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It is simply not possible that you haven’t heard about the infamous characters Mario and Luigi from Japanese video game giant Nintendo. A misleading post shows a tweet posted by an account called Nintendo of America where these two characters are shown kissing on the lips to promote pride month. This article contains everything you need to know about the Nintendo of America Pride Month Tweet.

There were two screenshots posted by parody accounts that claim to show the creator of the legendary video game series Super Mario who is complaining about fake pictures of characters Mario and Luigi kissing. It has been claimed that the tweets were not genuine.

Pride month, which is supposed to be a pure concept, has been polluted by such parody accounts. To know more about Nintendo of America Pride Month tweet, check out this article.

Fuzz Around Nintendo Of America Pride Month Tweet

The caption of this parody post read: “When being ‘Woke’ crosses the line…” As per the dictionary, ‘Woke‘ means “Alert to injustice in society, especially racism“.

Pasted below is the screenshot of the misleading post:

Nintendo Of America Pride Month TweetNintendo Of America Pride Month Tweet

The caption on the post says: “Happy #PrideMonth! Our staff is filled with people of all sexualities so we love supporting that”.

In the US commemoration of the stonewall riots, which is a series of pro-LGBT confirmations which were held in New York, June was officially chosen as the Pride Month.

There were various disrespecting comments under the tweet showing Mario and Luigi saying: “Ain’t they brothers?

The second screenshot in the misleading post showed a tweet by Shigeru Miyamoto who happens to be the game designer of Mario series. The tweet read: “Saw a picture of Mario and Luigi kissing one another online. Please do not do that.” this tweet was reportedly posted on April 24, 2014. Here’s the screenshot:

Nintendo Of America Pride Month TweetNintendo Of America Pride Month Tweet

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Nintendo Of America Pride Month Tweet | Response From Audience

Nintendo of America Pride Month tweet got a lot of attention on Twitter. According to reports, Nintendo of America’s Pride Month tweet was shared hundreds of times by various accounts across the world.

Although Nintendo’s Pride Month tweet was completely fake, various people appeared to have believed it. Among this population also falls the former Deputy Assistant to the then US President Donald Trump, Sebastian Gorka.

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Nintendo Of America Pride Month Tweet | Who Posted What?

The Twitter handle which posted the Nintendo of Americas’ pride month tweet was actually @NIntendoAmerica, but in reality, the only Twitter blue verified account is @NintendoAmerica. If you would notice, the Twitter blue verified badge allows people to figure out that the account of public interest is genuinely authentic. That blue verified badge is only present on the official Twitter account of @NintendoAmerica, and not on the wrong post.

We’ve even added a screenshot comparison which would clearly allow you to see the difference in both the accounts.

Nintendo Of America Pride Month Tweet

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Nintendo Of America’s Pride Month Tweet | Steps Taken By The Officials

While investigating the whole case, the search history of the verified Nintendo of America account was also checked. According to the officials, there were no images or statements found which might be related to Pride Month in any way.

While this was going on, the Twitter account with the handle @realShigeruM was suspended for violating certain rules of Twitter. According to reports, Miyamoto is not even on Twitter and the said account is a parody account.

According to the Tech Digest, “Shigeru Miyamoto, the creator of Mario, Legend of Zelda, and the man responsible for most of the joy in your childhood, isn’t on Twitter – but he is represented in the form of parody account @realShigeruM. We don’t know who is behind that account, but it is brilliant – here’s our pick of the funniest tweets.

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Wrapping Up

Pride Month is one of the most serious and naïve topics for those who belong to the LGBTQ community. But some people don’t realize that and end up making it a mere joke. Nintendo of America Pride Month tweet was proven to be fake and was taken down by Twitter along with all the accounts.


1. Which Month Is The Pride Month?

June is considered as the Pride Month globally.

2. What Is The Official Twitter Handle Of Nintendo Of America?

@NintendoAmerica is the official Twitter handle of Nintendo of America.

3. Who is the Creator of Super Mario?

Shigeru Miyamoto is the creator of Super Mario.


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