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The Newcastle United Supporters Trust have launched a new effort to purchase a stake in Newcastle United. It has been named the 1892 Pledge and more can be learned about it at

Here is a 2-minute video produced by NUST which explains a little about what this endeavor hopes to achieve.

This is the mission statement from the 1892 Pledge:

The Trust exists to have all Newcastle United supporters involved in the ownership of this great club.

We have launched the 1892 Pledge Scheme as the best way to raise the funds so that through the Trust the fans can have a stake in the Club.

We believe that through fan ownership in the Club we will be able to secure the future of NUFC for all time.

We want the club to operate with integrity and transparency and have a clear strategy for success on and off the pitch.

From what I gather, fans can pledge money now that will be then used to attempt to purchase a stake in the club. If that is unsuccessful, the money will be kept while Ashley remains the owner in the event that Newcastle drop down leagues and the value of the club drops such as Portsmouth, Sunderland, and Bolton have.

However, if Newcastle don’t plummet down the divisions, or Mike Ashley finally sells up, the money will be donated to local charities. But one caution that must be said is that this is a long-term project that may not bear any fruit for many, many years, if at all.

The Chronicle and The Athletic’s George Caulkin are backing this effort from NUST and have written articles explaining their position. So if any fans are interested, you can go to their newly created website to find out more information.

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