What Does No Caller ID Mean On iPhone? 3 Smart Tips To Evade Such Calls

What Does No Caller ID Mean On iPhone? 3 Smart Tips To Evade Such Calls

Technology can be a boon and a bane at the same time. The most recent instance happened with a friend of mine who was continuously getting a call on her iPhone from a no caller ID; meaning the number was intentionally hidden to mask the identity. She recently rejected someone over a proposal, and she was worried as to what does no caller ID mean on iPhone? On the one hand, you can hide your identity on iPhone, and on the other hand, it can be a nightmare for the person on the receiver’s end

The moment my iPhone rings, the first thing I look at is the person on the other end. This lets me decide I have to accept or reject a call. However, if a number that is flashing on my iPhone screen is No Caller ID, I barely pick it up, or block it to prevent further disturbance.

Before moving ahead to understand what does no caller ID mean on iPhone, just think that the caller might have intentionally masked or concealed their contact information from the receiver. This person can be anyone; a hacker, a telemarketer, a passionate secret admirer, a person from a past relationship trying to take revenge, some spammer, or any random person, who does not want that you must know their identity.

What Does No Caller ID Mean on iPhone?

What Does No Caller ID Mean On iPhone? 3 Smart Tips To Evade Such Calls

1. So, No Caller ID on iPhone simply means the caller has intentionally hidden their ID. Their phone number is not visible to the receiver.

2. This is purposely done by the caller so that the person on the other hand or the target cannot trace the call.

3. Remember that there is a difference between a no caller ID and an unknown number. Sometimes, if the internet is not working or the servers are busy, the device might face trouble tracking the identity of the caller. Hence, it will show an Unknown Number.

What Does No Caller ID Mean On iPhone? 3 Smart Tips To Evade Such Calls

4. No caller ID is typically a scam or a fraud. An unknown number can be a known number, but no caller ID is a potential fraud.

5. In case the settings on your iPhone are not set for the same, go to Settings and select Phone. Now, after tapping on Phone, turn off the Show My Caller ID option. However, the same settings on iPhone can be a bane if used for the wrong purposes.

6. You have to be very cautious if by chance, you happen to pick such calls, as they can be phishing scams. The person on the other side can record your voice as well.

How To Block No Caller ID?

You can simply block No Caller ID for your own safety on your iPhone. Here are the Steps:

1. Navigate to the Settings App on your iPhone.

2. Now select Do Not Disturb from the menu.

3. Turn on the Toggle that reads Manual.

What Does No Caller ID Mean On iPhone? 3 Smart Tips To Evade Such Calls

4. Now select Allow Calls From.

5. Select All Contacts.

6. There is one more option, where you can block a particular person from your phone’s contact list also.

How to Handle Unknown or No Caller ID Calls?

As you what does No Caller ID mean on iPhone, it is impossible to disconnect or reject every call from another number; here are a few things to consider if you accept the calls.

1. There are people who try to retrieve personal and financial information, deceived as bankers or insurance people. Be cautious and think before you speak. Your voice recordings can be used by phishers or spammers who empty your bank accounts.

2. There are callers who pressurize you to take immediate actions, like pay now or you will miss the chance, great holiday offers, and similar. Be watchful of too good or too lucrative offers to believe.

3. Unless you are sure, do not provide your complete personal and financial credentials. Giving such information while opening up your account in a bank, or for your child’s enrolment in a school, or once you are on a company’s payroll once selected for a job is one thing; giving such information anywhere and everywhere is not a wise decision.

How to Turn Off No Caller ID on iPhone?

How to Turn Off No Caller ID iPhone (easy fix)

Wrapping Up

Now, you know what does no caller ID mean on iPhone. However, if you choose to receive calls only from your contact list, you will prevent your phone from getting notifications from other important contacts like your bank, cabbie, food delivery person, grocery delivery person, and so on. This means you cannot use No caller ID option for every contact. The only solution is to be watchful and careful while answering such calls and block No Caller ID calls on your iPhone. You can also use Block this contact in the settings of your device.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does no caller ID mean on iPhone?

It means that the number flashed on your screen is a scam.

Is there a difference between an unknown caller and a no caller ID?

Yes, an unknown number can be in your contact list, but not displaying if there are signal issues.

How to prevent your phone number from No Caller ID calls?

Be watchful while you answer the calls. You can block the number once you realize its a fake number like telemarketers. Block such numbers.

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