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Smriti Razdan
Smriti Razdan
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A new year is coming soon. You probably have thought about all the gifts for your family members, friends and colleagues. However, when it comes to kids, don’t just go for the stuffed toys section in your local store. Think a little smartly because that budding scientist or stylist needs something more specific for its interest. In this list of Best New Year Gifts For Kids, you will get a variety of options for your little ones. 

Kids are particularly smart creatures, to say the least. They might be not into studies that much but you should always give special importance to the other things they are interested in. It could be anything. From sewing to cooking to clicking pictures, if that’s what they like, you should definitely surprise them with a special gift.

I tried to bring the best of the internet to this list of New Year gifts for kids. It is definitely not for people who want their kids to play with teddy bears, however, there’s nothing wrong with that too. I have only included gifts that are fun to use and only kids with a particular interest will like these. 

11 Best New Year Gifts For Kids

The New Year gifts listed in this article are mostly for kids from 4 to 10 years of age. If your little one gets excited about using new toys and learns quickly, then this article might be made for you. However, if your kid is a little slow learner you can still gift him/her any gift from this article and I am sure s/he will definitely have fun trying it.  

Augmented Reality Interactive Globe; 11 Smart New Year Gifts For Kids | Playful Activities For Little Ones

1. Augmented Reality Interactive Globe | Age 4 to 10 Years

This Augmented Reality Interactive Globe will change the definition of the globe for you. Loaded with more than 1000 facts for kids, your little human only needs to scan the area and they will learn all about it on the smart device. Get this AR Interactive Globe from this list of New Year gifts for kids on Amazon for only $49.99.

Compact Instant Camera; 11 Smart New Year Gifts For Kids | Playful Activities For Little Ones

2. Compact Instant Camera | Age 6+ Years

A camera for kids is such a cool thing. I have seen a lot of kids who click pictures and then show them around to their family members, for that kid in your family, you can get this Compact Instant Camera. S/he will definitely love this pick from the list of New Year gifts for kids and it is only for $54 on Amazon.

Slime-making Kit For Kids; 11 Smart New Year Gifts For Kids

3. Slime-making Kit For Kids | Age 4+ years

Kids love to make Slime and lowkey we all do. As long as it doesn’t get stuck in their hair, you can order some for your kids. This Ultimate Slime kit is a great choice from this list of Best New Year gifts for kids as it is available for only $6 on Amazon.

Crazy Forts Construction Toy; 11 Smart New Year Gifts For Kids

4. Crazy Forts Construction Toy | Age 5+ Years

Who didn’t love to build forts? We all do! Luckily this generation of kids won’t have to use bedsheets to do the same. We have Crazy Forts for them on Amazon that serves the purpose. With a good capacity of having 2-3 kids inside, this Crazy Fort will only cost you $42.06.

Educational Coding Robot; 11 Smart New Year Gifts For Kids

5. Educational Coding Robot | Age 7+ Years

If you have a smart kid in your home, then you have to get this Coding Robot for him or her. Give him a head start on this Artie 3000 which attracts all the smart kids. You can get this New Year gift for kids for only $55.98 on Amazon.

. Funko Mad Tea Party Card Game; 11 Smart New Year Gifts For Kids

6. Funko Mad Tea Party Card Game | Age 5+ Years

This Funko Mad Tea Party Card game is all you need to make your kids have fun. Use cards to place a teacup and don’t let your tower fall. This easiest playful game will only cost you $19.99 on GameStop.com.

Kids Cook! Book; 11 Smart New Year Gifts For Kids

7. Kids Cook! | Age 7+ Years

This book by Good Housekeeping will help your kids to be the master Chefs of their little kitchen. These easy-to-make recipes will make them understand the effort it takes to prepare something, so they will not simply waste food anymore. Get this cookbook from Amazon for only $22.95.

Kids Sewing Kit; 11 Smart New Year Gifts For Kids

8. Kids Sewing Kit | Age 4+ Years

If your kid jumps around when you sew something beautiful on clothes then maybe its time that you get that little kid a Kids Sewing Kit. S/he will create innumerable DIY projects and they will show it off to anyone and everyone around. Get this Kids friendly Sewing Kit from Etsy for $20 only.

Science Experiments Book; 11 Smart New Year Gifts For Kids

9. Amazing Science Experiments | Age 7+ Years

Get your kids this amazing 83 experiments book. You can be sure that these experiments are all safe for kids. However, be ready when your kids come running to you to explain all the science shit. You can buy this from Amazon for only $28.71.

Salad Play Food Set; 11 Smart New Year Gifts For Kids

10. Salad Play Food Set | Age 3+ Years

Some kids love to cook after watching their parents in the kitchen. If your kid is also like this then you can get him/her this Salad Play Food Set. It comes with veggies, fruits, and they can slice it according to their liking. Also, New Year gifts for kids like this food set will enhance your kids’ motor skills. You can get it for $20 from Amazon.

Unicorn Wooden Puzzle; 11 Smart New Year Gifts For Kids

11. Unicorn Wooden Puzzle | Age 5+ Years

The Unicorn puzzle is a great game to introduce to your kids when they are around 4-5 years of age. This 103 piece puzzle will also attract adults because of its design and theme. You can get it easily from Amazon for only $30.

Wrapping Up

Gifts can be a medium to either be playful or induce some creativity in your kids. If this article made you want to buy any of these New Year Gifts for Kids then comment below and let us know if you liked it or not.

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