The new year 2021 gift ideas for girls that would make her feel special


No one would ever want to remember how 2020 felt like. It has been a disturbing year that made living much difficult. People faced lots of ups and downs like a roller coaster ride feeling alone. But at the same time, it created a special room in our hearts for our family and close ones. They stood there to handle us at every moment.

Now the best news is that the year is coming to an end in a few days. Yayyy!!!!!

Though this time we cannot celebrate like the previous years, this still can be an unforgettable memory. Without going to any fancy night outs, we can enjoy it with our loved ones in the home. And yes, this is the perfect time to say thanks to the girl. Just give her the best gift among the new year 2021 gift ideas for the gift as a token of thanks. Your gift will make her feel special for being there in every aspect of life with you.

Wait…. No need to go anywhere else. I have got an advantage for you. As a girl, I can suggest to you the list of the beautiful new year 2021 gift ideas for girls to make their special moment a memorable one and here we go:

Handmade new year 2021 gift ideas for girls:

Who says you need to give only the expensive gifts to bring a smile to her face?

Girls like sweet handmade gifts more than any other. Because of feelings and efforts matter for her, not the price. An important tip is that while deciding the gift keep her in mind. Also, don’t do much than what you can, as it’s not a competition. You can go handmade this year. The handmade new year 2021 gift ideas for girls can be:

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Jar with 51 reasons to love her:

new year 2021 gift ideas for girls

Telling her the important reasons why you love her will make her love you more unconditionally. Everyone has got flaws, no one is perfect. Letting her know that you love her flaws as well is what makes you different from others. So, without a due, grab a jar and add 51 chits in it to surprise her. also, add her favorite candies and chocolates to the jar.

Chocolate bouquet:

Bouquets are the easiest way to show your love to her. Where everyone gives a rose bouquet be a bit different. Gift her a beautiful bouquet made of her favorite chocolates along with flowers.

Photo collage:

Precious memories are cherishable. Living Space filled with precious moments will revive those memory spent together. Gift her a big scale photograph collage. Take the print of the most memorable moments you spent together in the previous years and create a room in her heart.

Mason Jar Fairy Lights:

Being a fairy is a dream of almost every girl since childhood. How about giving her a jar with fairy lights. This will add a sparkle to her room at night. Let her imagine to be in a Fairyland with these pretty and charming lights, this new year.

Photo Display Board:

Girl loves a memorable gift, even if that is not expensive. To keep her memory alive, grab her fav pictures and an empty wooden frame. Add a string to it. Using the wooden clips stick the pictures, voila!!!! it’s done. For an extra touch decorate it with string lights and make her work table awesome.

Customized new year 2021 gift ideas for girls:


new year 2021 gift ideas for girls

A specialized album made for her. Wow….. Even I want someone to gift me this. Scrapbooks and the explosion box have gained much popularity in recent years. It is like a photo album with captions and messages with lots of fancy embellishments to it.

Customized Converse Shoes:

Teaming up perfect matching shoes with the dress is a must for girls. I think you too have noticed the same. It would be a nice idea if you can go for customized converse shoes. Find an artist who can make a loveable painting or elements on them. And your gift is ready.

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Scented Candle:

Girls like perfumes and candlelight dinner too. Take the chance and Collab both in one. Offer the gift of scented candles to the girl and host a candlelight dinner at home. In romantic language, lighting the candles would give her the essence of yours whenever she lights them up.

Bow Pouch with name:

Cute stuff is always a big yes for girls. Among all the cute stuff that is loved by girls, bows are the special one. You can give her one customized bow pouch of her fav color with her name embedded on that to carry her stuff.


What can be a better choice than a set of bookmarks? Is she a book lover who has a good collection of books that she reads daily? If so, then going for a set of customized bookmarks filled with colours could be a good option.

Makeup Bag:

There is a famous old saying that girls cannot live without makeup. And secretly I agree with this. A beautifully customized name printed makeup bag is seriously a better option than most of the expensive gifts out there.

Laptop Bag:

Well, 2020 had shifted all of our work to the laptop screens and will continue to be so. A laptop bag might be a much-needed gift for her in present situation.

Leather Journal:

Leather looks very much regal. Like the other stationary things, giving a leather journal can be a good option among the new year 2021 gift ideas for girls who love planning.

Photo Pendants:

new year 2021 gift ideas for girls

To be closest to her heart, gift her a customized pendant with hers & your picture. The best alternative can be a minimized love or a name written pendent.

Scented customized soaps and body scrub:

Girls love hygiene. Customized differently shaped soaps and body scrub that is gentle n her screen can be the new year 2021 gift ideas for girls. The flavours of lemon, lavender, or rose are quite fascinating. You can choose from them.

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Bath Bombs:

You might think that who gifts bath bombs? Right? But girls love it when you take care of their daily needs. What else she needs instead of you caring about her choices that revive her mood. So, surprising bath bombs can be gifted.

Candy Cake:

Yummicious!!!!! If your girl is a big foodie then a piece of strict advice is to not go for any other thing except gifting her food. Girls no matter how old will always love candies and chocolates. A cake made of candies will do beyond expectations.

Cake in a Jar:

Grab spoons and get cozy in bed. Celebrate the night by eating her favorite flavored cake, but this time in the jar.

Desktop Organizer:

The workplace at home has now become that part of the house where she spends most of the day-time. Gifting a desktop organizer can be used daily to have a clear desk. This would keep her free from all the mess while working.

Customized Mugs & Phone Case:

new year 2021 gift ideas for girls

Personalized stuff embedded with her name in stylish fonts like Mugs and phone cases with customized printed images is good to go gift idea for the new year for her.

Accessories & Clothes

Giving accessories to her are the best alternatives to the new year 2021 gift ideas for girls. This would demand fewer efforts. The simple good to go accessories could be in the form of a Paracord Watch instead of a normal watch, Beaded Bracelet, Simple Dangle Earrings, Scarf Camera Strap, etc. Also, Embellished Scarf and Gloves, or pretty clothes could also be a gift choice.

With all this, give her a lot of attention and hug her tight, watch movies, and celebrate the day together.

This was our Choices for the new year 2021 gift ideas for girls. But, you are left with less time. Decide on the mentioned gifts and make everything unforgettable. Pathofex team wishes you a happy new year. Enjoy!!!!

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