New York man arrested after hitting group of hasidic men with car

An SUV in Brooklyn, New York backed into a group of five ultra-Orthodox men crossing the street in Williamsburg on Saturday night. The suspect, Shokhobiddin Bakhritdinov, was arrested by the police for misdemeanor assault and fleeing the scene of the crime.The incident was caught on a surveillance camera and the video was uploaded to Williamsburg News’ twitter account. In the video, the SUV can be seen stopping just past the intersection, where Bakhritdinov exited his car, looked behind him at the ultra-Orthodox men crossing the street, got back into the car, and reversed into the men, twice. Bakhritdinov then drove away.

The NYPD spokesperson said that five men were hit by the vehicle, with one sustaining a foot injury.

“Officers discovered five males who came into a contact with a gray Honda SUV which reversed into them. One of the victims, an 82-year-old male, sustained a foot injury and was removed by EMS to Cobble Hill Hospital for treatment,” said NYPD Det. Sophia Mason.Williamsburg’s volunteer patrol, Shomrim, located Bakhritdinov’s SUV on Sunday and the police proceeded to arrest the suspect. 

Bakhritdinov’s lawyer, Jack Brewer appealed to the court, saying the incident was a mistake and Bakhritdinov’s license need not be suspended, as one accident does not prove he is a dangerous driver, reported NY Daily News. The judge ruled against suspending Bakhritdinov’s license.

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