunchyroll. And if a renewal season ever airs, it is most likely to get premiered over these streaming platforms.

However, if you’re looking for both the movie adaptation of NGNL, Netflix is your only bet as it hosts all the 12 episodes of the first season along with the No Game No Life: Zero movie.

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Wrapping Up

With this, we’ve reached the end of our article. We hope you got some insight into the possible sequel with the No Game No Life Season 2 cast, plot, and release date. Let us know some of your favorite moments from the first NGNL season, in the comment section below.

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