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Smriti Razdan
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The time has come where we should enjoy ourselves. It’s time to be in full enthusiasm. Leave all your worries behind and wait for a New Year to begin. All you need is to just choose between the two, stay on your bed with food or with your close friends. And if you plan to spend these precious moments with a close one, then gifts for them are a must.

Frankly speaking, searching for New Year gift ideas for boys is a much difficult task than searching for a girl. Don’t worry! I am here to help you in choosing the best New Year gifts for guys to make their 2022 start in a better way than they have expected.

This year’s celebration and giving gifts will not be a formality. Instead, it will be a way to say thanks. Thanks for being there in hard times, thanks for being with you when no one else was, thanks for the unconditional love, and every moment, in a way to celebrate togetherness.

29 Best New Year Gift Ideas For Men

Among all the festivities it can be a little hard to take out time only to decide what to buy for your guy. However this time, we are here to help you with the most amazing stuff on the internet.

After talking to many and a bit of internet saying, we have a list of the new year gift ideas for boys. Let us begin the list-

Cuff Links; 25+ New Year Gift Ideas For Boys

1. Cufflinks

Cufflinks are an item of jewelry. They are made of leather, precious metal, stone, and glass for men. It is used to secure the cuffs of a shirt. The cufflink is an excellent gift as it is a symbol of prestige for men and a best New year gift idea for men.

Beard Oil; 25+ New Year Gift Ideas For Boys

2. Beard Oil

After no shave November, boys care for their beards even more. What’s better than gifting a beard oil to a man who loves a beard? Beard oil keeps the skin healthy and supple underneath the beard. This adds shine to the beard as well. Beard oil is a great one among all the best New Year gift ideas for boys and men.

Grooming Kit; 25+ New Year Gift Ideas For Boys

3. Grooming Kit

Boys too need to take care of the skin. They are more prone to dirt, dust, and sun rays but they don’t care about the skin. Help him start caring about his skin in a better way. Go for a grooming kit with a moisturizer, cleanser, and eye cream and gift him one of the best New Year gifts for men.

Cologne; 25+ New Year Gift Ideas For Boys

4. Cologne

Smelling good gives an extra edge to confidence. Whether it is an official meeting, date, or a casual day out, a cologne is essential. Gift him a good range of cologne. This will give him a boost in his confidence both in private and in public. What a great New year gift idea for men.

Smartphone Sanitizer; 25+ New Year Gift Ideas For Boys

5. Smartphone Sanitizer

You will be shocked to know that our phone can make us ill too. Being the most used thing in a day, phones are more prone to be contaminated with the infection. Moreover, after the pandemic, one’s safety has become the measure of concern. Gifting Smartphone Sanitizer will be the best way to show your concern toward him in your absence, making it an amazing New Year gift for boys.

Growlight Frame Shelf; 25+ New Year Gift Ideas For Boys

6. Growlight Frame Shelf

Indoor plants look pretty. They are a good piece of decor. But, the indoor plants have less life as they get less light. The solution to that is a grow light frame shelf. Getting a Growlight Frame Shelf for a man who loves greenery around would win his heart, and you would do this with this list of best New Year gift ideas for boys.

Smart Portable Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Speaker; 25+ New Year Gift Ideas For Boys

7. Smart Portable Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Speaker

With a busy lifestyle and mobile life, keeping up with heavy gadgets has become difficult. He would love to have a smart portable wi-fi and Bluetooth speaker. Give him the portable gadgets this New year to enjoy everywhere with ease.

Apple Watch Series; 25+ New Year Gift Ideas For Boys

8. Apple Watch Series

Apple has been an emerging brand. It has become the first preference when it comes to technology. An Apple Watch Series or an accessory is a gift that would be beneficial for him. Its features to track each activity either it is swimming, step count or heart rate in a stylish way make it a functional gift to try.

Over-Ear Headphones; 25+ New Year Gift Ideas For Boys

9. Over-Ear Headphones | Best New Year Gifts For Boys

Upgrade his work from home experience by gifting the stylish and innovative over-ear headphones. This would help in enjoying seamless podcasts and his favorite music without handling tangled wire.

Sunglasses; 25+ New Year Gift Ideas For Boys

10. Sunglasses

I agree with the fact that we cannot step out of our houses to enjoy the beach and rooftop parties for long. Still giving a pair of good quality branded Sunglasses is still a good option among the new year gift ideas for boys.

Portable Campfire; 25+ New Year Gift Ideas For Boys

11. Portable Campfire

Does he love tracking and spending nighttime with friends in the lawn or backyard? If yes, you can give him a portable campfire for him to enjoy with more fun and a campfire. Indeed, a portable Campfire is a good New Year gift idea for men.

3-in-1 Charging Stand; 25+ New Year Gift Ideas For Boys

12. 3-in-1 Charging Stand

Phone, air-pods, and smartwatches all are the necessities of life these days. A 3-in-1 Charging Stand will keep these three most used stuff charged all at the same time. Let him charge all without long differentiated cords.

