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A representative of The Rotary and Toastmasters International alliance presents the award to Carlyn XP. Cornell can be seen on the right.

Fans of the virtual show “Musical Therapy” hosted by Carlyn Xavier-Phillip stage name Carlyn XP alongside her husband Cornell ‘Fingers’ Phillip, have been assured that an end is not in sight for the now signature and newly-awarded  Sunday event.

Storming the airwaves from very early on in the lockdown period during the COVID-19 crisis, the performances  have been welcomed by many. Therefore, it was no surprise that the show stood out among the possible selections for recognition in the area of arts and culture for its impact and international reach among events held to support communities cope during the COVID-19 pandemic.

On August 6, the couple was awarded with the Making Connections Round Table Service Excellence Award as part of the newly established Rotary and Toastmasters International alliance programme.

The alliance seeks to bring together the skills of both organisations in the area of humanitarian service, leadership and personal development particularly in public speaking.

Under this collaboration, The Making Connections Round Table Show is a recently launched initiative of a partnership between the Rotary Club of Luton Someries and the Toastmaster club, International Orators, both UK-based organisations with international membership including Dominicans at home and abroad.

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Now internationally acclaimed, Carlyn XP humbly stated  to Dominica News Online, “It was a bit of a surprise because we are not doing this for any type of recognition or award or anything, but seeing that they did choose to award us for what we have been doing throughout the pandemic, we feel very good.”

The artist shared the story of the creation and evolution of  ‘Musical Therapy’, and their decision to continue, declaring that there is still a need for this type of entertainment.

“In Dominica, we might feel like we are returning to some type of normal but for the rest of the world especially in places like the USA, Canada and the UK this is not the case and we still feel like they need us. Sometimes we hint that this may be our last show but from the request we receive people are saying they don’t want us to stop,” Carlyn XP explained.

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With an aim to please, the artist says the show caters to everyone from all walks of life and no two Sundays are the same.

“This show doesn’t just appeal to a selective few but to everyone. We have children, the middle aged and the elderly all viewing. So we may have the same set up because we are performing from home but we switch it up as much as possible.”

Now in its 24 edition, the activity has not been without its challenges. However, the couple sees their show as a mental relief for not only the public but for themselves.

“The different social media platforms like Facebook and YouTube were not ready for such a high influx of people doing live shows because the world changed in a split of a second, so every so often during a performance, we experience drops from the different feeds,” she stated, adding, “everything requires money and we don’t want to put on a mediocre show so we have different costumes and so on but with the support of several businesses in Dominica and our fans, we have been able to to continue.”

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Despite several offers for outside performances, the couple will continue to entertain from home as they deem this a “safer” platform.

“We do not see anything that will stop us any time soon,” Carlyn XP promised.”We will go as long as the good Lord wants us to, as well as our fans.”


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