11 Funniest New Year’s Zoom Games For Adults

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Smriti Razdan
Smriti Razdan
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Just like 2020, this year was also a pain in the ass. Instead of saying goodbye, we will be saying Good Riddance! However, we don’t have to take our misery into 2022. While you are deciding how to celebrate New Year’s eve at home, we suggest you play some Virtual New year’s Zoom Games and go into 2022 enjoying with your friends. 

We were already struggling with Covid-19 when the new Omicron variant has come to say hi. Before you plan all your outdoor parties, think a second, is it worth it? The risk of spreading the virus among your family members is still very huge as nobody knows how dangerous Omicron is. 

Please don’t risk your lives when you can have the same fun by playing some amazing New Year’s Zoom Games. Just check out the games that we have mentioned below and invite your friends to a Zoom Party on Dec 31, 2021.  

11 Best New Year’s Zoom Games | Virtual Games For All

To make your friends feel special by the end of the year, you must look for some personalized New Year gifts for friends. And when they get excited about the eve, invite them over to your Zoom meeting and tell them they are going to have so much fun virtually.

'Vogue's 73 Questions; 11 Funniest New Year's Zoom Games For Adults

1. ‘Vogue’s 73 Questions | New Year’s Zoom Game

We all have watched every single episode of Vogue’s 73 Questions and after being totally obsessed with the voice of Joe Sabia, we have decided to rank this as the first one in our list of best New year’s Zoom games. You can either choose the same questions he asks or curate your own list. After all it’s you who’s going to host the virtual Zoom party.

Champagne or Sham?; 11 Funniest New Year's Zoom Games For Adults

2. Champagne or Sham?

Finally, there’s an official trivia for drinking Champagne on New Year’s eve. Get on your Zoom party and divide the participants into two or three teams. Read the statements regarding champagne and the members of teams have to answer only in True or False. If you lose, you drink, if you win, you get to say how much the losers will drink.

Virtual New Years Bingo; 11 Funniest New Year's Zoom Games For Adults

3. Virtual New Years Bingo | Best NY Eve Zoom Game

We truly cannot complete the list of any game without including the word Bingo in it. You already know the rules, simply download the picture of New Year’s bingo, send it to all your friends. Everyone will surely enjoy playing Bingo after printing the sheets. Bingo is a must-one from our list of Virtual New Year’s Zoom games.

Virtual New Year's Eve Drinking Game; 11 Funniest New Year's Zoom Games For Adults

4. Virtual New Year’s Eve Drinking Game

What would be your answer on “Drink if you are going to post more than one picture on New year” or “Drink if it took you an hour to get ready”. Now, ask similar questions while playing the most amazing New Year’s Zoom games. You can even print such cards for your ease.

Dumb Charades; 11 Funniest New Year's Zoom Games For Adults

5. Dumb Charades On New Year’s Eve

Divide all the participants into two teams, find a good list of movies for dumb charades, and start playing this amazing game on New Year’s eve. You have no idea how much fun you will have by playing all these amazing New Year’s Zoom games.

Two Resolutions and a Lie; 11 Funniest New Year's Zoom Games For Adults

6. Two Resolutions and a Lie

Obviously, you will set some New Year’s Resolutions this year too like every year. Why not make a game out of it? So, it is very simple, you will say three resolutions and your friends have to guess which one is a lie and which ones are true. Whoever loses would have to drink two sips.

Cards Against Humanity; 11 Funniest New Year's Zoom Games For Adults

7. Cards Against Humanity | Best New Year’s Zoom Game

Cards Against Humanity is a great party game that will make you laugh like hell. You can get whole PDFs from their official website and it will cost you nothing to do so. Simply ask the question and your friends have to answer from the given options. This New Year’s Zoom game will be your favorite one from this list.

Murder Mystery Game; 11 Funniest New Year's Zoom Games For Adults

8. Virtual Murder Mystery Game | Best New Year’s Zoom Game

Did you know there are actual games designed for just Zoom parties? And even better than any silly game, we have brought you a murder mystery game. This serious game compels you to invite your friends and ask them to appear on Zoom call dressed as their characters. They will know how they are going to talk, to whom, and at what point in time. Overall, this is the best New Year’s Zoom Game. Period.

EpicMafia; 11 Funniest New Year's Zoom Games For Adults

9. EpicMafia | Most Interesting New Year’s Zoom Game

Epic Mafia is a perfect game for the big groups who are going to join your Zoom parties. Basically, everyone makes a free account on epicmafia.org and joins either as either minority (Mafias) or majority (the villagers). People have to guess who is who and it gets really intriguing by the end. EpicMafia is definitely one of the best New Year’s Zoom games on this list.

Guess Who?; 11 Funniest New Year's Zoom Games For Adults

10. Guess Who?

I am sure you have heard of the classic board game, Guess Who? Well, now you have it on the digital platform. What are the rules? Ask smart questions and that’s it. That’s all it takes to play this one of the New Year’s Zoom games.

Among Us! 11 Funniest New Year's Zoom Games For Adults

11. Among Us! Best New Year’s Zoom Game

Well, who hasn’t heard of the popular game Among Us! The game was so popular that people started wearing the red helmet costume for contests (and they won). What are you waiting for? Create your rooms and join with all your friends. There’s no chance that you wouldn’t enjoy playing this New Year’s Zoom game.

Wrapping Up

Those were all of the 11 Funniest New Year’s Zoom Games For Adults. Comment below which one of them is your favorite. If I am to choose one then it would be the murder mystery game. I mean everything about this game is exciting. Don’t you think so?

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