10 New Year Zoom Background Ideas and How to Use Them?

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10 New Year Zoom Background Ideas and How to Use Them?
Shivangi Gupta
My name is Shivangi Gupta and I am a student of English Literature. I loved reading from a very young age and my fascination with stories and experiences is never-ending. Literature, for me, is not just stories but the life experiences and expectations of different people from time and beyond. I believe that literature brings an essence in the life of which, most people are unaware. Writing is not just a passion but a way of learning and swotting new things. I have been writing research papers for international journals since 2018. Covering topics from the old age cultures of the Anglo-Saxons to the goods and bad of the latest technology and gadgets.

This New Year is not an usual festival rather this year’s festivals are going to be historical. No parties, no clubbing and no going out is the moto of the year. Just like the whole year 2020, the festivals are also going to be virtual. Planning a party for 100 hundred people is easy whereas planning for a virtual can be a hard task. 

Most of us are going to stay at our home when the balls drop but that does’t mean you’ll loose your New Year spirit. Even if you are going all virtual and digital this year, we have the blasting ideas just for you all.  

Well, we all have to admit that Zoom had taken over the burden of the year 2020. Be it, an important meeting, a family gathering, a birthday party or even a whole wedding. Zoom has seen it all in 2020, and there is no way that we are leaving Zoom this New Year.

We hope that you have prepared all the New Year games and New Year decoration ideas, gifts for your family, some amazing Champagne and Wine. now it is time to prepare for a beautiful Zoom background. Yes you heard it right! 

You know that you can use different Zoom backgrounds, along with thatyou can also use some of the best festive images as your holiday background.

But the first thing to do is to know how to use Zoom background?

How to Use Zoom Background?

Initially let’s try understanding the very simple process of changing your Zoom background. 

  1. Download the Zoom application on your Windows
  2. Open the applications and sign in or login.
  3. Click on the profile picture.
  4. Click on settings.
  5. In the left menu bar, there will be a Virtual Background tab. Click on Virtual Background Tab.
  6. There you will find multiple options of Zoom’s default backgrounds to choose from, select any background or upload your own image.
  7. To add your own image or video, click on the +icon and upload the image from your computer.

This was the process of changing your Zoom background from your desktops. If you will having  your Zoom New Year party on your mobile, then the process is a little different but just as easy.

  1. Download the Zoom applications on your phone.
  2. Open the application and sign in and login.
  3. At the bottom right, there will be three dots. Click the three dots to open the MENU.
  4. Tab on the Virtual Background.
  5. Select any of the Zoom’s default background or upload your own from your device.

10 Zoom Backgrounds for your Virtual New Year Party

A Fun and Happy New Year

New Year Zoom Background Ideas
Source: GigMaster

A colorful background for a New Year party is everything you need. Make your festival more colorful and vibrant!

Festive 2021 Ornaments

New Year Zoom Background Ideas
Source: Pinterest

Use some lightning and your Christmas decorations as your background. This background will just light up the festivals.

Poppin’ Bottles on NYE

New Year Zoom Background Ideas
Source: iStock

The signature thing about New Year is the popping of the bottle. Your background should scream New Year.

New Year’s Eve Cocktails

10 New Year Zoom Background Ideas and How to Use Them?
Source: Latestly

Tell me one New Year celebration that goes without cocktails? Light up you Zoom Party with some booze in the background!

New Year’s Party Gear

New Year Zoom Background Ideas
Source: Greenblehaus

If you miss going to clubs and parties and can’t go this New Year. Then don’t worry because you can create a club like vibe in your Zoom Meeting.

Loading 2021

New Year Zoom Background Ideas
Source: Pngtree

Go all typical with a loading 2021 background. Be a reminder to everybody and telling them the disastrously year 2020 is almost ending.

Winter Wallpaper

New Year Zoom Background Ideas
Source: C Boarding Group

This season is not just about the festivals but the warm and snowy feeling of winter. Now that you have decided to stay in, why not make a cup of hot chocolate and add a wintery background to the meeting.

Almost Midnight

New Year Zoom Background Ideas
Source: From Miles to Smiles

Add the almost midnight background and be the time watch for your family and friends.

Happy 2021

New Year Zoom Background Ideas
Source: Amazon

Keep it simple and to the point with a very basic Happy New Year 2021 as your Zoom meeting background.

Celebration Fireworks

New Year Zoom Background Ideas
Source: Aamzon

Celebration Fireworks. Do I need to say more? New Year celebration demand more and more fireworks every year.

Feature Image Credits: Etsy


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