Shoulder and Neck Massager; 25+ New Year Gift Ideas For Boys

13. Back, Shoulder and Neck Massager

Sitting all day long on a chair in front of the laptop screen is the new normal. All thanks to the shift of work from home. But, sitting still in a position for a long duration results in pain. Gifting back shoulder and neck massager will comfort his pain as a personal therapist. Also, this would keep him active.

Urban Map Glass; 25+ New Year Gift Ideas For Boys

14. Urban Map Glass

Drinking glasses with Urban Map embedded on it is good to go option if he loves drinking in a personal home bar. No doubt it’s a perfect New Year gift for boys who love to drink.

Mini Projector; 25+ New Year Gift Ideas For Boys

15. Mini Projector

Who does not love seeing favorite movies on the big screen? But going out in ongoing situations is a big NO! You don’t have to let him compromise his interests. Give him a mini projector. It will make him enjoy his favorite and interesting movies by converting the house into a personal theatre.

Eyeglasses Holder; 25+ New Year Gift Ideas For Boys

16. Eyeglasses Holder

Leave all those boring eyeglasses boxes. Those boxes give the 90’s feel. The change has become easy with the trendy desktop wooden Eyeglasses holder, giving an aesthetic touch to it.

17. Custom Vinyl Record Print; 25+ New Year Gift Ideas For Boys

17. Custom Vinyl Record Print

He won’t be asking for any special gift anymore if you think of his favorite song. Have a unique print of that song with specialized messages on it. After seeing the gift, you will be amazed by his reaction.

Wood Phone Docking Station; 25+ New Year Gift Ideas For Boys

18. Wood Phone Docking Station

It’s a common saying, “Women can carry everything in their bags“. But what about men? Just a small Wallet. No need to think more. Just give him a wood phone docking station. He can keep his phone, wallet, keys, and other essential items all in one place.

Personalized Airpods Case; 25+ New Year Gift Ideas For Boys | Gifts All Men Will Love

19. Personalized Airpods Case

Add a special touch to his daily use material by gifting him a personalized AirPods case.

USB Wall Charger; 25+ New Year Gift Ideas For Boys

20. USB Wall Charger

Charging gadgets might be a big issue for him. To charge all his gadgets at the same time, you can go for a good USB Charger. Go for a charger with numerous docking stations so that he never runs on an empty battery.

Travel Laptop Backpack; 25+ New Year Gift Ideas For Boys

21. Travel Laptop Backpack

Those days have gone when we have to carry a big suitcase while traveling. A lot of Travel Laptop Backpacks are there. These make travel easy, too with the addition of laptop safety.

Car Charger; 25+ New Year Gift Ideas For Boys

22. Car Charger

A mobile car charger can be attached to the ports of the car. It is a good preference for the people who are always on the go.

Personalized Socks; 25+ New Year Gift Ideas For Boys

23. Personalized Socks

Personalized stuff is always special whether it is about clothes or a pair of socks. Men love ties and socks, both. Go for adding personalized socks or a tie box set in his wardrobe as a gift for him this new year.

Gym Wear; 25+ New Year Gift Ideas For Boys

24. Gym Wear

Fitness and six-packs are the ultimate goals for every gym lover. If your man hits the gym and is passionate about a hot body, then gym wear is the ultimate gift for him. It is one of the most hyped gift from our list of best New year gifts ideas for boys.

Personalized Wooden Memory Box; 25+ New Year Gift Ideas For Boys

25. Personalized Wooden Memory Box

The good moments you spent together in the past even when everything seems to be hard make it unforgettable. Gift him a personalized wooden memory box to cherish the moments throughout his life.

Personalized Golf Balls; 25+ New Year Gift Ideas For Boys

26. Personalized Golf Balls

For the golf lover, personalized golf balls set would mean life. How about giving him this dream set?

Car Organizer; 25+ New Year Gift Ideas For Boys

27. Car Organizer | New Year Gift Ideas For Boys

Let him create a systemized essential equipment kit with a Car Organizer. This would avoid creating a mess in his lovely car.

Cool Running Shoes; 25+ New Year Gift Ideas For Boys

28. Cool Running Shoes

Cool running shoes will never go off trend. They are the internet sensation for so long now. Cool and comfy Running shoes are one of the best choices for the new year gift ideas for boys.

Paperwhite Reader; 25+ New Year Gift Ideas For Boys

29. Paperwhite Reader

Those who love reading books would love it if you give them a paperwhite reader. It will read the content of its own, giving them an amazing experience.

Wrapping Up

These were our top 29 new year gift ideas for boys. So, choose your favorite among these new year gift ideas for boys and go for it. But, hurry up!!! As new year’s eve is just a few days ahead.

Path of EX team wishes you a very happy new year. Enjoy!!!


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