Local New Year’s Eve Restaurants To Dine In Or Order Takeout

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New Year is a time when you meet everybody and simply enjoy the holidays with your family and friends. Now I know for a reason you have stayed in your home this year (too) and that’s probably the biggest reason why you should visit some Local New Year’s Eve Restaurants. After all, you deserve it! 

You can make yourself some delicious meals, decorate your place or even invite your friends to dinner. However, New Year demands to be celebrated like no other day of the year. I am sure you celebrated Christmas with your family with that special wine you got for your party. Now, please don’t stick to the same walls, get out and celebrate New Year 2022! 

You can celebrate your New Year in San Diego, or you can spend quality time with your partner in these local New Year’s eve restaurants in Cambridge, and Boston. Whichever place you choose, know that it’s going to be amazing nonetheless. Let’s not keep you waiting anymore. Scroll a little and find out all about them. 

Local New Year’s Eve Restaurants In Cambridge And Boston

If I could wish one thing for New Year’s it would not be some mansion or a billion dollars. I would wish for these local New year’s eve restaurants in Cambridge and Boston to give the same meals the whole year. Their New Year specials are to die for and if you are a foodie, you will know what I mean by it. 

Also, another pandemic wave is on the rise and your safety is above anyone else. Make sure you are fully vaccinated and you have got your booster dose as well. Now, this still means that you have to wear your holiday masks every time you go out to celebrate. 

1. Clover Food Lab | Cambridge 

Local New Year’s Eve Restaurants In Cambridge And Boston (2022)

Clover Food Lab offers a special New Years’ Eve box of two that has only vegan delicacies. Moreover, whatever they offer is only their creation. From Berkshire Mountain Pizza to nachos, you can have your tummy full till the ball drops. It is one of the best local New Year’s eve restaurants in Cambridge. 

DatesDecember 29-31
TimingOrder by 5 PM
Venue1075 Cambridge St., Cambridge

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2. Summer Shack | Boston 

Local New Year’s Eve Restaurants In Cambridge And Boston (2022)

Okay, the name might not be fit for the holiday season, but its offerings totally are. With some seafood choices, Summer Shack offers you to dine in or take out your order. Get yourself a Signature Oyster, and see for yourself what heaven tastes like. You cannot miss going to Summer Shack, as it is one of the best local New Year’s eve restaurants in Boston. 

DatesTill December 31, 2021
TimingVisit anytime
Venue50 Dalton St., Boston, 617-867-9955,149 Alewife Brook Parkway, Cambridge

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3. FOGO DE CHAO | Boston

Local New Year’s Eve Restaurants To Dine In Or Order Takeout

To bring something different to your table, FOGO DE CHAO adds a little spice and offers all-new Market Table offerings this New Year. Butternut Squash, a sweet potato soup with hot spices will be your go-to meal after this dinner. You can also pick up your meals from FOGO DE CHAO. 

DatesTill December 31, 2021
TimingMake reservations
Venue200 Dartmouth St., Boston (617-585-6300),75 Middlesex Turnpike, Burlington, (781-382-0222)

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4. Bar Enza | Cambridge

Being true to its name, Bar Enza offers a truly giant plate with a five-course meal. Mozzarella sticks with the delicious Robiolina ravioli will make you fall in love with the chef. White truffle trifle will be your ultimate dessert for the night. All this makes it one of the best local New year’s eve restaurants. 

DatesUntil December 31, 2021
Timing5:00 PM – 10:00 PM
PricePrix-fixe $180 and $165 wine pairings
Venue1 Bennett St., Cambridge
Contact617-561-5050, 617-661-5050

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5. ROW 34 | Boston

It is only for one night when the owner and chef of ROW 34, Jeremy Sewall, continues his annual tradition. Every year on December 31 he offers special delights which include some special New Year Champagne and Ossetra caviar. 

You should not miss going out to this one of the best local New year’s eve restaurants on Dec 31, 2021.

DatesUntil December 31, 2021
Timing11:30 AM – 10 PM
PriceInformation not available
Venue383 Congress St Fort Point, MA 02210., Boston

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Wrapping Up

Are you craving it already? I get it! I am also dying to eat all of the food at these local New Year’s Eve Restaurants in Cambridge and Boston. If you have already chosen a place to visit then comment below its name and tell our readers why you have chosen it. 

Do not forget to share this article with your friends and family members. Make some plans if you haven’t already.

Keep visiting Path of EX and have a great New Year!


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